13 March 2009

Kizbot's week on Cif...

Here’s my weekly wind-up. Hope I don’t rant or waffle too much.. do try and stay awake at the back there now…

Due to a bit of over-consumption at a taverna to celebrate IWD on Sunday I was in no fit condition to go to work, so I monged at home with Cif for company. Not a bad day on cif with plenty to keep me occupied and amused. Charlton is always fun so no change there. I managed to get a bit cross about the article ‘The Lies Men Told To see Me Dance Naked’… Surely it should have been the money men paid me to see me naked? Still it wasn’t so much the article as some of the responses that wound me up, particularly Susahini’s ‘ What you were forced to go through was absolutely wrong’. Voluntarily taking on a job is not forced, now is it! It really is like banging your head on a brick wall on cif at times! but what the hell.. My day on cif ended pleasantly enough with a chuckle at Katherine Whitehorn’s piece on washing machines and catholicism.

In solidarity with ‘incarcerated friends’ I posted a comment on PT’s latest thread with Tuscany rather deftly (well I thought so!) included, as did a few others I’m glad to say. We’ll see if and when the mods spot them. Which they will if they come on here! As I was supposed to be working (shudder) I didn’t have much time to play on cif other than keeping an eye on Polly to see who else would try and pull a fast one on the mods. Mod baiting may seem as childish as chucking green custard at politicos but seeing as the CiF powers-that-be refuse point blank to discuss anything to do with moderation then they deserve everything they get. I also (inexplicably!) managed to elicit an offer of marriage from poster charlessimmonds15 on the Katherine Whitehorn thread but no one will ever believe me coz it was modded. Weyhey hey! I made the best of comments thingy for a post on the open thread on Julie Myerson… a first!

Just had a skim of AllyF’s thread and bitethehand did my head in (again). He accused AllyF of being like a boy complaining about being excluded from his sister’s birthday party. A telling analogy, in that he appears to think excluding a family member from a celebration because of their sex/gender is an acceptable thing to do. Hello!
I was feeling a bit dispirited and wondering why I ever bother to stick in my tuppence worth on ‘Gender Issues’ but then Annetan came along and gave me hope. She’s fab.
Have got fed up with the Julie Myerson thread, it’s all been said now and I thought that the comment someone made about Matt Seaton and Ruth Picardie on the subject of confessional journalism was wickedly cruel. Matt can drive me a bit mad with his supercillious comments but that was just out of order.
I then added a few comments to Rowenna’s ‘blokeosphere’ thread. Again, another blog espousing victimhood. It is actually driving me a bit mad that CIF feminism so resolutely insists on sticking to 1979 and that as soon as someone like AllyF suggests a new approach the response is to scream him down, which hardly fits in with Rowenna’s theory tbh. Ah well, I’ve made my bed in cif feminism and I can shout as loud as the other fems and I, for one, am not going to be giving up any time soon.
The interesting thing about this thread, though, is people talking about debating styles and which are male and female . The Lout (whaddya know) had a wee pop at me about sounding female. I have no idea if my online voice sounds female or not and it’s interesting because I’ve got lots of posters’ biology wrong in the past. It’s funny how we attribute a sex to a poster even if they have a gender neutral moniker, and then sometimes find out that we got it wrong. I suppose preconceptions about me are reinforced by the fact that I’m pink and make a habit of pointing out I am a girl… So folks have I got a girly style? And I don’t mind if I do…Just wondering?

They’ve changed the CIF main page! Now we’ve only got the top 5 blogs… Oh! Annoying! I liked the top ten list. It was useful for finding threads that I’ve been active on.
Went on the Tanya Gold thread. I like her pieces. She’s funny, even if she is pathologically self-obsessed. But, like Michele Hanson (I love her too), she gets a hell of a lot of ‘Yet again I’ve wasted 5 minutes of my life…” Funnily enough it appears to be mainly male posters who go in for this kind of bitchy commenting. Whoever it is, though, it’s bloody tedious.
Was about to be bored today, but Jay started a bunfight on the ‘blokeosphere’ thread that was great fun.

Happy and surprised to see that My little battle with Jay has not been modded. It was pure daft but it goes to show in some way (I hope) that battling it out with other bloggers isn’t necessarily intimidating. Wildhack’s post coming to Jay’s rescue was brilliantly funny, and a fitting end to the battle of gendered wits at the CiF ok corral. Too much serious stuff on the site today for my Friday mind. I was hoping some silly threads would turn up to wile away the hours til I escaped the office but it wasn’t to be. Spent most of the day on Ally’s thread which ended up having some really fantastic comments. In the end, and despite a rickety start to the thread, it was one of the best threads of the week.

* Really really hard to compress a whole week on cif into one short article!
** Sorry about the lack of links... am linkphobic.


  1. I never even made it over to the "Lies..to Dance Naked" thread. Sounds like I should have...

    I want Annetan42 to adopt me. She sounds so much nicer than my mum.

  2. Great stuff, Kizbot! So much more readable than a lot of stuff we get on cif. Yes: you have a girly style. Long may it reign...

  3. Thanks martillo... much appreciated... i just wish that damned blokeosphere thread was still open... because if i ever hear Cath or another fem say that the internet or cif is intimidating for women after the way I (and wildhack) have just been treated on cath's own blog (a supposed safe fem environment) I'm going to lose it utterly, totally and fucking completely...
    My i'm cross cross very very cross and heartily wish i hadn't asked jay to apologise for being rude...
    the road to hell sure is paved with good intentions!

  4. Oh wow! I just worked my way through Cath's thread. Scary. We have to remember: what we read on blogs is probably not reality. You should do a weekly round-up.

  5. I've a fucking good mind to write an article and send it to cif on how freakin not a safe environment for women a fem blog can be... but they'd never print it... Oh well perhaps I'll write it anyways and put it up here... perhaps wildhack should write it? one of us should... I'm unspeakably outraged!

  6. The only problem is.. it's not cath's fault... and i wouldn't want to unleash a hate fest against her.. damn... it would probably just fuel the misogynists.. I really really hate having ethical standards... crap crap crap!

  7. Come on kiz; it's safe enough. No-one beat you up and you held your own. I'd like to see that article though...

  8. Well I wouldn't want to be in a room with that lot! But yeah, I wasn't scared, just sickened... I might just do it.. I might...

  9. Oh lawd! I've been away from the pooter for awhile - my anti-virus software was running some sort of scan that I can't turn off and, if there's a way to schedule when it happens, I haven't figured it out yet. When it does this, everything runs s o s l o w l y that it's useless to try to do anything. Anyhow -

    Things really got fun over at Cath's, eh? Well, since I run the show here, I can say with impunity that some of those women are just fucking nuts! How do you go through life filled with that much hate? I decided against any further comments over there - seems pointless.

    Makes me appreciate Cif all the more, though. Might even ask Len and Lout to join me in a quick rendition of "Kum Bah Yah".

  10. loved this bit
    'Oppressing women is central to masculine identity. Most men have no idea who they would be if they didn’t have women safely in second place to them. That’s why any hint of rebellion from women brings them down on us like screaming demons.'
    not that they come down on any women who dares to stray from the faith like screaming demons...
    Not a hint of irony in any post.. unfuckinbelievable!
    Well the drugs have kicked in and I've got my mojo back... it is actually hilarious and makes millyante and ultima look like rare old softees...

  11. Jeebies what a week!

    Just went back to Cath's.

    Oh my fucking arsebusting snotboiling mother of god.

    What have I done?

    I actually emailed Cath this morning to apologise for having lost it on the thread, which I really didn't want to do.

    Now I'll have to apologise again for mentioning her blog on Cif and setting all this off.

    They are fucking nuts, though.

    Anyway, kiz, Montana, thank you for kind words both above, and over there.

    Will anyone be offended if I give you loads of kisses?

    and one more for good measure.

  12. "it is actually hilarious and makes millyante and ultima look like rare old softees..."

    Hahahaha... so true.

  13. Well ally i thought it was nice a couple of em actually turned up and joined your thread... and i don't think ciffers can be blamed for the attitude of some of the posters on her thread... Even Bindle is measured in her opinions compared to some of that lot...
    xxxxx for you too

  14. Yeah, I don't think the Ciffers were the ones who were causing most of the trouble over there (even though I did call that one an arrogant cow). I'll be happy from now on to let them live in their men-are-evil bubble. I just wonder if spacepenguin is going to make it out alive.

  15. Ally, I wouldn't waste time blaming yourself for the nonsense. You made the mistake of thinking discussion was possible rather than abuse - should have checked out the terrain before advancing. One poster on one of Cath's other threads there put it like this:

    "if you want to learn anything by visiting a feminist site then STFU & Listen before engaging your male privilege - okay?"

    Bet you didn't know that, eh? :o) How that would apply to kiz and montana, I'm not sure. Are you girls honorary menz or just traitors?

    Ah well, live and learn.

  16. I'm very jealous of your marriage proposal Kiz. No fair.

    Apparently it's not at all obvious that I is a woman. Empathy Freak said of me:
    "Incidentally, had I been asked, I would have bet a lot of money that the aggressive christian I spoke of above was a man. The language and posturing seemed so macho. Imagine my amazement long after our spat had ended to find that it was a woman when I looked."

  17. New clue on the PT thread. Answers on a postcard, please.

  18. Forgot to say thx for the article, kiz. Nice one.

    Re Top Ten - " It was useful for finding threads that I’ve been active on."
    When you've submited a comment somewhere, open your user name in a new tab and go to your comments page - you can keep that open and reload as required. Hey presto, you have all your recent comments and active threads.

  19. thanks for the tip scherfig..
    Wildhack- sent you sth...

  20. scherfig - the sistahood over at Cath's seemed to agree that Kiz and I are emotionally immature little girls who are only interested in sucking up to men. I'm a man-worshipper and Kiz & I are both members of the "I heart AllyF" fanclub. Maybe it's true. I know I'd rather get stuck on an elevator with LenFirewood, BeatontheDonis, Brusselslout and Lordsummerisle than try to talk to those wymmin again.

    AllyF - meant to mention yesterday - thanks for what you said to me at the end of your thread about my having done the right thing. At the end of the day, I know that. Still, can't help but wonder what could've happened if another model of dealing with things had been available. Do Kiz & I need some sort of permission from you so that the fan club is authorised?

    I loves me my men o' Cif! Kisses to you all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

  22. wildhack= can't believe you mentioned his lordship in the same breath as the lout!

  23. Yep, LordS is a true aristocrat of Cif. Not a bad bone in his body.

    "Do Kiz & I need some sort of permission from you so that the fan club is authorised?"

    Better than that, you can be the founder members of my street team, the Ally Catz. You relentlessly plug me to all your schoolfriends on MySpace and Bebo and if you sign up a hundred fans you get a free t-shirt, priority place for my live performances and an exclusive download of an article (one that's not quite good enough to be sold to anyone, obviously.)

    Sign up 1,000 fans and you get promoted to groupie.


    (And if stormy or sparklematrix are reading, that was just for you)

  24. Actually, Allyf, I took a good hard look at myself last night and didn't like what I saw. Is it too late to ask if I can join your club? I'll never be horrid to the menz again.

  25. Somebody's being naughty with the anonymous posting facility. :)

    Am I not being fair to Lord S? Mebbe I haven't read enough of his stuff. Sorry. I'll keep an open mind.

    Monkeyfish - glad to have you back, darling. I hope it hasn't been too grim.

    Martillo - are we happy that monkeyfish is a free man or did the Hammers win? (You know I can't look at the sport page between now and tomorrow night...) Being ABU as well as a Trotters fan, I'm kinda pleased about 1-4, myself - but, of course, monkeyfish's return is the real red-letter occasion today.

  26. Well, I was mostly celebrating Monkeyfish's release, Montana. The hammers aren't due to win til Monday. Loved that 1-4! Good luck, Bolton! No spoilers from me...

  27. Montana

    This is more fun than Cif. Lost you all when I was bluescreened . I'll catch up with everyone.

    Leni (afancdogge)

  28. Good article the kizbot. I thought the 'my week on cif' would be a good idea as soon as i heard it.

    Im amazed the mods let our stupidity stand, they usually delete any sort of silliness like that, they can be exceptionally straight laced at times. I did take a bit of a blow to the ego tho, there i was trotting off on my steed, job done, when Kiz rolled over and gunned me down. Luckily Montana stepped in to provide a heart rending scene worthy of Hollywood, otherwise i would be another headstone in CIFs graveyard by now..

    Just dont trust Greeks, thats the lesson i learned. And dont go on onto crazy womyns sites full of nutters and expect debate.

  29. Kiz and Montana you're making me blush but thankx! ((Kiz and Montana)).

    Been longing give people hugs - doesn't seem right on Cif somehow!

    Great article Kiz!

    About Cath's blog - quite sorry for her actually I really hate people you can't argue with its agree with them or get a kicking isn't it? I won't be going back.


  30. Just read a bit more from Cath's blog. Its wierd I felt as though the other people were just not talking the same language.

    It seems to go like this - more women suffer violence from men than men suffer violence against women. this makes it 'gendered' so you mustn't discuss female on male violence because thats 'what about the menz' (typing 'menz' made me shudder! why? its only a letter z).

    Some of them don't seem to see that its not either or its BOTH!

    Its quite telling that I go onto a women's site and find myself only able to agree with Ally on the maun point anyway.

    They reminded me a bit of old Communist Party people in the NUT in the 70's and 80's - they used to talk about subjects that were 'undebatable'.

    They don't seem to be prepared to allow men any humanity at all. Wierd.

  31. Didn't get as far as anyone else's comments!