01 February 2010


Texas seceded from the Union in 1861.  Abraham Lincoln signed the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1864, outlawing slavery.  The first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, covering from A to Ant, was published in 1884.  La Bohème premiered at the Teatro Regio in Turin in 1896.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police began in 1920.  The space shuttle Columbia disintegrated on reentry to the Earth's atmosphere in 2003, killing all seven crew members.  During the Hajj of 2004, 251 people were trampled to death and another 244 were injured at the Stoning of the Devil ceremony.  Civil marriage became legal in Canada in 2005.  And one year ago, Johanna Sigurðardottir became the first female Prime Minister of Iceland and the first openly gay head of state in the modern world.

Born today:  Yevgeny Zamyatin (1884-1937), Clarke Gable (1901-1960), Langston Hughes (1902-1967), Muriel Spark (1918-2006), Don Everly (1937), Terry Jones (1942) and Rick James (1948-2004).

It is Imbolc, or St. Brigid's Day, if you prefer.


  1. Did you know that you can watch It Happened One Night online? I didn't until tonight. Going to have to do that soon. Too bad it's nearly 1 am on a school night when I find this out.

  2. Good Lord, so you can. As well as The Thin Man, Lost Horizon, and more... Why didn't I know about this before?

  3. Hi Montana. Is a school night when you have to get up for school [run] the next morning?

    I always do the breakfast-show for the boys.

  4. Oh, I got so excited about that I almost forgot: we're a fortnight away from our first anniversary here. Since the actual night is a school/work night (15 Feb), I thought maybe we could do a virtual party on say the 13th? (It would already be 11 pm for most of you by the time I got home from work, if we did it on the 12th). What does everyone think? I'd love it if we could agree on a time frame to try to be here around the same time. Does that sound okay to others?

  5. Yes, that's exactly what a school night is, Medve. And I'd best be off to my bed now.

    Peter -- it certainly was a revelation to me. I'm pretty excited. Not many opportunities to watch old films here.

  6. Montana - party night sounds like a good idea! It can be my birthday party too (near enough)...

  7. (white rabbits white rabbits)

    thanks for the video link - didn't know that was out there! They've got Nosferatu and M as well...

  8. Aww, you had "Romeo and Juliet" on here, yesterday? *sniff*

    "All I do is miss you, and the way we used to be" always brings tears to my eyes; there are many times this is *exactly* how I feel about a relationship.

    By the way, before I immerse myself into the BOBE *heart* JB thread, has someone come up with an appropriate Oscarism: The un-X-able defending the Un-Y-able?

  9. elementary

    Unthinking defending the unfathomable?

  10. Morning all!

    The unbelievable defending the gullible?

  11. the unaware defending the unsisterly....

  12. the unquestioning defending the unnecessary?

  13. Nice ones :-)

    I also admire His Grace's comment featuring the USS you couldn't make this up.

    Anyone here who read "Hector and the Search for Happiness" by Francois Lelord, and caring to persuade me to keep on reading? The protagonist just went into "painfully naive" territory for me after not recognizing a Chinese brothel when being taken to one ...

  14. BTW, so far I like Dot's second phrase best :-)

  15. Morning all!
    Montana, love that film, thank you! Looking forward to the party - anytime that's good for you!

    Appropriate Oscarism? To lose one argument may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose each and every one looks like carelessness.

  16. Lovin ur work guys!

    The inhumane defending the inhuman..

    Straight lifts...

    "Never speak disrespectfully of society Algernon. Only people who can't get into it do that."


    "There were no cucumbers in the market this morning, sir. I went down twice."

    Seemed strangely apt...

  17. Philippa, if you're interested, I've just noticed that you can now get BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, ITV4 and Channel Four all live on TVUPlayer. You can download the player here

    Match of the Day and Question Time, here I come! (The unpaying watching the 'unavailable'. Hope the net-police don't catch me.)

  18. oh God...
    behemot has just passed bizarre and is currently barrelling along Turnpike Crazy.

  19. ooh, scherf, you darling.

    do i need to 'run' or 'save'?

  20. just run it, philippa. It's quite safe - I've been using TVU for the football for a few years now.

  21. Wow, nice link scherfig, thanks.

    Montana - re Friday the 12th - this may be when a few of us are out watching John Cooper Clarke. But I would be back for a post midnight session I should think... happy days !

  22. scherf - marvellous. oh, that's going to come in handy...

  23. PS
    If you missed it, the dramatised biog about Mo Mowlam last night was superb. check it out if you get the chance.

  24. Re the birthday party, me muvver's going to be annoying me with her presence that weekend so I probably won't be around much....

  25. Philippa: In the story "Blue Tigers", Jorge Luis Borges writes something like this: "I was thinking about the Leviathan and the Behemoth, the animals in the Scripture that showed that the Deity is irrational."

    (Keep in mind, this is an amateur translation of a vague memory of a German sentence, translated from Spanish. It might look different in the actual English text ...)

  26. Montana - you collate and name the date and I'll be back to join the collective in celebration

    I wasn't in on the start (I was a slow learner) but I had recognised that sometime in this month it would be anniversary time.

    I read here even when I'm not posting and because I live a totally unstructured life, these last 15 years, I can write the date on the wall. And I can set an alarm on my phone thing - I wouldn't miss it for the world I'll see you there and then whenever it is.

    Very best wishes deano.


  27. thaumaturge - get her on here !

  28. BW - I'll do that thing about Mo I wanted to watch it but missed it 'cos I was pissed.

    You will, I guess know, that she (Dr Mo)lectured in South Yorkshire (Northern College). So too did Blunket (not Northern College) a TUC approved shop steward educator if I recall it correctly.

    I came to admire Mo more than David - I will be forever confused about how a man whose father died of being boiled alive came to be fucking a Tory slag.

  29. BW - I wish my eyesight was sharper - shall we try:You will, I guess, know that..."
    .......instead of..........".You will, I guess know, that......"

    Best wishes young friend I always enjoy your contributions. See you on Party Night.


  30. BW - you must be joking! The UT must remain a deep, dark secret.

  31. I'll not yield

    you can put the fish hook through my nose
    you can put it througfh my ear

    you can hang by the toes

    I'll not yield

  32. I am a shit poet

    the hanging by the toes was me not you.

  33. you can put it through my eye

    I'll not yield.

  34. elementary - interesting, although of course i then had to look it up. weird stuff.

    do you move your tail like a cedar, deano?

  35. "The UT must remain a deep, dark secret."

    We are online templars, for sure. GIYUS told me.

    Knights of the Untrusterium...

  36. Philippa: Didn't know that story was online, I could have quoted it correctly, then :-) (Found it online at the independent's website, btw)

  37. OH MY LOVELY Pb - I am trying hardly, I and lots of other young men were thinking of moving out to France be with you.

    Oh B think it is called a pleasure. I love
    the way you abuse the language.

    You are a fine young lady way outside my class.

  38. elementary - actually, meant that i reached for the ol' King James and headed for Job (after checking the ref on wiki)

    which is where the 'hook through the nose', 'tail like a cedar' gubbins came from.

    strikingly accurate description of our Betty, really, heh heh

  39. Jay,

    speaking of which, I don't know if Ive just been insulted or praised by GIYUS on WADDYA.

    He accuses me of being a Guardian ringer(!) who has been brought in as a replacement to far superior posters than me then says I'm funnier than most of those on the 'mothership' (CiF) and the 'escape pod' here.

    So on the one hand I'm accused of being Bill Hayden from 'Tinker, tailor, Soldier, Spy' and on the other he's bigging me up. We both agree on one thing- the 'posters' I've supposed to have replaced were far superior!

    Seriously confused,

    head scratched the baffled Duke.

  40. Montana,

    I'll be here for the party. Although if GIYUS revelations are true, you won't want me here as I'll report any nasty shenanigans straight back to the Guardian Media Group.

  41. Phil B

    I mostly can't be arsed - but when I think about it, I do love you. Young lady you have presence.

    Had I a spare son, and you, a confused young class lass,looking for a home I would have been so happy to have a lass like you in our family

    Cu at the celebration..,

  42. Your Grice:

    Although if GIYUS revelations are true, you won't want me here as I'll report any nasty shenanigans straight back to the Guardian Media Group.

    I think, with respect, that this question or its highly probable answer is referred to as a "no brainer" ugly though it sounds.

  43. Oh fuck - I have had a fine lead glass tumbler for all my adult grown up professional life.

    I was angsted - I squeezeds it hard - not part time . It shattered - in my hurt hand

  44. Deano
    It's worth a look. Heartbreaking. And I know what you meam about Blunkett.

  45. deano - ouch - are you OK? best get it checked out, particularly if there could be bits in it.

  46. Lead glass when shattered is a confusing thing.

    It is razor sharp - sharper than a cut throat.

    Lead glass when shattered can slice your eye lash.

    Bollocks I made the mistake I drank from a broken lead glass.I'am bleeding from the nose.

  47. Pb - I plainly know why I adore you. Fine young miss.

  48. thauma - I am 62+years old.

    I have a fine sense about my body things - I am not about to die. I am a Viking. I know about these things.

    I don't suppose you would like to lean against a wall with me - would you?

  49. Have you swallowed any glass? Or just cut yourself on it?

  50. deano - if not prepared to go to a doctor, at least make sure you rinse hand for fragments, pat dry, and put on a clean dressing.

    If it's deep, bear in mind that stitches should be put in as soon as poss to avoid infection.

    Where on your hand is the cut?

    Anywhere on the palm and stitches would be best, as a plaster in unlikely to be able to hold the edges together when you move it.

  51. Worry not my friends - I have recognised that it aint a good idea to have a broken leaded glass around a man with one eye.

    Simply too much to loose from the fall.

  52. What wonderful young girls _ I promise you I am not hurt.


  53. Well, don't come crying to us when your hand falls off!

    Right, off for my dinner. Upon my return, I hope to hear of completely cleaned and non-deep wounds.

  54. That was a hard decide - a glass I have had for more than twenty years but if I fell upon it I would , in it's broken state, die.

    I have thrown it away.

  55. Deano

    Some time ago, sparerib said state in verse
    First Monday of every month each post!
    I tried for a while, was put in a hearse.
    Mourners looked on, while I gave up the ghost.

    But if you're having a nice time,
    grab a line...

    (But look after the hand, first!)


  56. Right I'm away with the fairies - I'll be back for the celebrations.

    I sometimes find myself confused - this Untrusted place is a fine place to be.


  57. Habib! You're on early tonight, are you not?

    Deano - I hope you're 'away with the fairies' due to booze and not blood loss, you daft bugger.

  58. thauma - honest young miss I know that we will one day meet in Sheffield.

    It's how the thing works..

    I have to have a rest now.


  59. Hiya thauma!

    No work tonight.
    So going to just kick back and have a smile.
    The rest of the world can do what it does, without me. (I think it tends to anyway...)

  60. Aw, Habib. The rest of the world would be on its way to hell in a hand basket if you weren't in it.

  61. In the basket, or the world?

  62. I don't know why I have to be the world's sacrifice to Satan, but if I'm in that handbasket I presume I'll be in the six items or less queue?

    Five extra items: (Devil Island Discs?)

    i player - he has all the best tunes.

    picture of george bush - "it's him you want!"

    the decaying body of thatcher - for when I'm feeling down.



  63. Sorry, got distracted by the smoking thread....

    A friend of mine who is a genius at malapropisms once declared that her life was going to shit in a hellbasket. That sounded scary.

  64. Another friend, who was (and probably still is) Mexican also had a good line in confused metaphors. She'd come into work every day looking very demure, her voluminous hair tied back in a sedate bun. Ten minutes after arriving, someone would have pissed her off, and the hair started coming unravelled, her finger wagged, and the Mexican expressions started getting loosely translated into English....

    "And so I told him, eh! Don't put so much cream on your tacos!"

    (Apparently that comes from no le pongas tanta crema a tus tacos, and means, 'get over yourself'.)

    Another favourite phrase of Carmen's (yes indeed, that was her name) was "the shoe only fits if you wear it". Which actually made perfect sense in the context in which she used it.

  65. Ha ha! "Don't put so much cream on your tacos!"
    and "shit in a hellbasket" are getting nicked by me!

    There was a shoe story on the radio yesterday: "walk a mile in another man's shoes and then, if you still don't see his point of view, don't worry, he'll be a mile away and you'll have his shoes."

  66. Ha ha Habib, I do believe I've heard that one before, but it's a good 'un!

    I also like the French expression for 'pushing up daisies', which is (something like) manger les pissenlits par la racine, or 'eating dandelions by the root'. What makes it especially brilliant is that pissenlits (dandelions) is literally translated as piss-in-beds.

  67. Evening UTers, conscious or otherwise.

    It's taken me ages to catch up on the trans thread. Bloody hell, the mods have Bea-n busy.


    I've no doubt I'll be around for your 1st anniversary soiree - wouldn't miss it for the world. Although I will probably not last the whole night ..

  68. Evening, MsChin!

    Bloody hell, Giyus is making sense to me on the smoking thread.

    Must be off now ... stayed up far too late last night and need my beauty sleep! (Well, actually, it's far too late for that, but never mind.)

  69. Evening all

    Just missed thaum!

    Been chilling out and watching tv with a celebratory glass of wine having kicked the prosecution's butt so badly in court today that I have honestly never heard a judge have a go in the way she did.

    I felt sorry for him cos it was the CPS that had got everything so mega wrong and not him, but as he was trying to explain why he was offering no evidence on the day of trial because the CPS had ignored a letter I drafted in November and just bumbled about on their way spending our tax money for no reason, she actually told him to stop, telling him the more he tried to explain, the angrier she was getting! :o)

    This is what happens when the CPS decide not to brief barristers any more and just promote their own staff to do preliminary hearings. Serves em right. :o)

    Shame they waste so much of our money in the process though....

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. Found the other trans thread so been completely distracted again. Away to bed now - another long day tomorrow.

    And it's not like I want to go to work in the first place, I'm just forced out there by the evil other half who wants me to help keep a roof over our heads. Alas. I blame my misfortune on the patriarchy and its appropriation of queer theory.

  72. I need to get to bed cos I have an early start. Barely read CiF today but had a look at the first trans thread. Good stuff.

    Night night all xx

  73. Well, while you all go to bed (what with your proper jobs), time to get reminded about Dillinger, put some shades on, climb into a convertible and ... go on a mad loving spree.

  74. Have just caught up on the trans threads. CLMinou has done a great post, finishing:
    "How terribly confusing it is, when you have to apply dogma to human lives."

  75. Oh I just stumbled - on the way to the toilet - across this place again, what lovely joy it, and those who choose to spend some time writing here, brings me.

    Edwin - there is a hardness about broken lead glass that is to be thought about, and long thought about. You can almost see the shrillness of the note that the air makes as it passes across its edge. I guess that is what was meant by whistle down the wind.

    night all - I will be back for the celebrations

  76. I came back 'cos I really didn't want to pause on a dark, ambiguous, note I really really do like this place, it is a very very fine place to refresh one's self in.

  77. Montana of course I love you ............"The first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, covering from A to Ant, was published in 1884.

    Frederick Furnival had something to do with that....