13 February 2010


Yes, I know I've said this before, but when I started this up, I thought I'd be lucky if anyone ever found it and I didn't hold out much hope that the place would still be going by now.  I really want to thank you all for making this so much fun.  I can't possibly tell you how much you all mean to me and how much you've done for my sanity.  Kisses to you all!  Here's the usual stuff:

Galileo Galilei arrived in Rome for his trial in 1633.  The Massacre of Glen Coe happened in 1692.  The feminist newspaper La Citoyenne was first published in Paris in 1881.  The National Negro League, the first successful professional baseball league for black players, was founded in 1920.  And Black Sabbath released its eponymous first album in 1970.

Born today:  Charles Maurice de Talleyrand (1754-1838), Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834), Grant Wood (1891-1942), Georges Simenon (1903-1989), Faiz Ahmed Faiz (1911-1984), Costa Gavras (1933), Kim Novak (1933), Oliver Reed (1938-1999), Peter Gabriel (1950), Pernilla August (1958), Henry Rollins (1961), Robbie Williams (1974), and Feist (1976).

Ancient Romans would be enjoying the first day of Lupercalia if they were alive today.

Here is Grant Wood's Stone City.



  1. Anniversary kisses to you Montana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Happy day and many thanks for your efforts - they are much appreciated. You have attracted a fine bunch of assorted wits and sages and cranks, they are damned good fun to read and banter with.

    The place remains my favourite to idle away the odd hour or three.

    Let the Party sprit flow.....Good Old Olly

    I'll be back later in the day....

  2. Good old Olly went walk about - as he often did, let's try him again:

    A command performance from Oliver Reed

    I ought to say thank for your tolerance of my occasional outrageous behaviour dearest Montana...

  3. Good morning to the UT posse.

    I echo deano's sentiments, Montana.

    Here's a tune to start the day.

  4. I ought to have included this one too:

    Oliver Reed provides the answer to the question - why do drink?

    I was a normal happy go lucky tramp until I came across the Untrusted, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it Montana - it's all your fault that I went astray...

  5. I may never post, but I do watch. Thank you for bringing me interesting information each day. :)


  6. God its all coming back to me now.......I was an innocent at large until I came across..... Kim Novak.....

    Kim Novak - A Class Lass

  7. The woman ought to have been arrested - putting such unruly ideas in the mind and body of a young and impressionable boy...

    Bloody disgraceful I call it, quite out of order. I might have been a famous footballer or Noble prize winner had it not been for her....

  8. Morning all, and happy birthday to the UT and all who float on her...

    Let's start this day right.

  9. Happy birthday Utters

    This'll calm you down Deano - you have to last the whole day you know...

  10. tbh deano - in that black frock she looks like an off duty prison officer.

  11. Enjoyed that Sheff. I'm calm now.....I'm calm, I am, I really am,.... I know all about that, that thing called self control I read about it in a book once.

    Dance? - Montana/MsChin/Laura/Sheff

    .....and then dog walking calls

    Sheff that pagoda has taken my fancy!

    Later in the day I'll post you a picture of the casting bench that I have located for Furnival the Film I think you will be impressed.

  12. "...she looks like an off duty prison officer...."

    Phew - theres a thought!

    Perhaps when I grow up I could become a criminal and be locked away nightly by lady prison officers.....

  13. I was calm Montana, I was - honest.

    If it gets out of control I blame Sheff - ladies in uniforms indeed. I never had a chance...

  14. 'Ray! Happy Day, all.

    Good birthdays today, too - Henry Rollins and Feist, what a combination...

  15. Just flicked back to the first thread..it was a right old trip down Nostalgia Avenue...seems like much more than a year though.

    Shouldn't someone have done a review of the year or highlights section in a big colour supplement?

    Got up early this morning and watched "Danny Dyer: I believe in UFOs"...can't decide if Mr Dyer is a fuckin plank or one of the world's most gifted satirists.

    Also..I noticed last night that Spam fritters are making a comeback. There's an advert where the family's sitting around the table and as Mum walks in with a steaming platter of Spam fritters, everybody's face lights up and, instantly, all's well with the world. The Spam fritter revival is not a welcome development...as sure a sign as there could be that this recession is far far from over.

    Anyway..thanks Montana and well done.

  16. Morning all, and Happy Birthday to the UT!

    Spam fritters - reminds me of school dinners. Used to leave a greasy mark on the plate. Ugh.

    Will pop in and out when I can. Hugs x

  17. I've only just noticed the change to the title!

    "The Untrusted - Annoying other Ciffers since 2009"

    Classic ROFLMAO moment! :o)

  18. Have just been to have a look at the 'early years' posts - and scherfig's dispatch from the POW camp on here has just made my morning.

    Day 3 in pre-mod.

    I'm holding up pretty well, but some of the other chaps are starting to find it tough. Poor Carruthers has been here for two weeks and his screaming fits are a bit unsettling...

  19. Jesus, Mary, Joseph and all the saints, but that book extract is scary! :o)

  20. It's a great one monkeyfish - it's a hoax of course. The dryer is out of time with the clothes, and as I said to H, I reckon the human wearing them played for Partick Thistle in 1961.

    Happy anniversary UTs - though there are so many ATLs here you should maybe change the name of the spread to the Trusted!

  21. Anyone still reeling from the AB thread on Cherie Blair who wants to discuss the actual case, rather than AB's creative approach to citation, could check this out:
    Haven't the energy meself...maybe later.

  22. Unfortunately Mr Fish - its a fake. it appeared some years ago to great mirth from most of us and foaming outrage from precipitate rad fems.

    Although I think it does it does represent a general feeling that existed at the time and judging by some of the comments on cif much missed by certain blokes

  23. Stoaty - good to see you.

    I wanted to ask you what's with your new 13 of hearts logo?

    Is it some clever wenching charm you picked up in Africa?

  24. deano,
    3 of them blue pills and a splint is all I need for wenching pops.
    The card is Australian, they have a special pack for a kind of euchre. Often wondered how you'd get on sneaking them into a game of poker.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. a lady secretly married to Frederick's good mate Arthur...

    A Yorkshireman of fine and distinctive taste

  27. Guid craick with the crew last night.. I'm a bit partied already, but a very happy birthday UT and props 4 the wonderful and wicked Montana Wildhack!

    Not much use for pontoon tho Stoaty!

  28. The above post was removed in error it said something like....

    Sheff - the lady has a passing resemblance to a friend of Furnivall's good lady A lass of fine sensibilities

  29. deano,
    Saw a programme about this chap once. In some ways perving was easier in Victorian times.

    You are right there comrade.

    Off to Tesco to buy a checkout girl.

  30. Happy birthday the UT, and well done Montana, a whole year and we have kept this beast rumbling on ;)

    MF's colour supplement idea is good, though i think some of the "highlights" may constitute reopening old wounds and hell would undoubtedly break loose. Interesting though, a year ago was the height of CiF's "great purge" - they were culling posters like flies, as well as dishing out spells in the gulag for even mild crimes.

    Would be nice if some of our old UTers came back, after a bit of clean slate reconcilliation type youtube group therapy obviously.

    Anyway, thanks to all for making this an interesting place, and special thanks to Montana for her efforts.

    (Hi Laura, feel free to dive in whenever you fancy, the more the merrier)

    I dont know how much time i'll have for UTing today as got an essay to finish but will try and pop in when possible.

  31. Bitterweed, i stumbled across this guy on youtube:



  32. Happy Birthday. I am eating Marshmallow Koalas to commemorate as we speak. I got them in Paris and they are not really Koalas but bears.

    You know every party has a couple who end up crying. I don't know why. My ex husband tells a wonderful story of a party he had where four couples ended up crying.

  33. One of my fave songs, and a pretty good cover...

    @laura, I do believe in fairies. I do, I do!

    @MsR. It's your wonderful story now!

    @Stoaty, reminds me of the wonderful Baden Powel diary entry, "was at such and such's. He had an album of photographs of naked boys. Marvelous!"

  34. habib - I'm sure you'll be calling by sometime today.

    You liked some of the quotes attributed to the lady yesterday here's a couple of anecdotes from/about Oliver Reed:

    "Reed’s comments concerning long time adversary and fellow hellraiser, Richard Harris, were also often amusing: “…Even though people say Richard Harris and I have been having a great feud, it’s not true. After all, how could be feuding for years? I’d never heard of him until two weeks ago."

    "Reed’s views on the subject of death were relatively well documented (and before he died he arranged to have £10,000 out of his estate spent at his local pub, but only for “those who are crying”). Discussing potential body-disposal methods, Reed refuted the deep-freeze method adopted by those such as “rich Americans like Walt Disney”.
    Also slated was the idea of him being laid out for days in his Sunday best in order to “have people gawping at me to see what a dead hellraiser looks like”, as was cremation, as was burial due to his disgust at “maggots having a ball crawling up my nose and out of my mouth”, and burial at sea: “Who wants to be gobbled up by a big fish and become excrement that is swallowed up by a prawn… ending up as mayonnaise, being nibbled at by a pretty girl… I don’t want to be permanent shit.’”
    Reed’s ideal form of post-life disposal? “I would much rather end up a fertiliser under a sunflower which is eventually made into sunflower seed oil so that instead of nibbling me in her prawn cocktail, the pretty girl will rub me on her bristols as she suns herself on a beach in the Caribbean”. Gawd bless you, Oliver Reed."

    Plainly - a man afraid of the dark...!

    Jay there is only one poster who I would not wish to see return here and its not bilposter. I really don't care if it sends champagne I shall still consider said souless one mean spirited...

    Time to follow Stoaty's example - away to the shop in search of a two for one offer on checkout girls...

  35. Turminder - I like the sound of that I'll play it through when I get back.

    I was well impressed with your guy on the ten string yesterday. I didn't even know there was a ten string guitar. I thought they were six or twelve!

    Fat lot I know - you learn something new on here everyday...

  36. Flippin' 'eck, Tucker!

    This could jeopardise every single case this TSG officer has provided intelligence for. Jebus!

    "Bohannan had been a field intelligence officer with the Met's Territorial Support Group, in Catford, south London.

    He used the access the job gave him to password-protected databases "corruptly", Southwark Crown Court heard.

    The jury heard the officer, with 25 years' experience, had deliberately passed information to a criminal and carried out searches of confidential police systems after Ahmed asked him to.

    The officer previously admitted his actions "compromised" police investigations as he passed information to his wife Denise, used her as an informant without telling his colleagues, and failed to report her possession of class A drugs. "

  37. Right - it's a day of the FA Cup and moral support for the welsh members of the monty-p massive, so am logging off for now. will be back with wine for when it all kicks off later, heh heh.

  38. Aye Deano, the NY performance is something else.. The wonder that is YouTube. Although that's quite an insult in Scotland.. Ya tube!

    I wonder what the ratio of posters to lurkers is on UT...?

  39. Blimey, BB - there's a TSG unit in Catford? They certainly kept their heads down when that was my neck of the woods - clearly too chicken to brave coming into Lewisham of a Friday / Saturday night...

    Mind you, until about 2 years ago there was still a working gun shop in Catford, so maybe they were just busy.

  40. Turminder

    If you believe in fairies you might like this little film my son has just edited.

  41. Nice work everyone! Cracking Olly links.
    Jay, love Hesitation Blues.

    Here's award winning poet and shambles Tim Keys describing the failed Christmas trosuer bomb attempt.


  42. Cheers Sheff, my broadband drops below watchable levels from time to time.. But I'll check it l8r..

  43. Happy birthday UTers!

    Many many thanx to Montana for all her hard work and thanks to all of you for many hours of music laughter and thoughtprovoking discussion!


    Scherf - is there a special time of day for it then? ;D

  44. Fight !!!

    Heh. Remember this beauty ?





  45. Happy Birthday all and well done, Montana! You've done a great job.

    This is one I posted (I think) on one of the very first threads.

    The magnificen Bebe, on domestic violence

  46. Happy Birthday UT. Thanks Montana Wildhack.
    Reading through the posts and loving it.

    Deano, I always had a thing about Kim Novak. Here have a few minutes of a saturday afternoon movie. Seems appropriate... on a few levels...

  47. Turminder,
    Baden Powell eh?
    Now of course, there would be blokes dressed as condoms coming out of his house with his computors in dustbin bags.

    Thanks for Dylan.

  48. A picture of my dog Miss Diesel:

    Miss Diesel Dog

    Annetan - Glad I wasn't the only one watching the Horizon programme on infinity the other night.

    Must say it left me wondering about Dawkin.......If infinity is large enough to have multiple copies of our world with multiple copies of Mungo "out there" there would have to be room for a god too.

    Shudder the thought I may yet have to answer for my misdeeds....

    Great song Scherf!

  49. Yes my bredren. Wha gwan? You know say me can't resist crashing party dem. I man is, after all, a ginalist.

    here's a tune for y'all

    Have a good un!

    peace, love, and respect

  50. Cheers habib - that nice little black dress and the hooded cloak. (reminds of nuns in winter cloisters can't think why) I'm sucker for classy ladies.

    My beloved late sister Elaine (the one three years older than me) had a girlfriend who looked a little like Kim. I learned a lot about the geometry of ladies by throwing myself on the floor and looking up her skirts.

    It wasn't long before I was being slapped for finding my hands mistakenly entangled in her garments. She was a very tolerant young woman and never told our Elaine of her younger brother's confusions....else I should have two slapping s per grope. Still a price well worth paying as I recall the experience...

    I found older women irresistible thereafter

  51. Crikey,
    Have just noticed photos.
    Much taken with the lady on the right in a group shot. She is molesting a chap in a yellow jumper.
    Who is this fine woman? and who is her terrified victim?

  52. Still catching up, but Ooh we've gone all acoustic. Can I ask my friend along to play a song? I don't know him, personally, but he played this song at a party I went to.
    (Imagine we're out in the garden having a smoke.)

    Very nice cake and whisky supplied by PhilippaB and Sheff. If Col and Deano are going to tesco, we should be alright for booze for a while...

  53. Slaughterhouse 5 just starting on Radio 4 - so thats me for the next hour.

    Habib - invite your friend to the party - thats a great song.

  54. Montana - curious the Beeb is running Slaughterhouse 5 on our birthday.

  55. Well hello party people,

    not too late am I?

    I´ve brought the Blue Nun, cheese, pickle and pineapple cocktail sticks and a huge Black forest gateaux.

    Once we get David Essex on the turntable, this party will have started.

    furiuscamillus, brownoutnow, chesney9, styxdweller and the other right wing loons have just found out that attending the UT party is tax deductible, so they´ll be along soon as well.

  56. UKBlaza,

    nice to see you here. Welcome.

  57. Papa'sGotABrandNewPC

    Happy Birthday folks, and kudos to Montana for patience and perseverance.

  58. Good to see you Hank - glad your back on-line. New computer?

  59. Nice 1 habib! Saw these guys 20 years ago, with support by Champion Doug Veitch...

  60. Hello all, Happy Birthday to UT and many thanks to Montana for all the work.

    I am ill today and in trouble with Atomgirl over breaking a table and Valentine's Day is set fair to be the usual disaster, with me being thrown out being the most common result.

    I am even of the opinion that the scent I bought was not actually put in the box by the shop, so she is going to open up swathes of packaging, only to find an empty box.

    Welcome to MrsRobinson and UKBlaza.

    Sounds like broken crockery and dented saucepans for dinner.

  61. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  62. Again, happy official birthday party!

    Sheff: Montana - curious the Beeb is running Slaughterhouse 5 on our birthday.

    Unfortunately, today (2010-Feb-13) is the sixty-fifth anniversary of the Dresden bombing, and as some us undoubtedly know, Mr. Vonnegut survived by being underground in slaughter-house no. 5.

  63. Scent for Valentines Day Atonboy? - you is asking for it my friend.

    What is it you are trying to tell your lady - you don't like her odour naturellement! Folly dear friend, pure folly...

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. arghh....I hadn't realised medve...my stupid...

  66. I am more than happy to have scent for Valentines Day, being as I wear Dior Addict which costs about 30 squidleys for a gnat's pee's worth these days.

    Nice to see everybody here for the Birthday celebrations! \o/

  67. Well hello there everyone. Many familiar faces (ok, user photos).

    I've just been placed on premod, so I decided to come here and see what it's like.

    Why am I on premod?-- 'Personal abuse'

    George Galloway, Moazzam Begg, Alan Dershowitz, and Uri Dromer (yesterday's thread which got me on pre mod).

    Their is a mantra of 'focus on the message, not the messenger', but for some people, the messenger's personal life is so intrinsically linked with what they are saying that their personal lives are intrinsically linked to what they are saying. The 4 above are a case in point.

    What was Moazzam Begg doing wandering around Afghanistan or trying to go to Chechnya?
    What was George Galloway doing sharing a platform with Hamas?

    etc. If the Guardian accepts people with dodgy backgrounds, then personal attacks must be acceptale.

    Imagine Nick Griffin is invited on cif to talk about nationalising our utilites, is that all we are allowed to talk about?

  68. "....which costs about 30 squidleys for a gnat's pee's worth these days....."

    A convincing argument for cuts to the Legal Aid budget.....I'll write to my MP immediately.

    I'm sure it's wasted on such a sweet girl as you BB.

    Scent is something that women wear for the benefit of other women. Real women like real ales are something best taken as it comes, with the addition of nothing more than a smile...

    An electric cut here so this could be my last post for a while my battery fails very quickly

    Enjoy everybody catch you later....

  69. Welcome to the party Napoleon and UKBlaza. There's a selection of malts and some cake going not to mention some good choons - which usually get better as the evening progresses.

    Hank - good to see the return of the prodigal

  70. Does anyone remember Southern Comfort flyers..where you pour it into the cap light it and then throw it down. You had to be drunk first of course. Duke, David Essex? No party would be complete without ironic playing of Bonnie Tyler.."Turn around bright eyes...."

  71. Hi and happy birthday, just dropping off a present.

    I see someone mentioned infinity (Deano). I sometimes think of the UT as similar to the infinite hotel discussed on Horizon but it is an infinite cafe, a Borgesian bar, where there is always another table, another stool, another tune, another drink or smoke or snack, another chat. (And of all the bars in all the multiverse...)

    So, in this spirit, here is a leaf from a withered tree, a page fallen from out a folio.

    The relationship between the individual and the social, the one and the many, the person and the group, has been a central question for so many social and moral theorists. it is often cited as the raison d'etre of social psychology, that supposedly integrative bridge between the sociological and the psychological. But those zeros, the social psychologists, only have empty theories. they futilely follow each other as they add nil to naught to nada vainly expecting something to appear from this sterile activity for nothing ever will.

    When I think of this problem I try and do so more generally. I think of the continuous and the discrete. I think how do we move from the abstract to the specific (and vice versa), from integers to fractions (or versa vice)? I think of the finite and the infinite. I'm not a mathematician but so what? Ideas are common property and may be commonly thought so I'll mathematicise just a bit.

    Big numbers baffle us, they blur into a vague, undifferentiated mass. Like the very cold and the very hot, the very tiny and the very big, they confuse us. A million is very big, a billion beyond counting, a billion, billion the same as infinity. But it's not.

    As a kid I would sometimes try and count to the biggest number. I would start by adding by ones, slowly nudge into the thousands. Impatiently, I would increment by orders of magnitude. On and on I would count the endless series of whole numbers, chasing infinity like a dog its tail, a snake swallowing itself.

    The infinity of whole numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5... A big number? But what of the infinity that hides between 0 and 1? It's as big. An infinity of the discrete and an infinity of the continuous hiding within the space between whole numbers, held like honey in an endless Penrosian honeycomb. Held within, bound and stapled down by 1 and 2 and three and on and on are infinite infinities.

    How many data points are needed to fully represent a person? Finite or infinite? And if infinite, what kind of infinity?

    Perhaps what is is the discrete, an infinity of the actual, and what is not, all the possibilities and potentials that never were nor could be, is the continuous. Magic honey that sweetly sticks together tick to tock in time's clock, making the gappy stutter of Old Man Time smoothly mellifluous. Cosmic glue binding all those bits of actual being into one, making separateness coherent, stopping the whole shebang from flying apart, reality unraveling in the notime between one moment and the next. It's maybe milk that consciousness sucks at like a baby on a nipple in order to shit out lumpy, smelly reality.

    Now we are one, happy birthday again.

  72. Sheff, I'm never going to catch up, but that film your son edited.
    Very nice work. I'll ask properly about it another time, if that's ok.

  73. Stoaty said...
    'Much taken with the lady on the right in a group shot. She is molesting a chap in a yellow jumper.
    Who is this fine woman? and who is her terrified victim?'

    Stoaty that is me in my Partick Thistle top - on the other side of that fine lady is His Grace! Was a heavy morning in the Dolphin, Partick.

    As for His Grace

    'I´ve brought the Blue Nun'

    I thought the thing between you and Madeline Bunting was supposed to be a secret! (MD's The Plot is brilliant by the way).

  74. Ms. R, if we are going to infinity, i'll need flaming Drambuies, our local equivalent...

  75. Turminder, I'm ready to go to infinity with anything that's available.

    What a travelling Aussie takes with them..3 classics...quite old but worth a look



    Sorry rubbish at the link thing

  76. Bitterweed,
    "Roma, night on earth" had me laughing too much, even with my limited knowledge of the French subtitles. I'm going to have to find that film. Thank you.

  77. "Was a heavy morning in the Dolphin, Partick."

    Thas no Heavy, EM. looks like white wine n lager frm here. You guys would have been at home in my old shop the Caledonian..

  78. Hi All--Happy Utters day! Long may this site continue.

    deano--Nice pics of Miss Diesel. Where's Mungo? Bit reticent is he? BTW; Kim Novak, that was a woman.

    UKBlaza--Enjoyed your contributions on the ganja strains. Are you a ZigZag man?

    Napolean K--Dodgy backgrounds indeed.

  79. It now seems I am no longer in pre-moderation, after being in it for a grand total of... two hours.

    Has anyone else ever had a similar experience?

  80. Edwin,

    Ha Ha! I haven't been in the Dolphin since I was a student. The great thing is, from the photo it looks exactly the same as it did when I was last in it.


  81. Edwin,

    meant to add. The Maryhill Magyars top you're wearing wouldn't happen to be of 1971 vintage would it?

  82. Uk Blaza, hello! Kraze is kickin' off music. Absolute beaut from Hank with the brand new bag.
    And Turminder with a laugh out loud vid.

  83. Sadly no - a replica!Your avatar is a lovely bloke btw absolutely no side at all.

    There is a lovely painting above the bar of michelangelo's god reaching out to yout beloved Henrik.

  84. Ms Robinson, liking Flame Trees. Getting added to favourites.

    Yey! caught up!

    Great music, everyone.

  85. Hi All

    Happy Birthday and God bless Montana.

    Thanks for all the music links - many a whole new world to me.

    Have bought guitar in last week - fired with enthusiasm. Fingers used to violin and lyre so they're busy doing several rethinks, much hesitant hovering with the odd 'oh shit'.

  86. Get Funky

    Autumn Love

    Let It Roll

    And that's my lot. There's gonna be arms house round here if I don't get off this computer and stay off it!

  87. Edwin,

    I assume it's a Toffs top? They're quality. I ordered a Third Lanark one a couple of years ago and it's the bees knees.

    My Grandad on my Mum's side was a Third Lanark fan and although they disappeared a few years before I was born, he used to regale me with great stories of the exploits of the mighty 'Hi Hi'.

    He half heartedly took up Queen's Park after the Thirds demise but it was nowhere near the same for him. I used to go to lesser Hampden with him as a kid to watch the Spiders.

    Walking through the Old Cathkin Park is quite poignant and eerie, especially the fact that the goalposts and some of the old stands still survive.

  88. I really do need to turn off CiF and go and do something less mind-boggling instead sometimes. Honestly. I am worn out trying to deflect the numpties on the various BM torture threads.

    We are at a point where the Executive is trying to steamroller the three most senior judges in the country into submission - something resulting in a constitutional crisis if they succeed, because it means that the last shred of judicial oversight of government has gone down the shitter, and all some people seem to care about is what the guy was doing in Afghanistan in the first place.

    I hereby throw in the towel!

    Off out to a nice chinese restaurant later - me and hubby had our first proper "hot date" there on Valentines 16 years ago. We then came back to his and watched a video of Truly Madly Deeply and held hands on the sofa before he politely took me home to my Mums.

    I had no idea then just how much he positively loathes films like that, which made the sacrifice all the more touching... :o)

  89. BB,

    it's the old astroturfing issue isn't it?

    Whereas all of us here go on CiF as individuals, there's various campaign teams for different interests go on en masse. It means logical and well argued points get run over by agendas spouting out shit regardless of the fact their argument has been well and truly buried.

    CiF la vie (for want of a better saying)

  90. Yep, pretty much. Bitey's back on my case again under his new nick too. I was pretending I didn't know it was him and trying to engage civilly with the points he was raising, but he soon reverted to type.

    Ah well.

    He's like a genital wart, it seems. No matter how many times you think he's disappeared he just keeps popping back up again to annoy you.

  91. crackingbitofnorthern


    If you're not dancing, you might want to check for a pulse...

  92. Hehehe - fab Northern Soul dancing in that vid, Hank! :o)

  93. Sheff
    "Montana - curious the Beeb is running Slaughterhouse 5 on our birthday."

    I thought that too!

  94. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  95. But did you picture Bart's teacher in the alien zoo?

  96. Right - need to get me glad rags and face paint on. Have a nice evening everyone! Will bbvml (be back very much later)


  97. Sorry your Grace am being thick - the strip is indeed a 71 cup one (well spotted), I meant just a replica not an original!

    Cathkin Park is as you say one of the eeriest parts of Glasgow. Fields of dreams, fields of dreams.

    Am being really dim today, will drop in later and raise a glass Maturin style to you guys.

    Hi Turminder - saw your earlier post & the link to the Caledonian wow. Edinburgh coonsillors are as bad as ours!

    BB you made your man watch Truly Madly Awfully? As John Wayne says in The Searchers, 'That's grounds for dee-vorce in Texas!

  98. One of the great joys in life, BB, is watching people who can dance. Go somewhere like the Kings Hall in Stoke, stand on the balcony and watch 4 or 500 people, most of them in their 40s and upwards, dancing with real grace, all doing their own thing, totally wrapped up in it and happy. Could do with a Northern Soul do tonight to take my mind off the football...

  99. Hello Everybody! Great to see a few newcomers. Welcome, Laura, UKBlaza and Napoleon Karamazov! Nice to see some returnees, too, and hope that you won't be such strangers.

    Pen -- really nice to see words from you here. Hope you're doing well.

    Now I've got to go back up to the top and start listening to the tunes & watching clips. Have this while I get caught up.

  100. ''Could do with a Northern Soul do tonight to take my mind off the football...''

    Welcome to the club Hank.

    You may be able to help me with a possible footballing urban legend.

    A mate was telling me that in the hooligan days of the 1970's, Birmingham City fans were at an away game (can't remember where). Anyway, as it was the last game of the season, the few hundred City fans dressed up as clowns.

    During the game the terraces kicked off and the cameras were treated to a full scale brawl between 200 clowns and the Police.

    I've tried looking for evidence of this on t'net but come up a blank.

    I was hoping as one of the UT English football correspondents, you may have heard of this?

    Or is it indeed an Urban myth?

  101. Here's a wee taste of life in the borders..

  102. Hey hank, I'll dance with you! It's not Northern soul, but how about this?

  103. Ave, UKBlaza, Napoleon, and Pen!
    "But what of the infinity that hides between 0 and 1?"
    Well, I may be missing your point (I have been drinking) but I think I get that - human stories are necessary to us - 'macro' readings on the big numbers of gender differences / nationality / religion / ethnicity is all only a 'trend', it cannot help us understand each other in all our wonderful invidual weirdness. we need to hear each other's stories to realise that we are not 'right alone'. But that's still only anecdotal so while helpful to us as individuals, cannot be the whole argument.

    MsRobinson - hell yes - "every now and then I fall apart"

    apologies for the random - wales somehow pulled it back against scotland, and stoke have just equalised against city. am on the st chinian...

  104. hank

    Sound quality's not too good on this one, but hey, the dancing makes up for it.

  105. @habib Yep Flame Trees is a stunning song..love, loss and the Australian countryside in one soulful package.

    Call me naive but while I knew of the Israeli campaigning group having fought them in the letter writing wars of 2006, I had no idea there were so many organised non inviduals on CIF.

    Who is that couple snogging? And is that the sound of Meatloaf (again ironically of course) I hear.

  106. Bought the Guardian today..last time ever. What a fuckin disgrace that thing is. No wonder they still back NuLabour...they are just as keen on micromanaging society as Harriet H. Main paper, "Money", "Family", "Travel", "Review"...and a special pull-out on "Love and Relationships". Is there any area of human discourse into which they don't try and insert their predictable, bourgeois sentiments and earnest "common sense"?

    The relationships bit is without the most appalling thing I've ever seen. Alain de Botton, without doubt the most pretentious, self-absorbed human being on the planet tells us about the 'language of love'...no doubt, next week we'll have Stephen Fry's views on cage fighting. Then..Tanya Gold on friendship ffs..complete emotional fuckup that she is...and to top it all, Zoe Williams who seems to have invented motherhood..again. She'll have some sterling advice for any single mothers of three who start their 10 hour shift at Tesco at 6am for 6 days a week.

    In comparison, CIF doesn't seem that bad...except the cunts keep banning my alter egos.

    I'm starting to believe there must be a tribe of unthinking instinctive Guardian reading left-liberals who are tribal in their affiliation to whatever that fuckin paper tells them to think. It'll all end in tears though...it might have had a place once. Maybe twenty years ago the average reader might have named say Rosa Parks, Gandhi, Bruce Kent, Nelson Mandela etc as their liberal icons.

    These days Bea Campbell, Binyam Mohamed and Polly fuckin Toynbee seem to the brightest stars in the lib-left firmament..it can't go on. The Guardian and all those whose views are shaped by its pontification will end up eating themselves...or more likely turn Tory which will allow them to continue to exercise their authoritarian streak.."tough love"?

    I am never buying that paper again...worst thing is: part two is out with the Observer, which I can't believe would have lent its name to such a farcical publication even a couple of years ago. Anyway...

    for valentine's day

    missed out again

    my song

  107. Aye, ahm askin...
    I used to open my set with this... Remember you are never more tthan 6 posts away from a DJ. Booyaka sha! 'Ere me now!

  108. Oh yeah...hello Mr Scopio

    "One of the great joys in life, BB, is watching people who can dance."

    Indeed..and that's why they invented mirrors

  109. Happy birthday Untrusted! Many, many thanks to Montana. Haven't been able to read anything yet and prob won't, but ... yay! \o/


  110. It's a great story, Duke, but can't corroborate it I'm afraid. The Birmingham fans weren't known for their sense of humour tbh, apart from the racist hardcore who styled themselves the Zulu Army...

    Great link, mschin. Poor old Tammi, dead of a brain tumour at 24. Tragic. Who knows what music she and Marvin could have made. OTOH, his introspection after her death led to What's Going On, one of the great albums. That probably sounds a bit callous but, heh, omelettes, eggs etc.

    @mankyfish - who the fuck is Mr Scopio?

  111. @mankyfish - who the fuck is Mr Scopio?

    the eldest son of Mavis and Brian Scopio from Grimsby...inventor and sole consumer of the sausage and pineapple pasty...just thought he might be looking in.

    Anyway..speaking of looking in, I will later but right now I've got a feeling there's a pint of Stella out there somewhere with my name on it...my real name is Mankyfish Artois OBE

  112. Haha - "Who's Sorry Now?"

    I buy the Guardian every Saturday for the crossword, MF. Seriously.

    Btw, just finished "Strange Fruit" and found it a bit of a struggle and not particularly convincing. Malik seemed to have erected a big straw man who claimed that racism was justified by the existence of five distinct races, whereas it was obvious, in Malik's view, that there were no pure races and that the biological differences between any ethnic groups were so negligible as to be meaningless.

    I might have got this wrong, found my mind wandering all too frequently. Not nearly as cogent a book as "From Fatwa to Jihad", which skewered all his targets comprehensively.

    Ta for the Stieg Larsson recc though. Enjoyed the first one, just started the second.

  113. Booyakasha!
    OOh Turminder in the house!!!! Good start up, my bruv!

  114. Philippa -- entertaining as your Feist link was, I didn't see Feist in it anywhere. Try this?

  115. Montana - I know but I just didn't want to post that advert jingle...she does sing it live with them, I promise. will see 'em in may at the pavement atp, 'ray!

  116. "the second drummer drowned..."

    city 1 - 1 stoke.


  117. You lucky people... A big shout out to the UT massive..

  118. Turminder playin' the music tonight. Got me moving, now have a bit of what UT is to me.

  119. Whether inflation or globalisation, fear is a weapon of mass destruction...

  120. 1 of the best live bands ever Pip! Massive charisma that gent has..

  121. confess i often get attack and faithless mixed up - criminal, i know, but have just spent a while looking for this in the wrong place...

  122. there's another mix out there, where the bass riff sounds like a weapon.... can't find it...


  123. a while back, when listening to radio 3 while working (because it doesn't distract me) I was distracted (yes, that works brilliantly) by hearing the original of the sample of this...

  124. but for some reason I'm reaching for the matrix soundtrack as a reflection of being and not being...

  125. Should have gone for the Reservoir Dogs version, scherfig. More in keeping with your profile, and mine.

    Speaking of which, and I know it's party time an' all, but what did you make of Jay's post earlier? Is it time to offer the olive branch to the cifrefugeerefugees?

  126. Damn what are you guys trying to do, piss my neighbours off with bass?

  127. Hank (and Jay and anyone else)

    You know that Billp is the only person who's ever been asked to leave. Anyone who's gone has gone of their own volition -- so they're self-exiles, not refugees. I also don't think anyone would receive a hostile reaction if they returned. What else can/should be done?

  128. anyway

    Oh, Montana, love that one - must dig up some Regina for the massive however....

  129. Hi, Hank. Is it time to offer the olive branch to the cifrefugeerefugees? No, Fuck them, (said in a spirit of reconciliation and general anniversary luvviness). Some things can not be forgiven or forgotten. Empty heads and anodyne comments are ten a penny. Just say no.

    that's entertainment

  130. This comment has been removed by the author.

  131. "Is it time to offer the olive branch to the cifrefugeerefugees?"

    Yeah..it seemed like fun at the time but I think we're all somehow diminished by the lack of regular reports on the peregrinations in the Belgian opera fraternity. Let bygones be bygones, I say.

  132. Hello, all, having a good time it seems. keep on doing so.
    @ MF Fuck me that special pull-out could have been specially designed to make me go bleeding postal in the newsagent had I caught its content in the shop.de botton, platitudinous,pretentious name-dropping shallow toss, Tanya Gold on getting on with people is satire, surely: she's so self-absorbed, I'm surprised she even knows other people exist. Of those Saturday bits,"Money", "Family", straight in the bin, I look at one page of the review (paperbacks, i.e. affordable) then quick skim of the cover to see if any decent writers have got owt in, then bin, travel usually bin, unless it's got a cover on anywhere I fancy or it's a (patronising) affordable holidays special. Magazine have to keep because the wife likes it: sometimes okay and Mr Petridis is q. good at deflating men's fashion. Too much wankery in there with £750 a roll wallpaper, mind, and the readers' photo comp thing is toss: set a theme and the pretentious luvvies just send in their artful pics, then try and tie 'em tenuously to the theme.
    Main paper, keep for crossword and puzzles,plus letters: get the comment on CiF anyhow. Christ that means I get bugger all for the money. Ah, the Guide isn't bad.

  133. Hi guys,

    just enjoying some of the tunes, happy to chat :)

  134. Songs I've fallen in love to at various disastrous junctures


    song2-real bummer

    song 3...oh yeah

  135. "I also don't think anyone would receive a hostile reaction if they returned."


    Still waiting for scherfig to respond but you won't be surprised to hear that I'd give princesskiz and Imelda Marcos fairly short shrift back here.

    Dunno whether you've checked the latest Waddya thread, but kiz is on there, early doors, trotting out the same old shit about how Jay heroically abided by the rules while "others" deserved all they got.

    This despite the countless occasions on here and over at the PB when it was explained to la Kiz that we were not offered the one-month ban. Me, MF and Woolly were banned with no prospect of remission, parole, pardon etc. Tired of explaining this to her.

    So, no, frankly, I won't hold out the olive branch to kiz. I think she epitmoises all that's wrong with Cif in that she's vapid, attention-seeking and uses it as a way to pass the time at work.

    The apotheosis of Kizbotism was provided with ImogenBlack's farewell message the other week - she's lost her job so she won't be posting any more. Cue crocodile tears from the numpties on Waddya, who think that gossip and backbiting constitute "comment". None of whom seem to have sussed that maybe Imogen might have kept her job if she'd devoted a part of her time to actually working as opposed to posting the first thing that came into her head at every opportunity.

    I read one of the threads on Cif yesterday about the economic crisis in Greece. Kizbot was on there basically saying "Hello, look at me, I've got nothing to add, I don't understand what's going on, but I'm a girlie and I'm in Greece. Pay me some attention."

    And then there was the post from Kiz on Waddya yesterday. Classic one this. "Yeh, we like to think that we have some say over editorial policy...."

    And lo and behold, the dippy French bird and Rusbridger's daughter are straight in there with the "hi Kiz" shit.

    So, in short, Montana and Jay, bring back Bru and Kiz if you want.

    I don't buy jewelry and I've got enough shoes so I can live without their input.

  136. pen, I've read your last post over and over. It was beautifully written and made me think about so much. Thank you.

  137. oh yeah?

    not actually 'oh yeah' as 'an error has occurred'. but good nonetheless

  138. Alisdair

    Have been trying to get in touch with a mate of mine who runs a minibus up to Newcastle and back every Friday and Saturday re. 26th. He seems to have disappeared without a trace...thinking of alternative. 50-50 at the moment.

    I don't think I could resist knocking out de Botton's teeth if I ever met him...just to see what he would write about it later..."as Montaigne once so elegantly stated: 'to receive a smack in the coupon from an ignorant peasant is truly a sign that ones soul is touched by the divine'. I mused on these words as the casualty nurses snickered behind the drapes, doubtless rendered speechless by the daunting presence of a philosophical legend and true polymath in their midst. I was hugely amused by their course plebeian humour...they seemed so in awe of me that they christened me 'that baldy ponce' to conceal their true reverence. I find such defence mechanisms so very quaint. We have much to learn from these simple practical souls".

  139. Nice links MF
    Just got back in after major piss up with pal from teh states who arrived thisd avo.
    Possible spellign errors ahoy xxxx

  140. This comment has been removed by the author.

  141. Nice chat up lines Hank, you old smoothie.

    Have this.


  142. Perhaps it hasn't occurred to The General of the Universe and his whistling testicle that these people may not wish to return?

    Happy anniversary to The Untrusted.

  143. 50/50's not bad, MF, given that I've been known to put more than I should on a 25/1 shot with less than a full complement of legs...

  144. Hey, BW, you know me, what you see is what you get. No point sugar coating the truth.

    Btw, fella, it's well past time you learnt how to link to youtube.

  145. Rexmundi

    You useless boring bastard...fuck off and suck yourself through a straw

    Just for you 'king of the playground'

    fade away knobhead

  146. Hi pen - good to read that someone else had been stimulated by the infinity question(s)...not only the infinity between zero and one but also between zero and minus one...

    oh dear, I think I can feel another headache coming on.

    A fascinating Horizon programme. I need to get my next months internet allowance to watch it again on iplayer, I'm already nearly out of credit for this month.

    In an attempt to deal with the infinity of my procrastination skill I have had to reduce my internet contract to 3Gb a month - if only I had some self discipline......If only...if only

  147. Hi, pen, great to hear from you. We miss your wisdom.

    Here's a song for you Brad Sucks

    It was my son Alexander's suggestion. It could also be relevant, or maybe not. Who knows? Love and peace.

  148. Hi rex, they may not want to return but they can't help looking in, can they?

    I'm still here, and still more popular than you, despite your best efforts. Admit it, a little bit of your soul has died tonight hasn't it?

  149. Infinity...love it. There are of course different orders of same and a one to one correspondence between all the irrational numbers between 0 and 1 (or 0 and 0.000000001) for that matter and every point in all of 3D space...a little known fact...as is the fact that Rexmundi is 47 and lives with his mother and right now enjoying a cocoa and fig roll before bath time..hairwash tonight.

  150. heyhabib
    It's a great movie !


    You're a giant cunt !

    Everyone say yeah !!!!!

  151. Speaking of which...and I'll fight allcomers...best two songs of all time..ever IDST

    jimmy R

    funkadelic...get it on the good foot

  152. Nice one, Nick, Montana will appreciate the young Terry Hall pix.

    Here's one I found earlier on youtube, a stroll through Weller's pre-stubble years...


    @MF - leave it, mate, he's really not worth it.

  153. Right..I'm taking a break...but I leave you with..

    this takes one back

  154. Maybe number 3 ? Mebbe.

    This is pretty good.

    Mandate my ass

  155. Taking a break - what - for MOTD ? Slag. Good tune though. Shame we can't all be friends lol xxx


    Hope you enjoy the GSH upthread just now. Great stuff from my late teens...

  156. Been listenin'.
    Good stuff.

    Not so good, but it's your own hate, feel it when you want to.

  157. MsChin
    Me and you. Now. You know it's right !

  158. Monkeyfish, being a fat scouser selling the Socialist Worker outside the Albany Empire on a saturday morning in the 1980's doesn't make you a working class hero. <@.@> b-b-b-b-bad

  159. It's a damn shame that tone of voice doesn't come through on a monitor.

  160. Right..I'm back..Mrs Fish watching some shite that doesn't involve football...somehow she's found out Everton weren't playing today..how do women do that?

    Sorry habib..maybe it'll all come crashing in on me on my deathbed but...WTF..btw..you'd never make a blue..we have bitterness in our bones like a stick of rock

    for aspiring Belgian 'novelists' everywhere...everywhere in Belgium that is

  161. Evening all

    My favourite song of all time.

    Bitterweed will understand me when I say that I fell in love with this tune because of a single note on the guitar in the bridge. I first heard it on the radio when I had just split with an ex and was driving on the M23 back from Brighton on a summer night and it blew my brains out.

    Boys Of Summer

    Hey, BW - do you know Derrin Neuendorfer and his blues band? Apparently they are playing near here next weekend and hubby has got tix cos their drummer is a buddhist from Cornwall and a friend of a friend. Might be able to get the lad backstage too, which is sweet.

  162. MF - "somehow she's found out Everton weren't playing today..how do women do that?"


    We are watching the new version of the Taking of Pelham 123 with Denzil Washington and John Travolta - so far so good...

  163. Have to agree with MF that One Nation Under A Groove is in my top 10 of all time, though. Good vibes and good memories.

  164. scherf

    I'm fat but I don't sell the socialist worker. Will that do?

  165. Hi all, glad (some of) you enjoyed the prezzie, it's a gift that keeps on giving.

    Phillipa, physical reality has to be consistent and coherent or bits of it would fall off (and then where would we be?). The stories (all theories and representations and descriptions) need not be. An epistemological ontological split.

    It's all about self registration. You need to sort the set of coherent states from the (bigger) set of incoherent ones. There are always more wrong answers than right ones.

    Hi Scherfig, shucks and there was me trying to keep it simple. How does one scale idiot, fool, madman? I guess I'm officially a mad professor.

  166. "Reading,
    Not so good, but it's your own hate, feel it when you want to."

    Don't be so pious, Habib. Anger is an energy. And let's be honest, you turned up over here originally to apologise for taking the piss out of me just because you were playing along with your mates on waddya taking the piss out of my depression.

    Fair play to you, of course, but your chums over there, hermione, cordelia and the rest of the gutless gang, were quite happy to take the piss, knowing that I was banned from Cif so couldn't respond to themn.

    Cowardly wankers, and bland as fuck, the lot of them. Fuck em. None of your mates on waddya have anything interesting to say. The funniest thing was when Cordelia whinged above the line, and JessicaReed flagged it up on Waddya with a "she's one of you, play nice, she's not that bright..."

    And, just for once, Jess was right. Still, Cordelia's avatar's cute, innit?

  167. BB
    Derrin is shit hot. get amongst it.

    As for one note.

    I was woken at four last Sunday morning by Charlie Gillet's World Service programme. To a *very* laid back version of this.

    Went out and got the album immediately on Monday.
    Lhasa de Sela.

    She died January 1st this year which pissed me off even more. Selfish twat that I am.

  168. "physical reality has to be consistent and coherent or bits of it would fall off"

    Nope...physical reality only has to be real and has no obligation to conform to our ability to represent or understand it...our representations are no more than convenient myths that represent, at any particular time, our 'best fit'. I'm assuming that your use of the phrase 'physical reality' means you ascribe to such a notion and aren't about to lapse off into a spiel on 'local truths' or equally valid narratives..if so, I'd suggest CIF is the best place for such speculation. I hope nobody here is offended by that statement but I'm a firm advocate of an objective reality..

    in other words

  169. ok, hank, whatever you say bubba. Maybe you were drunk when you said what you said.

  170. Trying to keep up here, clean the kitchen and learn how to use my new phone. Please don't mind me if I take accidentally spray ammonia water on y'all, okay?

  171. Philippa checking out Faithless? Gurl after me own heart and no mistake.

    Got me thinking about something coming out of leftfield

    Inspection? Ev'rythin ship-shape an' shine!

  172. habib

    I was thinking of my "pick of the year" on here but tbh...all my best bits were the rows...and whatever people say..they are entertaining..the comment count goes right up...the posts take on a gritty reality and as Harry Lime says...cuckoo clocks etc etc.