28 February 2011


We Real Cool

The Pool Players
Seven at the Golden Shovel

We real cool. We
Left school. We

Lurk late. We
Strike straight. We

Sing sin. We
Thin gin. We

Jazz June. We
Die soon.

-Gwendolyn Brooks


  1. Well, I'd been toying with the idea of switching the format again this year and since I seem to be having trouble with getting images to upload, I think I'll go ahead and give you a poem every day for awhile, at least.

    Today's is the first poem I ever memorised. No, I didn't type it from memory -- forgot exactly how it goes quite some time ago.

    Feel free to e-mail me with suggestions or you're all going to become far more acquainted with my taste in poetry much quicker than most of you probably want to.

  2. Thanks Montana - I like a bit of poetry.

    And, since BTH is away, here's your Monday morning kick start: Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout at the 55 Bar NYC

  3. Montana,

    They fuck you up the coalition,
    They mean to and they do,
    They take all the faults of the last 30 years
    And add some extra just for you

    But they were fucked up in their turn
    By fools in top hats and hunting coats
    Who half the time show faux concern
    And half lighting cigars with banknotes

    Toffs hand on misery to non-Toffs
    It deepens like a coastal shelf
    Get out the country while you can
    And don’t have kids yourself

    Duke Larkin 2011


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  5. Like the poetry idea Montana:)

    Nice one Duke!

    Montana re smtx I am beginning to find her aggressive rudeness very boring. She certainly has issues. Its getting very irritating. She fails to understand that
    failure to mention an issue doesn't mean we don't care about it (ffs there are only so many hours in a day and even I have to deal with REAL Life sometimes).

    She doesn't know us this is the internet! I can'y say I really 'know' even those of you I have met once. (really knowing someone takes a long time)

    Can't stand all that hatred and bile.

    Shall ignore from now on.

    Busy today, have to go to town and then to hospital for an X-ray - nothing serious just an arthritic shoulder.

    Gfowing old is irritating my body keeps letting me down! Still its better than the alternative.

    As Atom says - play nice while I'm gone.

  6. I love that Duke. Can we distribute?

  7. Aaaaaand the new Dribbly thread has started off in the same vein as the old Dribbly thread. They haven't gone away, you know.

    I notice that Dribbly has entered the final stage of forum decay - the self-conscious we're-mad-us stage. Although in fairness, if it's EnglishHardon or Bidi saying it, they could actually be right.

  8. Just had a look atthe latest WADYW ITTA- tbh I haven't been over there for ages.

    What a pile of mindless twaddle!

  9. I've never really noticed that, Eddie. I have noticed generally that people who claim to be a 'bit mad' very rarely are, which is always disappointing.

  10. I think that's it's function, isn't it Anne? Whaddya? I can't see how it could ever function as a sustained space for political debate etc. I go there for candyfloss. It's the internet equivalent of reading Jilly Cooper.

  11. I suppose so meerkatjie - trouble is I just find it depressing!

    Best that I keep away I think.

    Off out for that flippin' X-ray now!

  12. Waddya has indeed become the Hadron Collider of bullshit.

    Sorry, finally getting back to your couple of posts - I don't know the Voƫlvry stuff too well at all, will investigate your suggestions. Although I recognise your ambivalence "I think they're interesting, but I can't quite bring myself to like them..." I look forward to checking them out though.

    As for the Searchlight report, reading it through again, I was struck with how many comments about immigration are attributed to British Asians, British-Carribean etc.

    What Searchlight seems to do is, in its zealous campaign to identify and nullify racism wherever it finds it, possibly does itself a disservice by not recognising how many poor UK citizens have been undercut in the jobs market. it's simply a question it does not seem to like to address.

    And as for their fears of "catching up with, or even overtaking, France and Holland" I'm not sure how we'll see some form "cleaned up" version of the BNP establishing itself.

    No, my fear in all this is that tactically speaking, the public's response to the cuts will be split, with the far right's indignant, facile polemics about our economic crisis winning headline points on decrying the institutions who have abandoned working class Brits - the Labour Party being one of them.

    Opponents of these unprecedented public spending cuts on the left will have to, as a result, overcome yet more noise, yet more orchestrated dissonance, to convince ordinary people that our economic model is not some kind of natural law, and that Eric Pickle's vision of a decimated public service is not the only way.

  13. Meerkatjie. Feel free!

    This is one for Peter Bracken if he still reads the UT. A prime example of the deluded left. My favourite part being:

    "We urge the Libyan masses and youth to take their stand alongside Colonel Gadaffi to defend the gains of the Libyan revolution, and to develop it."

    I thought Gerry Healey died a few years ago?

  14. That WRP rant is hilarious Yr Grace - and is so bonkers it's quite cheered me up

    There's so much in it that I like that it's hard to choose an example but this isn't bad:

    Now with a right-wing reactionary uprising under way, the British hyena is showing its teeth, mustering its media to treat Gadaffi as a ‘mad dog’ who must be put down, spurred on by the hope that some Islamic state of Benghazi, if established over Gadaffi’s dead body, will hand over Libya’s oil to them.

    So being terminally fed up with being kept in poverty, rendered speechless, detained and tortured for daring to utter an alternative opinion, calling for social justice, free elections and an end to corruption and the kleptocracy of Gaddafi and his henchmen constitutes a right-wing, reactionary uprising that will lead to an islamic state? Heh...heh...heh...

  15. Seconded, like it Duke...

    "Humanitarian Imperialists Get Ready For A Bloodbath"

  16. 'There once was a man from Nantucket' pretty much represents the beginning, middle and end of my poetry repertoire, but feel free to use it anyway!!

    Oh, and that one about cats sleeping anywhere....

  17. Sheff,

    even funnier is the fact the 'decent liberals' down Harry's Place are trying to use it as a stick to beat 'the left' with. Despite the fact that the WRP have less members than the initials in WRP.

  18. Top of piano, window ledge....

  19. In the middle, on the edge!!

    Ok, I'm done now.

    Have a good day, all!!

  20. Sheff the WRP give the rst of the left a bad name and make our work harder.

    Its unbelievable how anyone can believe such crap, I suppose they just don't believe what Ghadaffi is doing or actually believe that practically the whole Libyan people are extreme right wingers who are enemies of the revolution.

    Bit like the Soviet Union was I suppose, as I said A few days ago the human race needs to develop ways of detecting leaders who are sociopaths and psychopaths. They are criminals and must be opposed and condemned.

    Anyway, whatever their views. it is never ever right to shoot into an unarmed crowd.

    The WRP make me angry - but that's nothing new frankly!!!

  21. A Moderator

    He turned to me and looked as if,
    His fresh face slowly brightening to the grin,
    He’d set his memory back to summer CiF,
    With ten deletions yet to make, and last man, EnglishHermit, in.

    He told me it had been a scream
    On Bindel’s thread, him waiting for the swears to start,
    As squeaking posters scampered o’er the screen
    And pulled her carefully argued points apart.

    But as he mass-deleted at his seat,
    The Graun’s philosophies had served him well;
    His “meeja job” had sent his brain
    Blanker than ever — he’d found his place in Hell....

    ‘Good God!’ he laughed, ‘That felt like work. I’ll need a stiff drink later...’
    “This comment has been deleted.
    By a moderator”

    Apologies to Sassoon, obviously.

  22. Top marks Swifty !
    You have mail btw...

  23. Gaddafi#s bomb bunker and pakace


  24. OMG!!!

    Gaddafi's bomb bunker and palace.

    Bit of a typo queen today.

  25. Anne

    I agree the WRP are a pain but as His Grace points out there are hardly enough of them to fill a phone box and when they come up with the tripe the Duke linked to you have to laugh - it's so absurd.

  26. wen mi jus come to Brussels toun
    mi use to work pan di EU commission
    but workin pan di EU commission
    yu dont get fi know your way around

    Brussel is a bitch
    deres no escapin it
    Brussel is a bitch
    deres no runnin whey fram it

    mi get a lickle jab in a big law firm
    an awftah a while, mi woz doin quite well
    dem staat mi aaf as a dish-washah
    but wen mi tek a stack, mi noh tun clack-watchah

    Brussel is a bitch
    deres no escapin it
    Brussel is a bitch
    no baddah try fi hide fram it

    wen dem gi you di lickle wage packit
    it go alang way wid a big tax rackit
    but yu haffi struggle fi mek ens meet
    barely put apair o blanhik on your feet

    Brussel is a bitch
    deres no escapin it
    Brussel is a bitch
    a noh lie mi a tell, a true

    well mi dhu day wok an mi dhu nite wok
    dem ambassadors dem like all the charity wok
    dem seh dat dis cleric is a very lazy
    but if yu si all me pearl man yu go cold crazy

    Brussel is a bitch
    deres no escapin it
    Brussel is a bitch
    yu bettah face up to it

    mi know dem have work, work in abundant
    yet still, dem get made redundant
    now, at fifty-five mi gettin quite ol
    me livin inna city made of gold

    Brussel is a bitch
    deres no escapin it
    Brussel is a bitch
    is whey wi a goh dhu bout it?

  27. Habib

    Remember i told you about the album called 'From Here To There' by Kyle Eastwood featuring Joni Mitchell.Well you can hear their cover of 'Trouble Man' from it HERE. You activate the track on the link by clicking the white arrow in the top left hand corner.

    I think it's a pretty good cover but see what you think.

  28. 'Alas', she cried, with furrowed brow and heavy heart:
    'The crisis in Libya ye mention not, I doth see
    And it pains me, pains me so, thou playst not your part
    In the yearning of e'ery good folk who wishes to be free!'

    'But, we have mentioned it, dear friend', they did retort
    (Though in vain, for, in her angst, she did not hear)
    'the numerous posts, maketh mention, in this court
    though admittedly, we can but do so little, despite our hope or fear'

    'Yeah, well, you're friggen fuckers, tis true' she fired back
    'and I care not for ye links, they're shite and of Ill-repute,
    And should you showeth in these parts, ball-sack
    I'll rip your fucken head off, for that would be a hoot'

    'Oh dear' they finally rejoined, for all were at a loss
    'we fear you can'st not be pleased, n'er or at all'
    And with the realisation, of the nature of their cross
    The UT doth once more it seems, house another tr'oll!!

  29. Hello everyone; did someone mention a piss up?

  30. Cheers Bitters.It wouldn't by any chance be about a little soiree would it!

  31. Evening all

    What gets me about Libya (she says, launching into a conversation that was over hours ago) is the amount of hypocrisy being shown left right and centre by the very same "great and good" who were kissing Gaddhafi's arse not more than a month ago and pretending he was a "reformer" and a welcome member of the international community.

    I must stop listening to the Today Programme because I just find myself shouting at the bloody radio every morning at the moment. This morning they were giving some bloke from the LSE a grilling for accepting the Libyan petro-dollar when they have all been up to their bloody eyes in it for at least three or four years now.

    Also I wonder if IDS actually has a brain, or whether it is actually wired up properly to his eyes an ears. There was a bit on this morning about skilled people - in particular a carpenter and an electrician in East London - who were on the dole and unable to find work. IDS hummed and hurred about how worrying it was, but when he was asked about how he thought the plan to move so many people off benefits and into work was panning out in light of the shortages of jobs even for skilled labour, he switched to the "families with generations who have never worked and find the idea of taking on a job inconceivable" twaddle.

    What a fucking idiot. But, more to the point, surely he must realise that people listening to radio 4 of a morning generally speaking aren't stupid and can see through his inanities in a nano-second.

    I am finding it all too bloody stupid for words at the moment. Roll on 26th March.

  32. @Nice one Mr Dixon! Enjoyed reading that!

    @Hi BB,long time no see.Hope you're well.

  33. BeautifulBurnout
    Also completely and completely ignored - as ever - was the carpenter's comment that employers are paying East Europeans £150 per week...

  34. £150 a week! FFS, how are you supposed to pay a mortgage and all your other bills on that?

    He's just taking the piss. What are fucking journos doing for crying out loud?

    Why don't they get stuck in and ask some decent questions?

  35. BW - Yes! Not a bloody dickey-bird about that one. UKBA spend a lot of time raiding indian and bangladeshi restaurants and fining the owners for having illegal employees, but nothing much seems to be done about the bastards using virtual slave-labour from the eastern EU countries.

    Aside from being a fucking disgrace for the employees, it is also a fucking disgrace for anyone wanting a job in that field who knows that they are entitled to minimum wage.


    God I'm sweary this evening! :p

    Hi Paul! Nice to be more-or-less back to normal-ish - at least for the time being anyway. I have missed you all but I have been so busy with family ishooz and work. First evening I have had for ages where I can put my feet up and relax for a bit xx

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  37. Chekhov, BB, BW and all hi there. About Libya, what I fail to understand is how while there are riots, slaughter and mayhem in the country, the UN and others talk about freezing funds, embargos and other sundry stuff that is way after the horse has bolted. I read the Informed Comment blog by Professor Juan Cole. He has an insight many in the MSM miss.

    Also, the eastern plumbers on 150 per week. Yes this could well be happening and why do the journalists who must be on something getting on for 10 times that rate not question it? Of course as I mentioned before, the media folk are so out of touch with the life of every-day people they probably think 150/wk is a going rate for that kind of job. It was someone else here a couple of days back who elegantly described the mind-set of the ruling class. If we are not paid much then we are not worth much.

    There are very few jobs, skilled or otherwise out there.

  38. Exactly.
    BBC journos... just don't have the guts or gumption at all. From Today to sodding Newsnight, from the cuts to immigration, all we get is the attitude that only a few left wing Union leaders and MPs want to talk about this stuff. I expect IDS to be a c@nt over it.

    I also notice there was no comment in the chat about high speed rail link (which will be getting wealthy people from London to Birmingham in either ten minutes or half an hour less, depending who's talking), there was not even a question about the business model massively failing to reflect the needs of ordinary people who will be priced out of the service... It seems that to the BBC, this economic orthodoxy is unquestioned; they just care about the Westminster soap opera, and the opinion of Oxbridge educated think tank numpties...

  39. Evening All

    How did we hand the country over to a bunch with an average IQ of around 90 ?

    They exhaust their brain power with walking around and talking. Nothing left for thinking.

    First rule of project planning - find aim and idea which may bring about it's realisation. List objectives - try first step. If feedback says it's not going to work out as you expect - abandon and think again.

    It is said that only humans fully understand the concept of the future and plan for it. What does this say abot our politicians?

  40. Well that seems to have shut everyone up.

    I got a text from a mate of mine, says he's been shagging twns. I said "No way ! How do you tell them apart ?" He said "It's easy, Donna's got great tits and Derek's got a cock."

  41. @BB

    Here's an example of the 'international community' at work over Libya only four months ago.


    I'm afraid I'm a bit late on this one, but I was sorry to read about your parents and their problems, and I'm glad things are a little better.

  42. Sheff

    Yes its true that the WRP couldn't fill an old fashioned phone box but their pronouncements tend to be picked up as 'typical left thinking'.

    They are idiots who play straight into the hands of the people they claim to be against.

    That's the problem.

    OTOH it probably wont be long before they all die out ;)

  43. Peter J
    Just watched that, I only just prevented myself from throwing my laptop across the room!

    A moreflagrant example of biased chairmanship I have never seen. The look on her face was pure hate - chilling euchhhhhhhhhhhhh! She was Libyan surprise surprise!!In her position she has to be part of the Ghadaffi regime, so I am not commenting on the Libyan people as a whole.

    Anyone having faith in the UN should watch that and face reality.

  44. Ian, your average newspaper columnist on a 6-figure income is only too delighted to have cheap plumbers, electricians etc. They'll talk in heart-rending terms about the abstract notion of 'the poor' but when it comes to paying their cleaners and nannies thruppence and as much borscht as they can eat, their conscience deserts them.

    The thinking goers "Tradespeople? Well, they pay no tax anyway do they? And they're probably charging me double for what the job's worth anyway. Cleaners? Well, it's the going rate for the job and the thruppence is worth a fortune back home in the Ukraine/Poland/Latvia/Lithuania/Harrogate. These people live very cheaply you know."

    Likewise, nothing on the Graun about NEETs living and often dying young in poverty, but 5 articles in as many weeks about interns. Yes, Wayne had a short and miserable life and came to an unfortunate end, but my Jeremy had to wait months to make the tea at the architect's practice in Knightsbridge.

    Welcome to identity politics, where the only people who suffer are those who are most like yourself.

  45. Rapid

    Harrogate? I'll 'ave you know that 'arrogate's quite posh. They held the Eurovision song contest there in 1982.

  46. Evening all. MsC, Harrogate is indeed rather posh - lots of moneyed types floating about whenever you go out there. Didn't know they held the Eurovision there.

    AlrecBaldwin is from there I think? He was saying it's not all its cracked up to be for the younger generation because it is so expensive but has no jobs.

    I think it has a huge trailer park too where lots of people live.

    Ps - have sent you and sheff mail.

  47. P.s meant to say re trailer park - think lots of people live there as they literally can't afford the housing. A bog standard two bed house can set you back 300k plus.

  48. Apologies to Harrogate. I did, of course, mean it's very cheap to live in Slough. Well, not terribly cheap, but rather shit in any event. I speak from having grown up there. It's one of those places where, after you've been out of it for a while, you look back and think "I can't think a good reason to go back there. Ever." Plenty of good people there, but just a grey, depressing place that only seems to have sprung up to service the factories on the giant Trading Estate on its outskirts. Still, at least we don't have a silly name like 'Maidenhead'.

  49. Now that you mention it, 'Maidenhead' is a pretty vile name, completely subservient to the patriarchy, and ought to be changed.

  50. It could be renamed Boyscherry.

    Having had that deep thought, off to bed. NN!

  51. Nice one Thauma, I like that.

    RapidEddie - I lived in High Wycombe for a few years and we would go to Slough to the cinema - it is a rather depressing place it has to be said.
    But then so was High Wycombe.

  52. Hi Princess, did you finish watching that "Zeitgeist" movie?

  53. Awight Princess. Took my driving test in High Wycombe. I forgot to tick the box that said 'I don't want to take my test in any area other than the one I've just spent a fortune in, learning the test routes'. It was like learning to drive in the Netherlands and find your test is in Nepal. Cahnts. I failed, needless to say.

    The only other time I was in High Wycombe was to see Pere Ubu who were, it has to said, the canine's cobblers. Right up there with seeing Motorhead in the Lyceum and The Smiths at the SFX in Dublin. Either I'm getting old and curmudgeonly or rock music really has turned to shit these days.

  54. Hi Leni

    As promised here's the link with info about Government expectations for the estimated 30% of current IB claimants who are to be re tested for ESA and who are likely to be declared to be 'fit for work' and therefore ineligible for either the ESA Work Related Activity Group or ESA Support Group.

    You'll find the stats under the sub heading 'Effect of Migration'.50% of those declared 'fit for work' are expected to transfer to JSA,20% to other benefits such as Carers Allowance whilst the remaining 30% will move off benefits altogether and in effect disappear.

  55. Evening all

    Could someone please rescue my post which has just gone straight into the spam folder.Cheers.

  56. Bloody hell is there no end to the amount of scams these twats can come up with?
    Just got a letter from the DVLA aka the Department of Venal Larceny Agency informing me that I need to renew the photo on my driving licence otherwise I will be crucified or summat like that.

    I quote: "The fee(fee and payment methods are shownin note C on the form). An additional fee will be charged by the Post Office for the photo renewal service.

    So that'a twenty quid plus an unkown sum that can presumably be plucked out of thin air arbitrarily at a later date.

    I thought this was the sort of crap they pulled in Banana Republics.

    BTW; before it became the DWP it was called the DHSS which I'm reliably informed by someone who worked there was known on the inside as "The Department for Stealth and Social Obscurity"!

  57. As a follow-up to the video I posted earlier, here (PDF) is the final report that was being discussed in the video and was published in January. It is still due for formal adoption next month.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. @Paul:

    Were you referring to your post @ 21:33? There wasn't anything in the spam folder.

  61. Get it while it's hot folks.

    George 'I'm a big fucking fuck faced fucking fucker' Osborne's just gone done scribbled a little piece for CIF!!

    (Bless 'im. He might even be allowed to use the fountain pen soon, if he keeps on at this rate.....)

  62. Montana

    Sorry, I liberated Paul's post, just got distracted elsewhere & didn't say so.

    The elsewhere is this, Searchlight's Fear & Hope report, which was published this evening.

    "While the traditional class-based, left-right, social democratic/neo-liberal models of British politics still have some relevance, our central argument is that these need to be understood alongside a new politics of identity.

    "Much of the recent political discourse has been concerned with politicians accepting the rising importance of immigration as a political issue, and the sense that we increasingly lack ‘cohesion’ or ‘integration.’ But political elites are already behind the curve. Political parties have struggled and failed to catch up with the development of a broader and more fundamental politics of identity".

  63. Oh bugger; MsChin's cleared the thread yet again!

  64. "Big socks"? "Squeezed middle"? Where is Gok Wan when you need him?

  65. Oh shit, sorry about that. looks like I cleared the thread...apologies for blaming it on MsChin!

  66. I think everyone's prob'ly gone to bed Chekhov.
    Either that or there's something really good on telly!?

  67. Evening chekhov

    there seems to be nobody else around.

    I am almost too disheartened to comment.

    cannot really decide if our present cabinet are really as thick as they sound or whether they think they are talking to a population of idiots.

    Dave tday talking about Democracy in N Africa , the overthrow of tyrants etc. after his trip to sell arms to tyrants.

    George Osborne's piece - repetitive nonsense offering no solutions to the impoverishment of so many Brits.

    Saying they want to make things better for future generations - not recognising that by attacking this generation of working age also damages their children's prospects.

    Where is money for expansion, infrastructure jobs ?

  68. I'm beginning to sound like "Killing Time" over on "Wadya" is that good or bad?

  69. Hi James

    Usual rubbish on telly - I almost never watch it - I do not have many prorammes as I refuse to have Sky.

  70. chekhov

    apart from repetitive disgust and political analysis there is very little new to say.

    Gaddafi insisting that there are no protests and that his people love him is no more deluded than our lot who seem to believe they are doing the right thing for Britain - both are simply looking after their own interests.

  71. chekhov

    We have those at the bottom crushed, the middle squeezed - doesn't leave many doing well does it ?

  72. I've got loads of channels, Leni, but there's still nothing on!

    Osborne's piece really was a load of tosh, wasn't it?!

    I'm not confident he's got the ability to dress himself properly in the morning, let alone protect the interests of future generations....

  73. Hello leni. I know I'm a bit thick but I'd take my chance if any politician wanted to debate with me on prime time telly and risk making a complete tit of myself. Of course that will never happen because the politicians are'nt willing to take the same risk!

  74. chekhov

    I would like to see some of our cabinet members facing a panel of articulte unemployed, sick, disabled and elderly people telling them how it really is.

    We have not even got politicians at local council level willing to speak out - apart from leader of Liverpool.

    They are all clinging tightly to their seats and council 'expenses' Councillors expenses here are on average higher than the wages of the majority of people. Too afraid to speak out in case they get deselected by party machinery.

  75. Hello, all. I've missed a bit, so excuse me.

    meerkatjie, best wishes to your mum.

  76. chekhov, sorry things look bleak, right now. As you take strength from the good people here, I take strength from your idea to fight on, best of British, mate!

  77. Bitterweed
    "Waddya has indeed become the Hadron Collider of bullshit."

    Funniest comment! Perhaps they're looking for the original bigs gobshite particle that created all stupidity?

  78. James Dixon
    circa 16:25

  79. @dukewybourne re the WRP link 'We urge the world to oppose the imperialist intervention into Libya that is being made', 'We urge the Libyan masses and youth to take their stand alongside Colonel Gaddafi to defend the gains of the Libyan revolution and develop it, this can only be done throught the defeat of the current rebellion'.
    You write 'I thought Gerry Healey died a few years ago', he did but much of the 'thinking' didnt, did you see Brian Whitakers fawning piece in the Guardian last week? or the Morning Star 'The possibility of the overthrow of Gaddafi will be a serious blow to all anti imperialists, in the Third world inmparticular'.
    Unfortunately some elements of the left are pretty similar to that of the right, theyre pretty connected in their fawning over dictators, 'He might be a dictator but he's our dictator', works both ways.
    @rappideddie 'The thinking goes 'tradespeople, well they pay no tax anyway do they, and theyre probably charging me double for what the jobs worth'
    Yea well thats right isnt it, except theyre probably charging triple, replacing a piece that didnt need replacing, and then taking the cash(and it is always cash) from old people, single women and every other person who comes across them(that is unless you have been lucky enough to have a 'plumber' thats been recomneded and actually replaced the part that was faulty and didnt overcharge, pretty rare mate
    @leni 'How did we hand this country over to a bunch with an average IQ of around 90.'

    I guess by the majority not working within the Labout party to change it, and by voting Lib/Dem,/ or by not voting at all.
    I notice many posters thought that post a bit of a hoot, not worth taking seriously

  80. oh the last sentance of my comment' I notice many posters thought that post a bit of a hoot' was a misprint, a left over from a previous post.

  81. Many thanks, Habib, my good sir!!

    (and Bitters and Paul from earlier)

  82. meanwhile in Libya the British/US/French/Spanish/Irish 'ex pats' get airlifted out whilst Libyans remain dying in the streets and migrant 'ex pat' workers from The Middle east/North Africa and Bangladesh remain abandoned, tens of thousands of them, Um I guess the UN didnt see that one coming eh

  83. Two things and a tiny bit more to say about Libya.

    1) Sounds like everybody in the world has bought what they've been sold.

    2) It's now nice and ripe for the western powers to step in.

    I hope that you all know that the Western powers want a "no fly zone" in Libya. This can't be achieved without ground bombing of airstrips and SAM missile sites.

    The number of people that have died already - treble that and a bit and you'll get a no-fly zone in Libya.

    In this world, you're kind of fucked if you're an oil state, don't agree with using the petrodollar and you have no nuclear weapons.

    If I was Iranian, I'd be begging my leaders to get a move on with the programme.

  84. From "The Telegraph"

    "David Cameron and other Western leaders are on the brink of ordering military action against Col Muammar Gaddafi amid fears that the Libyan dictator could use chemical weapons against his own people."

    There's something a bit familiar about that.

  85. @habib

    Very familiar. But can Gaddafi launch them on London in 45 minutes?

    I'm not a huge fan of Greg Dyke, but at least he had a backbone, unlike Mark Thompson. I liked the personalised number plate Dyke got for himself after Blair and Campbell had him sacked.

    WMD 45