12 March 2011



if stars are lit
it means - there is someone who needs it.
It means - someone wants them to be,
that someone deems those specks of spit

And overwrought,
in the swirls of afternoon dust,
he bursts in on God,
afraid he might be already late.
In tears,
he kisses God's sinewy hand
and begs him to guarantee
that there will definitely be a star.
He swears
he won't be able to stand
that starless ordeal.

He wanders around, worried,
but outwardly calm.

And to everyone else, he says:
it's all right.
You are no longer afraid,
are you?'

if stars are lit,
it means - there is someone who needs it.
It means it is essential
that every evening
at least one star should ascend
over the crest of the building.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky


  1. Once again, does anyone have any news of Monkeyfish?

  2. OK - other news first.

    The ex-singer from Iron Maiden, Paul Andrews, gets banged up for benefits fraud. The government must love being able to parade a high-profile-ish, former rock-star to show that it is not just the filthy poor who pass the benefits book from generation to generation who are bleeding the country dry and causing the global economic meltdown.

    Luckily, they seem to have the judiciary on-side on this one:

    Judge Jane Miller, QC, told Andrews: “Your greed has cost this country a lot of money.”

    Nothing about breaking the law or the fact that touring the world giving concerts while claiming to be incapacitated with a bad back might be wrong.

    You cost your country 45 grand, Sunshine. Take 'im dahn!

    In paedophile news, it seems that royal thicko and Broken Britain trade ambassador, Andrew Filth might find himself in more hot water over his close friendship with convicted paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.


    It seems Epstein might have called upon friends in high places to secure an illegal plea bargain which got him off lightly by not telling other girls he raped what was happening.

    Did you get the money for your thick ex-Mrs, though, Andy? That's the main thing, eh?

    In riot news, Nick Clegg tells his little band of disconsolate and diminishing brothers that protest is the price of power, so they need to man up and get used to it for another four years.

    He obviously hasn't considered the idea that protest might diminish with the proper execution of power, rather than sticking to being a filthy little yellow lickspittle Quisling.

    And finally, in news from the little gated paradise of Dribbly, where everything is like the little corner of the snug bar, where the regulars preen and jostle to make each other titter and spill their drinks at the next bon mot or tale from the rarefied, twinkling pinnacles of high society, it seems that everything is, somehow and however improbably, not perfect.

    This from the glittering leader of the gang:


    11 March 2011 10:17PM

    oh well. the many critics of this thread may have a point.

    a truly seismic event has happened today & with barely a nod on here.

    apologies, in grumpy slash fatal mood. night all.


    Needless to say, it did not go down well.

    The first rule of Dribbly is that you never criticise Dribbly.

    Like a failing and useless bureaucracy, it exists to perpetuate itself and to provide an artificial reality for those who cannot survive without its protection.

    Keep that line up, Mr Gingold and you know what will happen.

    "She's a witch! Burn her!"

  3. Spike

    No, sorry.

    I hope he is OK. I certainly miss having him around here.

    You could try Bitterweed or Montana as a method of email contact.

  4. Spike

    Tried emailing monkeyfish about 26 March, no reply as yet.


    It's all about the money, every time.

  5. Fuck. There's been an explosion at the nuclear plant.

  6. Now, you all know that nuclear reactors are incredibly dangerous. What might happen which could cause them to leak radiation everywhere and kill everyone?

    A bomb!

    An earthquake!

    A volcano!

    Good. Those are all very good answers. So, to make sure we keep everyone safe, where should we build nuclear reactors?

    In the middle of the desert.

    Somewhere really safe and strong where nobody ever goes.

    Right next to a fucking great fault line in an area known for severe earthquakes, preferably next to a massive bomb factory with a bloody great flashing neon sign above saying, "Bring your volcanoes !"

  7. According to the groan a radiation leak has been confirmed in one of the power stations in Japan - here

    As if they didn't have enough problems - now this!

    Have been wondering about Monkeyfish and Turminder too.

  8. Right next to a fucking great fault line in an area known for severe earthquakes,

    One of the most seismically active places in the world apparently. Given Japans experience of nuclear catastrophe it is rather surprising.

  9. So far, they're saying it's a 'small leak' and it's not completely clearly what's going on there. Workers are still putting coolant on the rods.

    Bloody scary stuff though.

    The whole situation is just horrifying.

  10. Chin/Sheff/PCC - sorry can't join you today.

    I had hoped to be able to hurl some abuse/bile in Clegg's direction but regrettably I'm down for Heathrow airport taxi duties to pick up me son and his lass.

    Montana - I'll send Mighty Max a card from Yorkshire.

    The vids from Japan are bleak - bit like watching the grim reaper in relentless slow motion and now the possibility of a meltdown. Poor sods, life can end in so many shitty ways.


  11. Have been wondering about Monkeyfish and Turminder too. and Jen

    Life takes turns - but I too hope they, and all absent UT friends, get back in due course.

  12. Can I just say... Mrs FUCKING HAPPY!!!! GRRRRR

    Bloody well said La Rit. For some reason her particular combination of stupidity and complacent smugness really gets on my nerves.

  13. Meerkatjie

    Can I just say... Mrs FUCKING HAPPY!!!! GRRRRR

    Bloody well said La Rit. For some reason her particular combination of stupidity and complacent smugness really gets on my nerves.

    Firstly, may I be the, er, first to say I agree completely.

    Secondly, may I ask what the fuck you are talking about?

    As a small interlude, did smtx01 say they had been banned?

    I thought so, but obviously it was just a bit of kettling on the part of CiF.

    Lastly, may I just say this? -

    Fred "The Shred" Goodwin is a complete and utter banker

    [Don't answer the door, Montana, it will only be the super-injunction enforcement terror squadrons].

  14. Morning all!!


    I'm about mate, but this week's proving a bit mental, so I'm mostly lurking when I get a few minutes (and my blog's now 'The Political Thesaurus' one, which, admittedly, does lie somewhat abandoned...)


    I too, am a bit concerned about Monkeyfish, but, and just a suggestion here, could we try e-mailing him again in the present, rather than say, two weeks in the future!?

  15. Oh, and Fred Goodwin's an absolute fucking cock-knocker, and having 'worked for him' at one point, I had to watch his stupid, gurning, idiotic face on countless training videos, company TV etc, and I spent the best part of that year in a constant state of 'I've just done a little vom in my mouth!'.

  16. James

    Strictly, of course, since no year was given, it could be either in the future or the past.

    A bit of Dr Hoologanism?

    And it's all love and kisses in Dribblylalaland again, as the one who stepped out of line hangs his head in shame and apologises to the others for almost bringing the perfect realm into disrepute.


    12 March 2011 9:54AM

    morning all.

    apologies for my hideously pompous outburst last night.

    in mitigation i offer a combination of high emotion, pinot grigio and absolutely enormous bill from essex & suffolk water that fair tipped me over the edge.


    Aw, bless!

    It's like watching a litter of kittens in a wicker basket licking each other.

  17. "As a small interlude, did smtx01 say they had been banned? "

    She was suspended. I know I saw her post again a week or two ago. Not sure if she's been banned again, though.

  18. Morning all

    Beautiful sunny day here. Not long til the clocks go forward! \o/

    The nuclear power station story seems to be panning out like the kind of made-for-tv disaster movies they show on the sci-fi (I refuse to call it Sy-Fy!) channel. Scary.

  19. Atoms

    I've got me a mental picture of MsChin firing up the DeLorean, and popping into the future for the sole purpose of e-mailing a certain Mr Fish, so don't you take that away from me, don't you dare....

  20. Video Info:

    "Prefab Sprout at some kind of concert in Monaco I think"

    Haha Brilliant!!

  21. And people were all like 'the internet's going to be the death of scholarly standards and conscientious research'. Yeah, How d'ya like them apples...??

  22. Right, this is why I don't post when I'm tired and busy!! The 'shite' filter in my head works less than normal. You can all have your thread back now, once the smell's cleared and whatnot.

    Have a good one!!

  23. Yeah, well, apples, pears, coconuts.... woevah!

    It's doin' me 'ed in, innit!

  24. Love that choon, AB. Hadn't heard it for a while.

    Reminds me of this, which is also a classic, from Joe Jackson

  25. I just read Laurie Penny's twitter and it turns out she had to go to the British porn industry annual awards show for a report :). It will be in next week's new statesmen. It's like something Tanya Gold would do.

  26. Loved the comment about the deLorean btw, James :o)

  27. Re. Mrs Fucking Happy.

    I forget what the issue was (other than the fact that she was completely wrong about it on twelve different levels), but she actually tried to score a point with me by asking, apropos of absolutely nothing, "how many of your relatives died during WWII rather than just reading about it?" I have to admit to being weirdly impressed by this gambit.

    Who is she and why has she been allowed to deposit her egg-sacs on CiF? Is there no kind of quality control anymore?

  28. The Mrs Fucking Happy reference again!

    Could someone clear this up for me, please?

    Are we talking about Bigglesjetpacks?

  29. This would be funny if it weren't so close to the truth!
    (e-mailed from my sister)

    Over five thousand years ago Moses said to the children of Israel "pick up your shovel, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the promised land."

    Nearly 50 years ago, Harold Wilson said, "Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a camel, this is the promised land."

    Then Gordon Brown stole your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the price of camels, and mortgaged the promised land.

    Now Cameron has raised my fuel bills and increased Vat to 20%, I got so depressed last night I called the Samaritans, they diverted my call to a call centre in Pakistan. I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck.

  30. Mrs Happy is a purveyor of quality CiF brainfarts, who never let's having nothing to say stop her saying it.

  31. Just back from Sheffield city centre which the plods have turned into a version of Belfast circa 1978 - with cordons/roadblocks everywhere and literally hundreds of officers, on foot, bike, motorcycle, horseback and sitting in vans lurking behind corners everywhere you look. All so LibDem scum can be protected from the perfectly legitimate wrath of the people.

    Have some snaps which I'll stick up in the gallery.

  32. Thanks, Speedy.

    Glad I have the name as a clue because the rest of your description would cover about 90 percent of the entire CiFerati population.

    It must have been about five years ago that an article in .Net Magazine said that blogging was finished.

    Give it another couple of years and it probably will be the case.

    I wonder who ends up looking more foolish, though: the idiot spilling their brainz or people like me commenting on it.

    I think this is me turning off, tuning out and dropping in for a while.

    As Plato said: "Live fast, die laughing."

    Or was that just something on the T-shirt of a fat biker bloke?

  33. Now come on sheffpixie, were you prevented from peacefully protesting?

    I suppose the most annoying thing about a gig like this is the more peaceful and amicable and awfully civilised everyone behaves, the less likely people's legitimate anger is going to get any news cover. Even the Guardian has been more interested in the tedious minutiae of the conference business rather than the protests, and you'd have expected them to show a little solidarity at least.

  34. Come on yourself Speedy - some serious over the topness going on in the city centre and not by us. If we had turned over the city centre we'd be headline news - as it is we'll be ignored.

    Anyway have stuck a few pics up in the gallery.

  35. I should qualify my remark above - I'm not actually advocating wrecking the city centre, just pointing out that because we were peaceful no one will take the slightest bit of notice of anything we had to say.

    I also spoke to quite a few police most of whom were sympathetic and decent blokes who were perfectly aware of the irony of their position - protecting the people who are taking a scythe to their own terms and conditions of work - from a wider public who are resisting the cuts.

  36. Sheff + speedy

    Sheff's pics show that there is an awareness of the level of public anger - the level of security is astonishing. How much did it all cost ?

    recognition of the opposition and anger has to be answered by more than heavy security to keep people and politicians apart from each other.

    Once we are denied access to our MP and denied an expression of our feelings Democracy has died.

  37. Sheff

    I am sure that many police officers are aware of the difficulty of their position - they will be wanting public support too.

  38. Leni

    The cost of the policing is 1.5m - possibly more. The LibDems are paying for the fencing.

    Paul Scriven our LibDem council leader reckons the cost is worth it as having the conference here will be good for business. He seems to miss a startling point - that people are now so angry about what his party are doing that the only way they can have a conference in the city is if they are protected behind ten foot steel and concrete fences and phalanxes of police - many of whom have been drafted in from other forces. I saw police from Notts and Derbyshire there.

  39. Sheff

    LibDems paying for the fencing says it all really. The realisation of the anger against them has not apparently encouraged them to rethink their policies. Power should not automatically garner opposition and protest.

    If the policies were right, constructive and actually working towards a solution, a more equitable society, jobs and improved services they would win support.

    I cannot see Sheffield business benefitting from this - bet the shops lost a lot of business to start with - are the normal bus routes open ?

    Take power - buy a big fence.

    What a travesty of democratic gvt.

  40. Just listened to the R4 news and there was a fair bit about the protest as well as covering the conference itself, with some vox pops from the protesters, which is good.

    Apparently the LibDems have voted "criticising the coalition plans for the NHS", whatever that might mean. Sounds a bit wishy-washy, but that's the LibDems for ya.

  41. Just clicked on BBC news to find out what is going on in Sheffield and the Lib Dem conference isn't even on their fucking agenda!
    "Democracy" my arse.

  42. The news from Japan is horrendous. 10,000 people in one small port are not accounted for.

  43. Sheffield Commander Chief Superintendent Simon Torr said: "There will again be a large number of police officers throughout the city centre as the force can't take a chance on this event.

    "We have been planning for this event for the past three to four months and we are pleased to be playing a part in hosting a major political conference in the county, to showcase Sheffield and prove what we can achieve together with our city centre partners."

    A fringe meeting with Business Secretary Vince Cable was moved from a hotel outside the secure zone to a function room in Sheffield City Hall, and ministers were also apparently advised to avoid leaving the secure zone if possible.


    I particularly like the phrase "Showcase Sheffield" - delusional perhaps ?

  44. Sheff

    I am watching news now - Japan is suffering more and more. It seems a coastal town has more or less been wiped out along with most of the people.

    Is the reactor really safe - or are we just hearing soothing noises ?

  45. Leni

    "Show casing" Sheffield in lock down mode....totally delusional I'd say. Unless of course he's talking about showcasing just how quickly and easily the authorities can clamp down on the free movement of the public as and when they feel like it.

    Re the Japanese catastrophe - There was some speculation on the news about whether they are being completely open about how bad the state of the reactor actually is. They've acknowledged three contamination cases so far, all workers from the site. I guess we'll find out sooner or later.

    Such massive devastation is heartbreaking - whole towns and villages swept away - masses of agricultural land contaminated by sea water.

  46. A video of a town in North Japan being engulfed by the Tsunami! Terrifying for the people caught up in it!

  47. goons yet again chased out of town

  48. @ atomboy, yea I was banned for 5 weeks(now on pre mod) good init

  49. Paul

    I find watching the footage terrifying - how quickly everything around us, our lives and our futures can be wiped away.

    The loss of agricultural land will hit Japan very hard - such a large population to feed.

    First priority is to rescue people who are still alive - and to move everyone out of the danger zone around the reactor.

    With so much devastation reconstruction will be very difficult - as in Haiti where much of the rubble which needs to be cleared before rebuilding can begin is still littering the place.

  50. smtx

    I saw your post on waddya suggesting a Brit based Libyan may write something for CiF.

    You might be better emailing Jessica R with a more detailed suggestion.

    Mind I emailed her last week about the Anne Begg comment that in 9 years of being on the disability committee last week was the first time they had ectually gone forth to speak to disabled people.

    I recd. no reply.

  51. At evacuation centers, workers wearing white masks and protective clothing used handheld scanners to check everyone arriving for radiation exposure.

    "There is radiation leaking out, and since the possibility (of exposure) is high, it's quite scary," said 17-year-old Masanori Ono, queuing at a center in Koriyama city, in Fukushima prefecture.

    People who lived within the evacuation zone or showed signs of radiation exposure were separated from others seeking shelter.

    (Reuters )

  52. It would appear that some radioactive caesium has escaped - evacuees from zone being dosed with iodine.

    Back later

  53. @ leni re my suggestion ( Libyan friend) to write a piece, I realise now cif isnt really the right place to do it, ie, he would have to be anonomous, and how could comments be free, when no one knows what theyre talking about, so have suggested better that he justs submits his piece as a news article to the main paper, he has done pieces before, anyway i hope it will be published.

  54. Sheffpixie: "I should qualify my remark above - I'm not actually advocating wrecking the city centre, just pointing out that because we were peaceful no one will take the slightest bit of notice of anything we had to say."

    Precisely my point. And it has been more than once this weekend that I've heard a bobby say "I hope they trash the place", not because they were hoping for a ruck or wanted to see Sheffield burn particularly (although neither would they have stood by and watched it), but simply because they wanted them to know the depth of feeling about this. As it was, Kingmaker Clegg didn't even fucking deign to show his face. I should imagine he was sneaked in under a blanket, which is one small crumb of comfort.

  55. A thought for anyone thinking about joining the Sat 26 March protest in London:

    {a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fm1-jPEAe9s&feature=related"}Tracy Chapman - Talkin' Bout A Revolution{/a}

  56. oooh, what a tech fail that was. Gotta use that Preview!

    Tracy Chapman - Talkin' Bout A Revolution

  57. "recognition of the opposition and anger has to be answered by more than heavy security to keep people and politicians apart from each other. Once we are denied access to our MP and denied an expression of our feelings Democracy has died."

    We need to get some perspective here Leni. The LibDems wanted to have a conference and the protesters wanted to make it difficult for them to do so. I know which side I was on, job notwithstanding, but the free speech/expression thing applies equally to both parties. We might not like the weaselly, arrogant crap that has come to characterise Clegg's pronouncements about his critics over the weekend, we might even think (as I do) that the Party ought to have been made to stump up for their policing in the same way as Wednesday or the Blades, but it is democratically important, as a 'legitimate' political party, that they be allowed to assemble. It would have been nice for a few of them to face their critics, although I'm not sure it would have achieved anything to have them jeered whenever they would have opened their mouths. Would the crowd have felt better?

    Quite apart from anything else, a Deputy PM is under 24hr armed Met guard, and that doesn't really promote dialogue. And let's face it, the guy would get lynched, and blissful image though it might be there was no way the police would, or should, have let that happen. (Apparently he wanted to walk to the conference! Personally I think that was a bit of the old braggadocio, but they definitely should have let him).

  58. Hi Leni

    Perhaps Ms Reed feels she's done her bit on Cif for the sick and disabled and therefore your e-mail didn't warrant a reply.Or maybe she agrees with BrusselsExTwats that the whole issue is taking up too much space on the threads and more interesting subjects like handbags and recipes should now have greater priority.Who knows?

    I'm sure you've noticed that Grande Dame Toynbee is now getting interested in the ATOS issue. And will no doubt be expressing her outrage as the premature deaths start stacking up.Of course if anyone reminds her that she supported the intro of the WCA,s under New Labour thye'll no doubt be moderated for being 'off topic'.

    BTW i got an e-mail from the mods letting me know my post on the Yvette Cooper thread has now been permanently zapped for being 'off topic'.My 'crime' was to mention the fact that Cooper and her husband Ed Balls have been reported for allegedly abusing their expenses.

    C'est la vie!

  59. meanwhile in Israel a family of five have been been brutally killed. Udi 36, Ruth 35, their children Yoav,11, Elaid 4, and a one month old baby all stabbed to death.

  60. Meanwhile Ivory Coast?????.......

  61. Speedy

    Unless we can reach ministers to express concerns we might as well shout into a vacuum.

    I don't want anybody lynched or even minimally physically attacked.

    Once we reach the point of seperating people from politician by force or throgh the erection of heavy duty barriers and a huge police presence all genuine dialogue is silenced.

    Why shouldn't Clegg hear first hand what people think ? Politicians are now so over protected that they are able to repeat the same rhetoric over and over again to mainly supportive audiences. How does this advance the debate ?

    I admit the police are in a difficult position - public employees as well as members of the public they are in a position of defending something many of them oppose.

    What do we do about it is the question.

  62. yea la rit, your sorrow is .... oh yea now where to be seen, by the way do you write f the ivory coast, of darfur? no um but you cant muster a word of symathy for a family of five butchered, you rot in hell bitch

  63. Leni - "I am sure that many police officers are aware of the difficulty of their position - they will be wanting public support too."

    One thing I've run past our local Fed (on AllyF's suggestion actually) is that if the police are going to have a march for their pay and pensions, then rather than be separatist about it, they ought do so as part of a more coordinated public sector response. It would do no end of good to their cause to show they were not pleading for special treatment, and that they were concerned about the wider issues of attacks on public servants, which to be fair, they are. It would be a powerful message in direct contrast to the selfish settlements in the late 70s - I'm sure we all know what I'm talking about. I think the Tories, in a break from the Thatcherite plan, are relying on low levels of public sympathy, and talk of gold-plated pension (that we already pay 11% into and Hutton would have us contribute 14% to) to push through the cuts to police pay and conditions. I don't think that's a given for them really...

  64. smtx

    The death of this family is as horrifying and upsetting as the deaths of Palestinian men , women and children.

    These outbursts of violence will continue until a peaceful resolution with human justice for all is agreed.

    A few weeks ago the IDF shot and injured 11 people, including 2 children, in Gaza. The Reponse was a rocket attack which was responded to by airstrikes on Gaza.

    It is a merry-go-round of recipricol violence.

  65. @ leni i dont think a month old baby being stabbed to death is a merry go round is it,? for fuk sake what are u one about and this la rit is a freak... nasty nasy bitch, rot in hell love(not u leni)

  66. Are you guys still interacting with "smtx01" as if it were a sentient human being and not a wind-up troll?

    Don't bother responding, Semtex - I'm out of here. Congratulations, you've poisoned the well for me on this lovely site. I'm sure you're exultant in your victory. Have an explosion on me.

  67. @Paul: well one journo has finally twigged that Iain Duncan Shit is a fucking first rate areswipe, but only 'coz she has first hand experience.
    How many more stories like this one are being played out as we speak?


  68. speedy

    I agree entirely - the police should march with everyone else.

    Those participating would then be policed by their colleagues not taking part in the demo.

    This is what I am saying - the police are part of the general population. They cannot be separitist and keep public sympathy.

    Police officers will have pay reduced, some will lose jobs and they and their families will suffer along with everybody else from the cuts in services.

  69. smtx

    Of course the stabbing of a baby is horrific and indefensible.

    The cycle of violence has gone on now for how long ?

    Is there an end in sight. Are the politicians doing anything constructive to end it ?

    These latest deaths will be used to ratchet up hatred of the Palestinians and to justify even more control measures.

    In the same way the death of Palestinians is used by those wishing to intensify hatred of and violence against Israelis.

  70. you rot in hell bitch

    For goodness' sake. If you really think this is going to convince anyone that you have any point at all, you're deluded.

  71. chekhov

    Thanks for that link.And i reckon over the coming months we're going to be hearing a lot more stories like that one.btw how's the job search going?Anything hopeful in the pipeline?

  72. Leni - "Unless we can reach ministers to express concerns we might as well shout into a vacuum. I don't want anybody lynched or even minimally physically attacked. Once we reach the point of seperating people from politician by force or throgh the erection of heavy duty barriers and a huge police presence all genuine dialogue is silenced."

    Well you could argue that the very nature of the office separate the Deputy PM from the people on some level. Even if he wasn't a contender for 'most despised man in Britain', it isn't like he can just walk to the shops anymore. But ultimately I think we ought to put aside all notions of being able to engage with senior politicians in anything other than stage-managed propaganda events. The real convincing needs to be done on the electorate. We need to engineer ways of cutting through the tabloidism of modern journalism and the stranglehold that the ruling party has on the news and how it is reported. I think the fact that ordinary people are taking to the streets to express their distaste for this government and their unilateral and unmandated bullshit speaks volumes to those around them. The levels of militancy among my colleagues and friends and family is unprecedented in my lifetime I think. That really makes me confident about the future. Clegg has made it quite clear, by his public pronouncement and by his non-engagement that he doesn't give a fuck about the opinions of smelly peasants, so we shall just have to agitate to have his ass removed by tried and tested democratic methods. I for one will never vote for the crypto-conservative turds again.

  73. BTW; sorry about the excessive cursing but I'm particularly hacked off about the contempt our politicians have for democracy whilst frequently banging on about how democratic our society is.
    The Deputy Prime Minister holds a conference of his part of the coalition in Sheffield and the BBC can't even be arsed to send a reporter let alone get it on their prime time news agenda.

  74. @shazzbot jog on love, if you cant interact it isnt my fault.if you continue to shut down all other voices, that makes you a bit of a .. what?, pathetic bitch... like the rest of your freaks.
    @ leni, your about the only one on here that doesnt go with the flow, so that must show you something is wrong no? (2 yrs posting/wanting the same thing cut down by these people, im upset tonight a family of five butchered and no one, no one CAREs, just scoring political points shame on you UT really

  75. Ah leni i just read your piece, the stabbing of the family is going to be used by Israel to condemn palestinans, is that it? unbeleivable even you(and i always knew you had a n agenda) that is low... amd now i get you perfectly. by the way you have found your perfect home here on the untrusted.

  76. @Speedkermit; "The police are the public and the public are the police; the being the only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent upon every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence" (Robert Peel)
    No doubt you are aware of this quote but you mentioned earlier that your job was to train new recruits. Do you make them aware of it?

  77. smtx01 - if it restores your faith in human nature, I too utterly deplore the murder of innocent men, women and children, but I rather think it went without saying..

  78. smtx01

    I think you're being a bit harsh on people here.I can't speak for anyone else but there's so much bad stuff going down at the moment people often hit a point where they switch off just for their own self preservation.It's not that people don't care it just there's only so much people can deal with at any one given time.What happened to that Israeli family on the West Bank is horrific beyond belief but then so is so much of the other stuff going on.I mean i've just heard on the news that tens of thousands of people are now missing in Japan and i'm struggling to get my head around that.

  79. @ paul can you get your head round a man slitting the throat of a one month old baby?

  80. chekhov + speedy

    the reporting across the media is polarised and aims to be polarising.

    There is very little analysis of the thing which most concerns me - that is about the kind of society we are building.

    It is mainly about money, the markets etc - this allows for the marginalisation and demonisation of sectors in our community who are characterised as scroungers or idiots who cannot understand the mythology of the 'Money tree'.

    Where are the voices discussing political principles rooted in morality ? Where are the societal concerns being expressed ?

  81. Chekhov - "@Speedkermit; "The police are the public and the public are the police; the being the only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent upon every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence" (Robert Peel). No doubt you are aware of this quote but you mentioned earlier that your job was to train new recruits. Do you make them aware of it?"

    Never heard it before tbh, but they know they are being paid to uphold the law if that is what was meant. What it says to me is that the police are only doing what every citizen ought to doing for free, which is actually putting more of an onus and a duty on the citizen if anything, the police being there for those occasions when no-one seems capable of exercising their civic duty. I think our job would be a lot easier if that was the case - we certainly wouldn't need to police a protest!

  82. smtx01

    I can't believe you just asked me that.

  83. BTW; I notice our new resident troll has pitched up again. "smtex10" do you ever wonder why no one bothers to take you to the cleaners?
    My daughter, who is 8 years old would hold my attention in a philosphical debate with a logic that is beyond you.

  84. @ paul not much condemnation on here is there,? sheff/la rit tried to make an anology, an analogy about slashing a baby??? i suppose someone might rock up in a bit and go on about cast lead, me im sad and angry

  85. oh fuk of checkov whats a troll?, are u the billy goaat thats gonna throw me over the edge... grow up

  86. checkov, i get your slightly thick, i dont have a problem with that, but when you direct at me, come on.. i'll take you out and embarrss your sorry fuken arse, prick,

  87. at checkov do you know where Israel is? you didnt know what aipac was the other day and admitted to knowing fuk all about israel, and then accuse me of playen of playen the 'jewish card' fuk you

  88. smtx

    Name calling across the fence simply further seperates people - it does nothing to further discussion or understanding.

    I am totally against the occupation of the WB and the seige of Gaza. Many, many people deplore the policies of many Israeli gvts. who have continued these policies for decades.

    The same people deplore the bombing campaigns in Israel. It becomes very difficult to discuss these things underneath a fussilade of insults and invective.

    People deprived of their rights can reach the stage of thinking they have nothing to lose by committing desperate and bloody acts.

    As speedy said - it should be taken for granted that we deplore murder . There is still a lot of anger about Cast Lead - most of the people who are angry about this are equally angry about Iraq.

    I oppose all violence - all murder perpetrated by anyone against anyone else.

    You have often made similar comments in the past and have called for peace. We have to try to stop seeing this as a battle of one people against another and try to see it as a battle against repression, cruelty and violence - irrespective of perpetrator or victim.

  89. smtx01

    I'm angry about lots of stuff too but i can't impose that on other people here.As i said to you once before you need to stand back a bit and get to know people here as individuals.Then hopefully you won't judge us as one homogenous group.

    I've always acknowleged that there are two sides to the I/P issue and that it's a deep rooted complex problem with varying degrees of fault on both sides.But my mind is pre occupied with other stuff right now.That however doesn't mean i don't care about what happened to that Israeli family.Just as i'm sure your failure to engage in the stuff i'm concerned about doesn't mean that you don't care.Hope that makes sense.

  90. smtxo1:

    "meanwhile in Israel a family of five have been been brutally killed. Udi 36, Ruth 35, their children Yoav,11, Elaid 4, and a one month old baby all stabbed to death"

    May those who died not die in vain....

    Semtex -= E=MC2

    FUCKWITS - 10

    Where's Monkeytfish

  91. Leni - "There is very little analysis of the thing which most concerns me - that is about the kind of society we are building. It is mainly about money, the markets etc".

    Oh totally. I think this was most obvious in the quote from sheffpixie of Paul Scriven the LibDem councillor who stated that the conference would be 'good for business' in Sheffield. You see how this is supposed to get us onside without even once elucidating how exactly the fact that all the hotels are full for the weekend matters a tupenny shit to any of us mere mortals who don't own a large chain of hotels or a restaurant or an escort service? (or a gay bar as one wag on the Sheffield Star website noted)? This is how far we've come down this road. Scriven doesn't really represent the people of Sheffield, only a particular section of them that might be able to further his interests in some sense.

    So essentially, the benefits of the conference will be concentrated into the hands of a wealthy minority whilst yet again the risks and expenses are borne by the taxpayer. Sound familiar? It's heartening to see that the siphoning of public money into private hands isn't monopolised by central government. It also has the added bonus of souring the local population to the idea of legitimate protest - cunning eh?

  92. @smtx01; if you want to make yourself more than than the total prat you already have, bring it on.
    Your call!
    Just bear in mind; "Fuk you" isn't an argument!

  93. "chekhov, i get your slightly thick..."

  94. chekhov

    In my experience people who regularly 'admit' to being thick are seldon actually thick.Far from it in fact!

  95. Oops, sorry; one of the lessons I should have learned from CIF is "DON'T FEED THE TROLLS"!

  96. Clegg: "We have our own label: Liberal. We are liberals and we own the freehold to the centre ground of British politics. Governing from the middle, for the middle."
    Bless him. He says it like it's a good thing.

  97. speedkermit... welcome to the point of no return.....

    it's time to say .....

  98. smtx, you don't seem to get it. It's really rather difficult to express a genuine emotional response to a truly horrific incident, when the person emoting about it is you. That's because your post is not, in fact, genuine. It *is* political point scoring. Your point is to represent the people of Israel as uniquely suffering (you blithely ignore the horrific numbers of Palestinians killed by the Israeli army). Your point is also to demonstrate that in your pissed up, ranting state, you *care* and that we're all shit, because obviously we don't *care* like you do.

    You actually don't have a clue how anyone here feels about this. I'm sickened by it to be honest. But that's not what you want to hear, is it? So you won't hear it.

    And at risk of bringing a bit too much reality into your rant, let's bear in mind that at presenting, the Israeli police are saying it's 'suspected terrorists' responsible for this act. You might want to take that into account. The fact that you actually don't know what happened here.

  99. Evening LaRit

    Trust you is well ?


    With so much anger within the police force big decisions will have to be made.

  100. @Paul; oh for fucks sake you've rumbled my cover.
    Ok I am the master of the universe and you are all the scum playing out my plan and you are all a bunch of fuckwits....you are quite funny though...so ...well don't expect to exist if I don't find you funny anymore!

  101. Well I've been up since quarter to five, so... A nice tune for bedtime;)

  102. Can I suggest (again) that people just ignore smtx? She's nothing but a screeching bully and she shouldn't be allowed to set the agenda here. Why are any of you giving her that power? Surely none of you actually believe that you'll ever change her mind or have a reasonable conversation with her, do you?

  103. Meerkatjie

    I am hoping to see Clegg really in the middle - as the meat in the sandwich.

    This might force him into a rethink - or will he simply cross the floor and join the Cons ?

    This move could put him on the back benches as just another Tory MP.

  104. Gadaffi seems to be retaking territory in Libya. He will have to be stopped before his bloodbath of revenge begins.

  105. I think he'll cross the floor, Leni - it's his natural homeland anyway. They'll welcome him with open arms (as they tried to once before).

  106. Chekhov

    Now that it is
    established that you rule the world will you please sort it out.

  107. Leni

    Whenever Chekhov submits a post the frame of my computer turns into a shimmering halo.

  108. may i suggest montana you fuck off and let people decide who they want to talk to and who they dont want to engage with, or are you some stalinist bitch from cowpat land who shuts down all voices... oh yeah you are... anyway, montanta, not too much too worry about on here, they are all singing from your hymn sheet, your pathetic ... anything to say about any of the points i have raised over the 2 wks i have been on here no?, cant people on here think for themselves witout some lactating bitch coming on telling people how to think,,, oh no

  109. Evening all


    I reckon it's a pretty safe bet that, should this lot get anywhere close to serving a full term, there'll be definite moves toward replacing more and more police duties/personnel with private contractors, such as G4S, or any number of blackwater type wannabees!! I mean, what's not to love about that, right!? Everyone's a winner.....

    Also, while I'm doing the whole prediction thing, I'm fairly sure that The Cleggster will be standing at the next election in a fairly safe Tory Seat. As a Tory. Who's achieved more for the Tory party than anyone else in the last 20 years. It also wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't part of the original kingmakering shannanigans.

    Once again, everyone's a winner, innit*!!

    *when I say everyone, what I actually mean is practically nobody, 'cept a very small, very select few, and mainly only Clegg and The Conservative Party, obviously....

  110. @Montana; I think I said this before but I'm in the "give them enough rope" camp on this one and it sort of chimes with a blog that's not moderated. The specatacle of watching "smtx10"self destruct is a version of "shaudenfreude" which I wish I didn't aspire to but I have to admit it's hard to not succumb!

  111. @montnana wildhack, ive been ignored on here since i started posting, so you rule girl, to me your a pathetic ignorant fuck whit, who hasnt got the balls to argue/discuss anything, i dislike you intensly and i dislike UT intensly, that dont mean to say I wont be popping up on here one here,when and where I want, but if you have the fucking audacity to bring up the killings in Israel as if I wrote that to prove my point , well, you are even lower than I thought you were, and that isnt far off of the bottom end end of skid row, nasty cow, and the rest of you's....

  112. Hello James

    I think that in many places private security is a growing industry. You could well be right - in a limited way.

    Crowd control could be handed over for instance - along with protection for those few who are 'deserving' of protection but the whole forensic side of policing and detection would be very expensive to set up - unless of course the whole caboodle was simply sold off.

  113. yea checkov why are you diasgeeing with your leader?

  114. Paul

    I will print out chekhov's avatar, pin it on the wall and hope for a blessing.

    Are you still working nights ?

  115. Oh you poor an beleaguered people. Didn't you k now I was God? How stupid are you twats?
    I acn't even sppell properlu and you are hangoinf on my evryu wodr....oh bugger you are so ungqarteful!

  116. Leni

    Well, my fear in particular is that of all the usual Private v Public arguments, most of them apply better (for want of an, erm, better, word) to The Forces and Police.

    That the Conservatives have been so quick to go after them both really, really worries me.....

  117. All Hail Chekhov! But there is a suspicion it might turn into sleet. Strong gusts of wind from out-lying posters, later, but the forecast is for sorrow, in tune with the wider climate.

  118. "i dislike UT intensly, that dont mean to say I wont be popping up on here one here,when and where I want"

    Have you tried using the word "quack"?

  119. James

    Have to admit I had expected the ConDems to keep the police onside rather than alienating them. They must have known they were setting the scene for a lot of unrest and that they would need strong crowd control mechanism.

  120. @Heyabib; don't lob the climate debate into the mix .... er well do lob it into the mix!

  121. anyone who's istenting... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClV7IU63eSg&feature=related

  122. Leni

    Yeah, and, as I think Speedy said, Thatcher was at least a bit smart keeping the po-po onside, whereas this lot, like Atoms has said, seem to be doing everything they want to as fast as they can, lest they not make the five years.

    The fact that they've so willingly gone for the Forces/Police so quickly, is pretty illustrative, I'd say. We can only hope that either, a) they don't make the full five years, or b) they've massively misjudged the backlash from this (combined with everything else), and they all suddenly find themselves cowering inside an unprotected HoP while the rest of the country's waiting for 'em outside!!

  123. no habib i havent trued using the word quak, if you have an original thought feel free to post it otherwise do 1

  124. It's nice to see that there is still some robust political comment in the US. Even if it does have to come from Esquire.

  125. Cheers La Rit

    Big stupid grin on me face.

  126. Leni -22.57 "but the whole forensic side of policing and detection would be very expensive to set up "

    Already being outsourced by some forces, and gov closing down part of own 'loss-making' service.

    Wackenhut / G4S ...there was mention of them doing forensic work in a link here a few days ago...

    Police cuts reduce forensic analysis...

    On that cheery note ... NN !

  127. smtx01 "if you have an original thought feel free to post it otherwise do 1"

    Having an original thought about you would take some imagination. Maybe you like trains?

  128. Tha Arab League has announced that it's asking the UN to impose a no-fly zone over Libya for the duration of the crisis.You can read about it HERE


    Your link isn't connecting !

  129. LaRit

    Your link doesn't work for me.

    Hi Froggie

  130. A good site-


  131. LaRits-


  132. Paul

    Saw that earlier - the Arab League have been very quiet on this.

    Could cause 'complications' for KSA if they used violence against demonstrators ! The Shia in the N of Saudi could be warming up for some resistance.

  133. I saw that, Paul, can't really see how that can done without bombing the shit out of people, first.

  134. \@ habib /lar rit sheff or wotever your names are, there are no thoughts on here, just rubbish, i have tried to interact with you, whats the point? there is no reply, cos youve been told who to reply to and who not no repy,(montana wildhack, a woman who couldnt locate the mid east if in a poker game) your quite pathetheic the lot of ya ... keep on keeping on, eh why not stick on a tune habib, uv said fuk all to me in 2 wks, pathetic,like the rest of ya

  135. @Leni/Habib

    Who's gonna police it i wonder?The only aircraft carrier we've got doesn't have any aircraft and the RAF is fully stretched.Suppose we could send out a couple of hot air balloons!!!

  136. you cant comment on anything can you habib, stick to what u know(UT) udder , if you had a thought, something to say, it might suprise you, in the end its just pathetic,stick on a tune or sumit in the meantime

  137. and enjoy your 33 comments keep sucking montanas tit luv phew how fuken sad

  138. Paul

    Are the Arab League suggesting they create no fly zone ? Not sure on that.


    I am very concerned that Gad seems to be winning. Pity help the opposition should he regain full control. There are already stories of torture and other horrors .

  139. Leni, "I am very concerned that Gad seems to be winning."

    Well, I've campaigned against him many times since 1987, when I joined Amnesty. I've got to also say that the opposition to him, in the subsequent decades have not covered themselves in glory.

    As you probably suspect, things aren't as simple as Gad bad, rebel yell.

  140. smtx01, get help. Really.

    If anybody else responds to you, they are perpetuating an illness and that can't help you.

    If people think you are just nasty for the sake of it, they should consider what that means.

    I don't think you are, I think there is a reason for your anger and don't think anyone could ever help you by responding to it.

    I tried, with subtlety to point that out to others. That's why I now feel guilt.

    I shouldn't have ever laughed at you. Sorry.

  141. Habib

    I know what you are saying about Libya is true - however we are at the stage of watching what is about to become a massacre.

    Whichever way it goes people will die. There are others - outside the country - who must accept some reponsibility for this.

    It won't unfortunately stop them behaving in exactly the same way again.

  142. "however we are at the stage of watching what is about to become a massacre."

    Leni, I promise you, I'm not being contrary. You've got to look at "says who?"

  143. Sorry to keep banging on about this but the Lib Dems who are part of our governing power hold a conference in Sheffield and the BBC don't even bother to turn up!

  144. Leni

    Are the Arab League suggesting they create no fly zone ? Not sure on that.

    My understanding is that the Arab League will support a UN resolution creating a no-fly zone over Libya.I suspect that whilst there may be Arab input any no-fly zone will be policed primarily by the armed forces of the USA.

  145. habib

    i don't think you are being 'contrary' at all.

    I just have not seen any reports to suggest that G is not using military power against largely untrained and poorly armed people.

    Let us suppose the rebels put down their arms and return home. Tomorrow they turn up at work and all goes back to what it was.

    What would happen ?

  146. Here's the Quincy Jones/Valerie Simpson cover of the classic Bridge Over Troubled Water.

  147. And this track from a Dutch group called The Jazz Invaders which is beginning to grow on me but hasn't quite made it yet.

  148. smtx, put down the cat food and get back on your meds. Ok.

  149. The Weed

    Seen/heard this?


  150. Leni, I don't know the truth about what's happening in Libya. I suspect none of us do, really. I'm just very suspicious of "western" involvement of the media, military and "stability" kind when there's oil to be had.

    The media make it alright to hate some figure first, then the military go in, some young people die. Then people make a buck.

  151. ''Ain't no love in the city'' by Bobby Bland

    Nite all.