31 December 2010


If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.
-George Bernard Shaw


  1. Obviously, a prime minister as clever and concerned about the welfare of the people of Broekn Britain as David Cameron - and one only coincidentally schooled in the black arts of PR and media manipulation - would never try to weld together our economic plight and the perils of not following his clever strategies for mending it with the threat of terrorism. Would he?


    This is His Daveship on the economy:

    "Each and every minister in this government is acutely aware that the plans we have in place are tough, in fact incredibly difficult, but we are clear that the alternative - indecision and delay - would mean taking unacceptable risks with our economy, our country and our people."

    So, a bit of bashing the red panic button in people's minds there. If we do not do what all those clever people in government tell us, we are doomed. Let's all rush out and bash some poor people for Dave. It's got to help.

    Then we have The Telegraph:


    "For many years now, we have been aware of the threat we face from international terrorism. Recent arrests show that that threat is still very much with us. And it is as serious today as it ever has been." [...]

    "Our police officers, together with the security and intelligence agencies, are working round the clock to foil plots that would do terrible harm to our people and our economy. Together we will defend our values and way of life and defeat those who threaten them."

    Ooh-er and lumme! It all sounds a bit scary, doesn't it?

    Surely our wonderful ConDem government, the coalition of all the talents, wouldn't be putting the frighteners on us to make sure we do as we are told.

    Fear is a powerful weapon.

    You can terrorise people with it.

  2. [...and, lights, camera, action...]

    Good morning from the UT Newsroom on New Year's Eve 2010, where we may or may not be looking back at some of the highlights from the previous year and forwards to some of the terrorist outrages and poor-burnings of the coming year.

    But for now, it's over to Bob with the weather.

    How's 2011 looking so far on the old weather front, Bob?

  3. @monekyfish (from last evening):

    Helena Bonham Carter? Watched approx. 20 minutes of her mangling a “Blakk Cunt-troy” accent on BBC1, “totally ruined it” for Mrs S by belly-aching all the way through those 20 seemingly endless minutes about the shittiness of the accent and why oh why couldn't they have found an actress who could actually, y'know, "do the accent", was finally sent from the room on grounds of offences against TV (Mrs S takes mighty offence when you criticise programmes she likes, which is fair enough I s'pose…).

    Job done!

  4. Shiloh, if you think that was bad, you should check out Nastassja Kinski in Polanski's Tess of The D'urbevilles or (my favourite for sheer hilarious rottenness) Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker in Coppola's Dracula.

    Just listened to the risible William 'I'm Not Gay, I'm Just Mean' Hague explaining why Russia must straighten-up and fly right (re: the jailing of a Russian thief and gangster).

    I wonder why Hague isn't making the same fuss over China?

  5. @Mishari:

    Agree with that. Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker truly was the most horrifying thing about that film… oh, and let’s never forget Johnny Depp in Chocolat (chick flick, God alone knows how my wife dragged me to the pictures to see it)… Depp playing some sort of fey “river gypsy” with an Oirish accent (I think), like a sub-sub-par David Essex from the land of the bogs and the little people…

    Come to think of it, Depp’s got form in that regard. Have you ever seen “From Hell”? Fucking horrible, and not because it was about Jack The Ripper, oh no, it stank to high heaven thanks to Depp’s scenery-chewing turn as drug-addled Inspector Frederick “Strike a Light guv’nor” Abberline…

  6. Morning all

    Keanu and Johnny are hawt though.

    And both really decent fellows IRL, apparently.

    You know the scene from the last Matrix film where Keanu has to fight off hundreds of Smiths? The stunt men had to work quite a bit of overtime on that scene to get it right. Two days later they came onto the set to find that Keanu had bought each of them a Harley Davidson as a thank-you present.

    Johnny Depp is also legendarily generous to people too, apparently

  7. I would say that Cameron, on the other hand, is a repugnant, self-serving, immoral little sewer-rat of a bloke.

    Except that would be unfair to sewer-rats...

  8. @BB:

    Hot or not, and veritable Lady Bountifuls of Thespia they may very well be, but they’re both rubbish actors, although at opposite poles of rottenness – Reeves is the vacuum made cardboard, while Depp mugs around carving thick slices of ham con molto gusto. I’ve never seen a film with either of them in it where I managed to get past the “Christ, I can’t believe they’re getting paid for this shit” stage and onto the required “suspension of disbelief” bit…

  9. @MsChin

    Tried to exchange mail through Montana last night, but failed spectacularly. My internet email addie is on my guardian profile though.

    Shiloh, I'm with your other half on the issue of tv groaners. There's nothing worse than trying to watch a programme you like through the endless grumping criticism of someone you once loved but who if they carry on griping may not actually live to tell others of the horror of the programme.....

    Keanu Reeves always has a special place in my heart after 'Parenthood'. Bless him, that line where he says 'you need a license for a dog, they'll let any idiot have a child'.

  10. Keanu is not a good actor. Of that there is no doubt.

    I like to think of Depp as more of an impressionist than an actor, though. He had Keith Richards off to a tee in Pirates of the Caribbean, and did a brilliant Michael Jackson in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...

    Haven't seen From Hell. I can well imagine that it is from hell though...

  11. Morning Meerkatjie

    "There's nothing worse than trying to watch a programme you like through the endless grumping criticism of someone you once loved but who if they carry on griping may not actually live to tell others of the horror of the programme..... "

    Precisely. :o)

  12. Swifty, I kind of enjoyed From Hell, although Depp was awful. It was pretty to look at and what's-his-name (Bilbo Baggins) was enjoyably over-the-top as the crazed Masonic/Satanic quack.

    I think Depp is a mixed bag. As you rightly say, he was dreadful in Chocolat (like you, I was wife-hauled to that stinker) but I quite liked him in Blow and I thought he was really good in Ed Wood, conveying Wood's crazed, rather sweet, utterly unreal faith in himself as a film-maker.

    I liked Keanu in Point Break where he basically played himself--a bit of a plank. Good film, though.

  13. The only Keanu Reeves film I've ever seen is Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and the only Johnny Depp film I've ever seen is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They were adequate.

    Neither one does a thing for me in the attractiveness department, however.

  14. The first film I saw Keanu in was My Own Private Idaho, where he exhibited the most appalling acting skillez evah.

    I fell in love with him, though. :o)

  15. There's nothing worse than trying to watch a programme you like through the endless grumping criticism of someone you once loved but who if they carry on griping may not actually live to tell others of the horror of the programme.....

    One is put into an emotional quandary when one has given birth to the griper and he has a television in his room but has decided he wants to be in the same room for the sake of some family together time.

  16. @The ladies:

    Enjoying a good moan about the shit your other half or offspring are watching on the telly is an honourable cultural tradition, handed down (in most cases) from father to son. Hell, I'd go further, now I’m no scientist, but I have absolutely no doubt it’s genetic as well, and has been going on from the Dawn of History and even earlier, probably. I fondly imagine a caveman/cavewoman looking at the paintings in Lascaux, her enthusing about the wonder of it, him moaning about “he’s got the legs wrong on that bison” and “that mammoth’s head is too small for the rest of its body, and nobody throws a bloody spear like that in real life, I mean look at his arm, it’s so wrong it’s laughable”…

  17. LOLing at Lascaux, Swifty. :o)

    I've got two of the buggers here that do it to me. Drives me mad.

    The lad is doing it to me this morning - I am watching Toast on catch-up and within three minutes he was calling it self-indulgent drivel. He is still sitting here watching it with me, though. And I can't see anything wrong with Helena's black country accent - sounds just like my sister's Mother-in-law, who is from Cannock.

  18. Swifty, either it is genetic, or the fruit of my womb picked it up from his grandfather.

  19. I like Depp, but never quite saw how he thought he could pull off playing Hunter S Thompson - that rolle clealry needed an Ed Harris. Still, he's always entertaining.

    Keanno on the other hand, seems to come from the Rosss Kemp stage school. One face for all emotions, one reaction to all situations. Pretty though, I'll grant, and if the girls can have him I'll have the female cast of Friends. Especially Phoebe.


    PS My head hurts. A LOT. So be gentle. ok.

  20. Everyone needs an Ed Harris, in my opinion. I know I do.

  21. @BW:


    There’s a whiff of Judge Death about that. Sssinisster.


  23. *thinks tim and I shouldn't be allowed online at the same time. The embarrassing trend to simultaneous posting must stop....*

  24. @BB:


  25. Anyone seen Valhalla Rising? It actually managed to oust Miami Vice as my number 1 most hideously, offensively shit film ever made.

    For BWs headache -


  26. Jay

    You've clearly not been made to watch Hot Tub Time Machine by your significant other.

    I used to love the 80s til I saw that film...

  27. Thanks Jay

    Swifty, BB. Fuck off. ok.

  28. Worst film ever ?

    Orlando. Big pile of steaming pretentious shite starring Bidisha as everyone. Pure gash.

  29. BB. Get the coffee on would you ? (((whimper)))

  30. Always like to listen to the studio version of this when I have a hangover. Like wrapping your brain in a nice, soft duvet.

  31. Got some really nice columbian beans in the freezer. I'll get the grinder out. :o)

  32. No, no grinder. Please. No grinder.

  33. Bless. {{{gentle hug }}}

    Swifty is only half joking, though. A cooked breakfast and a pint of 50/50 fruitjuice and water and you would be right as rain.

  34. I know, but I'm stuck in my office with a heart beating like a fucked clock, and some tepid Gold Blend with UHT milk. I'd rather have mumps. This sucks.

  35. Haven't you got a PA you could send out to Caffe Nero's for you? Or someone on work experience?

    What's the point of working in an office if there is no-one to exploit?

  36. BB
    That fucker Bru's taken annual leave.

  37. By the way, had a stroppy young lad working down the corridor last year, about twenty three going on eight; I asked him to do something and he half jokingly said "what did your last slave die of". I smiled and said "rape". That shut him the fuck up.

  38. We're sitting here watching Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe of the year, which is bloody hilarious. I'd never watched it before, but I will make sure and watch the next series.

  39. BB, he has his moments. Got to June yet ?

    The world cup =

    "the world's thickest millionares get together and kick a sphere round a lawn"

  40. Yes!

    I'm on the Raoul Moat bit now. Or how the media kept showing Moat how to evade the police.... really funny.

  41. I was away when this was all happening - I can't believe the way Sky News covered it!! Jesus H Christ... what is the matter with them?

  42. Morning all

    Ugh! back to the grey dinge. Can't believe it - the time shot by. It was me the other day AB - just couldn't post for some reason. Hope you all had great hols.

    Have put a few pics up - but will not bang on about it as could bore for England on the subject. But will say its a fabulous place and people are lovely and very friendly. Down side is the poverty and unemployment and the corruption that prevents things getting done.

    When I got there, there had been such storms that the boats hadn't been out for a fortnight. So no fish which is normally plentiful, cheap and delicious, and skint fishermen having to borrow money to get by.

    Have no clue what's going on in the world so had better catch up.

  43. Hmm... no I wasn't away. I was clearly paying it no attention at all, though, cos I didn't realise the extent to which the news media went completely bananas.

  44. Hey Sheff!

    Welcome back! Glad to hear you had a really nice time. You've not missed much. Just the continued crumbling decline of the West.

  45. Greatest Crap Movie Dialogue Part 1

    In Rogue Trader, Ewan McGregor (as Nick Leeson, who brought down Barings Bank) comes home from work and his wife says "How was your day, darling?" to which Leeson replies "I think I just lost £800 million".

    Now, the real world response would be something along the lines of "You fucking what? Are out of your motherfucking mind?"

    His wife's response?

    "Oh, Nick..."

    Y'know...like he'd just trod on the cat or something. Priceless.

  46. Watch all!
    Excellent music Jay and BB.

    I agree with Meerkatjie, Keanu was good in "Parenthood", but he really can't act ("Much Ado About Nothing").

    If you think Depp is a bad actor, you haven't seen "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" or the brilliant "Benny and Joon".

    Joon: "You're out of your tree"
    Sam: "It's not my tree"

  47. Bitterweed, lunchtime. Pub. Get mashed.

  48. BB
    He's no fan of Sky News is he ? Quite right too. Kay fucking Burley's an embarassment.

    Sheff - welcome 'back'
    "Down side is the poverty and unemployment and the corruption that prevents things getting done." Sounds like Egypt too...

  49. Habib. Can't. I have "responsibilities". Neeed....bacon....

  50. "…Down side is the poverty and unemployment and the corruption that prevents things getting done…"

    Sounds like Doncaster too, if half of what you read about Donny in Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs is true…

  51. BW I respect you for your stance and therefore suspect that you are not a country's leader, or an airline pilot.

  52. BW

    Yep. Can you wait an hour or so for me to hurtle down the M1 with it?

  53. Afternoon all,

    My main problem with Keanu and Johnny, is that, without fail, every girlfriend I ever had throughout my teenage years*, tried to make me look and dress like them, which, as a short, plump ginner, was asking a bit fucking much I thought!!

    *two, officially. And one who insisted that I not tell anyone or 'she'd fucking brain me'!

  54. The Wicker Man (2006) “No! Not the bees! Nooooo! Not the bees! My eyes! Arghhhhhhh! Arghhhhhh! Arghhhhhh!”

    Chopper Chicks in Zombietown (1991) “You don't want TV, you want coitus!”

    Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith (2005) "Hold me, like you did by the lake on Naboo."

    Battlefield Earth (2000) “I am going to make you as happy as a baby Psychlo on a straight diet of kerbango.”

    Night of the Lepus (1972) “Attention! Attention! . . . There is a herd of killer rabbits headed this way and we desperately need your help!”

    Glen or Glenda (an Ed Wood film) (1953) “Give this man satin undies, a dress, a sweater and a skirt or even a lounging outfit and he’s the happiest individual in the world. He can work better, play better and he can be more of a credit to his community and his government because he is happy.”

    And who could forget Arnie in Raw Deal? Comes home and finds his wife legless, the kitchen a maelstrom of flour, icing sugar and cake ingredients, sits down and says "You shutt nut drgrrink und bake". Ding!

  55. Morning Habib

    That Andy Summers album - The Golden Wire - is just sheer lushness overall.

  56. Swifty
    Have you been following the plight of Stoke on Trent at all ? Doesn't get much worse. Failed Labour Party, so much so that there was no opposition to the parachuted-in by Mandleson celebrity MP, 1/3 of all jubs are in the public sector, about to get royally fucked of course, with 20% unemployment at the time of the general election. Biggest export: Robbie Williams. Biggest growth sector, casual racism.

  57. Leni/Princess

    If you're about i thought you'd both be interested in reading THIS.

    It seems there is to be a change in the rules for people currently on IB who are being reassessed for ESA.For if they are declared to be 'fit for work' by ATOS but then choose to appeal they won't lose their disability benefits until their appeal is heard.BUT they will receive a telephone call from the DWP who will do their best to dissuade them from making the appeal.For instance asking them whether they have any new medical evidence to support their appeal.And possibly telling them they won't win their appeal without new medical evidence(?)

    It seems it's even more important for the sick and disabled to stick to their guns and have someone to represent them if they can't deal with all this themselves.But what a sad testimony of where we are in Britian today.That people who are often at their most vulnerable really do have to have their wits about them or else they'll be well and truly screwed.

  58. Morning MsChin

    Alright - who wants to come over for lunch tomorrow? Just went to get the ham out of the fridge to soak it, and my beloved has bought one weighing nearly 4 kilos. For three of us.


  59. Hi Paul, got an error 404 on that link, might just be me.

  60. Sod it!

    The link ain't workin'.TAKE 2


  61. BB

    Having thrown out half my bodyweight of ham & other goodies which didn't get eaten when the flu cancelled Xmas round here, I was just wondering what the hell we were going to eat tomorrow ...

  62. Paul

    "BUT they will receive a telephone call from the DWP who will do their best to dissuade them from making the appeal.For instance asking them whether they have any new medical evidence to support their appeal.And possibly telling them they won't win their appeal without new medical evidence(?)"

    It is really hard to see how this is not a contempt of court, ffs. Seeking to influence your opponent in a court case by haranguing them is ok between solicitors, but contacting an appellant in a case and using scare techniques to try and influence them to drop the appeal is fucking outrageous.

    I wish someone would take all of this to judicial review at the High Court, I really do. Phil Shiner is all worried about his daughter being kettled, but how about Public Interest Lawyers taking a case on this too? Christ it makes me angry.

  63. Dean Martin and Foster Brooks (the latter doing a damn good impression of me on a usual New Year's Eve.

  64. And does anyone know a (very cheap) plumber ... my loo seems to be on its way out of action as well.

  65. Damn, MsChin. Hope all your bad luck is over and done with now and 2011 is better for you.

    And that goes for everyone - a Happy, Peaceful, Trouble-Free New Year to you all


    And I've just emailed Public Interest Lawyers to try and find out it anyone is doing anything in relation to the DWP and ATOS. It is really beginning to get my bloody goat now.

  66. I'll come BB! Not got a crust in the house. Must get arse into gear and get to the shops.


    Its a pity the good people of Doncaster and Essaouira don't realise how much they have in common - ie being ruthlessly shafted by their respective oligarchs.

    At least you're not likely to freeze to death in E if you're skint - there's no safety net though, however holey it might be, unemployment is very high, graft and corruption a way of life (but again, at least people know whats going on unlike here, where everyone pretends we're all so squeaky clean). People seem to be kinder in an ordinary way there - have better manners and are more considerate I found.

    And they have Hammams! - where dusky maidens in skimpy bathing suits (rolled down to their waists), steam you, scrub you to an inch of your life, steam you some more and then pummel you into unconsciousness - heaven.

    The chaps get rather ferocious looking Berber tribesmen judging from the bloke I saw on the door to their baths.

  67. Afternoon all

    Keano or Depp.....??? the choice is a bit like electric chair or fatal injection....!!!


    "Down side is the poverty and unemployment and the corruption that prevents things getting done." ;0)

    thought you went to Morocco not Italy.....


    "And does anyone know a (very cheap) plumber .."

    i do but he may take some time getting to you and his name's Alfredo and he's mad......so he's willing to fly ryan air......

  68. "…dusky maidens in skimpy bathing suits (rolled down to their waists), steam you, scrub you to an inch of your life, steam you some more and then pummel you into unconsciousness - heaven…"


    ri-i-i-ing ri-i-i-ng: Hello, is that EasyJet? Would you have a flight to Morocco available, leaving, say, this afternoon…?

    ”…The chaps get rather ferocious looking Berber tribesmen judging from the bloke I saw on the door to their baths…”

    Oh arse.

    Ah well, just been told we’re stood down at 13h00 (admittedly, I’ve done fuck all work-related today bu hey! it's the principle of the thing).

    Happy New Year all.

  69. We need more of this in 2011

    Space Argument




  70. Nah..never understood the adulation piled on Bonham-Carter, Depp or Tim Burton for that matter

    ...and you know that however much they cultivate this outlandish lifestyle shit...they probably sit around at night doing Sudukos and watching Corrie after a couple of Waitrose microwave curries. I don't even think she's bad..but Bonham Carter is in fuckin everything, and frankly she just doesn't do 'normal' very well...by normal I mean within the broad range of conventional facial expressions, mannerisms...no strange little ticks etc

    and like it or not, that accounts for most people...from psychopaths to saints...why the likes of Bonham Carter and Depp desperately ham-up and caricature every single role, I can't work out...well..other than consistently getting told how wonderful they are for doing it

  71. This is great - 15th Century cold case investigation. Bet that guy in the picture had a worse headache than BW.

  72. Afternoon PJ

    I think you're right about the headache...

  73. Question: I opened a screw-top bottle of PInot Grigiot rose on Xmas Day, which was then frigid with top screwed back on - is it still drinkable?

  74. frigid? bloody Mac - fridged.

  75. MF

    When you think of it, most of the roles Bonham-Carter and Depp are expected to play these days involve as much ham as we are supposed to be eating tomorrow. Perhaps they just find it difficult to revert back to something approaching normality...

    Sheff - you are welcome to come down here if you can't face shopping. Although I'm not sure a 6 hour drive on New Years Eve is much of an offer... :o)

  76. Helena Bonham Carter's great grandad was Lord Asquith, PM.

    Now I don't believe in the sins of the father being passed down, but well, you know, I take a rather Robespierrean look on things sometimes...

  77. Hehehehe.

    The irony is that she was the one shouting "Off with their heads" in the recent Alice in Wonderland, wasn't she? :o)

  78. MsChin

    The only way you will know is by tasting it, really...

  79. Talking about extremism - (only I was, because I'm muslim.) Dave the Cameron wants the Muslim Community (whatever that is)to stop creating terrorists.

    Now I haven't got much to do with the whole shbang, being a pacifist, but even my dulled senses can see that our foreign policy consists of killing muslims, turning a blind eye when Israel kill them, when yee hah American helicopter pilots kill them, when our own forces torture them, when we allow their extradition in hidden planes.

    So as part of the "muslim community" who are supposed to police the nutters, I say fuck you Dave!

  80. Hangover gone now. I swear there ain't nothing can beat a couple of bacon rolls and a mug of tea. And bunking off for the aftenoon. That helps too. Can catch up on some dossing now. Laters.

  81. "And bunking off for the aftenoon"

    Told you you should have gone down the pub!

  82. habib

    I wonder which of the Muslim communities in Britain Dave thinks he is referring to? Weren't there 13 or so, at the last count by the previous govt?

    I was made to attend the Prevent counter-terrorism awareness training a while ago. It would have been laughable if it wasn't so bloody serious. Anyway, I erm, did take the opportunity to ask a few pertinent questions.

  83. Can't habib, got a gig later !!! Will be having a few ales tonght though. Oh yes.

  84. I'm off now, so:

    Everyone who subscribes to the whole 'new year, fresh start' thing, good luck with that, hope it works out for you!

    Everyone who's had a cock-knocker of a year, enjoy waving 2010 the fuck off!

    And everyone who's just taking advantage of the 'reason to celebrate/day of work' thing, have yourselves a blast.

    I'm in the second camp FWIW, but, without wanting to get all hallmarky and that, 2010 was the year I discovered the UT, so there was, as they say, a little bit of gold in the forest of clouds.

    Or whatever it is they say.

    Have a good one y'all,



  85. MsChin, I've never been invited to join a community, guess I'm just a reprobate.

  86. habib

    Me neither, I think I prefer just being a reprobate :)

  87. habib

    Feel free to get yourself banned from CiF - thread gone up on people's political priorities including something (ahem) about Muslim communities ...

  88. Right back attcha Bitters!

    habib - on second thoughts, avoid that thread like the plague ..

  89. MsChin, I could not be a fully fledged reprobate if I didn't ask which thread that was.

  90. The People's Panel, on what the govts political priorities should be, habib

  91. Yeah, found it, just one piss poor boring tosser. Not worth wasting wasting a word on.

  92. I thought there might have been a fight in the offing :-)

  93. You about BW? Thinking of buying a new amp, quite fancy the look of those Marshall class 5 little combos.


    you familiar with these at all?

  94. Hi All

    It is the 'callmeDave'community we need to fear. They are breeding like flies, stealing our money and living in over privileged ghettoes. Their religion and their values threaten our existence - we need AntiDave legislation.


    I suspect this move to dissuade people from appealing is an attempt to cover up the flaws in their model. This is where we need to concentrate our attack.

  95. Leni, I dunno if it's callmeDave's bullshit speech, or Ian Dunkin donuts belief that divorce should be prevented, but I'm trying to get rid of a bad mood. And as it's music hour... Maybe this might get it out of me.

  96. Jay
    Havn't tried that one, but it looks pretty good. You can't go wrong with Marshall Valve Amps imho, but get into town and try one first. I see that tart Bonamassa's got his name associated with it, so it can't be half bad, heh heh.

    While we're on the subject, I will be taking a trek down to the legendary Charley Chandlers store in January / February, over in Kingston-Upon-Thames. Check out the amps he has in there...


    Check out the Blackstar equivalent to the Marshall you're looking at - they record great.

    A mate of mine builds these - great player himself. I daren't ask him how much, but I know he flogged one to Joe Walsh a couple of years back !


    I could quite easily bankrupt myself in there...

    I'm off out soon doing a gig with SJB Ant (18 watts of very loud valve mayhem for it's wattage), taking my trusty Tele and one of these kiddies set up for slide.


    Gonna have some fun !

  97. Speaking of terrrrrsts. I just came across the full transcript of an interview Brzezinski gave to Le Nouvel Observateur in 1998 about US involvement in funding the mujahideen before the USSR occupied Afghanistan, to try and provoke them into "their own Vietnam".

    Linky here...

    One interesting exchange here, though:

    Q: And neither do you regret having supported the Islamic [integrisme], having given
    arms and advice to future terrorists?

    Brzezinski: What is most important to the history of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some stirred-up Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?

    Q: Some stirred-up Moslems? But it has been said and repeated: Islamic fundamentalism
    represents a world menace today.

    Brzezinski: Nonsense! It is said that the West had a global policy in regard to Islam. That is stupid. There isn't a global Islam. Look at Islam in a rational manner and without demagoguery or emotion. It is the leading religion of the world with 1.5 billion followers. But what is there in common among Saudi Arabian fundamentalism, moderate Morocco, Pakistan militarism, Egyptian pro-Western or Central Asian secularism? Nothing more than what unites the Christian countries.

  98. Have a great gig, BW and Happy New Year, if I don't see you before midnight xx

  99. Good stuff, BW, need to get along to one of your gigs at some point. The Marshall looked a decent little number, then saw old JB uses them in studio - if its good enough for him and all that... They only got the GAK limited editions in stock tho, slightly annoying, means another £50 or so, then need a new pedal on top of that. GAK is another bankrupt friendly place - they've expanded, its enormous now.

    Need a damn keyboard too, gonna start lessons again with a mate. Think i will bankrupt myself by Feb, all going well.

  100. Yeh, GAK are pretty reliable though, I'll give them that. I bought my studio set up from them five years or so back, pretty competitively priced.

    Don't know what part of town you're in but when I get down there it'll be on a Saturday - be good to blow the froth off a couple if you're a round !

    Anyway, I'll sign off now - see you all next year at some point ! Have a better one !

  101. Yey Paul!!! Excellent!!!!!!!

  102. MsChin
    Question: I opened a screw-top bottle of PInot Grigiot rose on Xmas Day, which was then frigid with top screwed back on - is it still drinkable?
    If too sour, chuck in a splash of ribena and call it a 'kir', that's what i do...

    James has already left to party? it's only 1.30 pm in Brazil! blimey...

    Happy New Year to all those venturing out early. Am staying here. is warm. have radio 4.

  103. Just wanted to drive by and wish all and sundry a fantastic new year. I have the dreaded lurgy so not been about much on teh interwebz.

    I haven't had chance to catch up on last few days so I will just say I hope all are well. I will try to drop back in laters to see how UT'ers celebrate the new year (in style I expect).

    MsChin and Sheff - sad news. The Cottage is closing. On Monday apparentley. Very sad for the local area (and means a new venue for future quizzery) as many people go there - some every day as it is their only chance of meeting up with others etc. One man was so upset he was in tears - he lives alone and is in ill health and goes every day for a cuppa and to meet up with others.

    I just hope the brewery find someone else - or even better that someone gets it out of the brewerys evil paws as that is why it is closing - their ridiculous prices for beer etc.

    Oh and BB - I agree with Keanu. Saw him in My Own Private Idaho and fell a little bit in love, then saw him in Point Break and was a goner. The boy was beautiful!

    Right - off to inhale Friars Balsam - love and light to all and sundry if I don't catch you later.

  104. PCC

    A happy, healthy, peaceful and contented New Year to you too x

    I will be about this evening. Got the aged parent with us as he wasn't up to travelling to my sister's place, so quiet night in front of the goggle box for us...

  105. I know this is cheesy, but I liked this song and Bobby Farrell passed away yesterday.

  106. Philibee

    You do know that's supposed to be creme de cassis and not ribena, don't you? :p

  107. Bobby Farrell has died? Awwwwww.......

    BB - needs must, pet, needs must...

  108. Hi Habib

    This track from Paul Carrack is mega cheesey and will probably get me a lifetime ban from the UT for playing it.....but it's kinda grown on me and me better half likes it too!

  109. Have a great New Year's Eve, everyone. We have people coming for the evening so I probably won't post until tomorrow. All the best.

  110. Happy New Year, Spike!

    Paul, the instant funk was great, you will never know how perfect and well-timed the Paul Carrack was - cheers very much!

  111. soooooooooooo for now....

    Have a good one: Spike, Bitters, James

  112. I hope to drop back in again before midnight but if I don't I want to thank you all for being such good mates - you perhaps do not realise how much your postings - supportive, funny or angry - have helped me through some bad times.

    All the best for 2011 - I wish you all the strength and fortitude we need in the dark days as wellas lots of fun, love in your lives and the courage to just be silly and human whenever the fancy takes you.

    Love to all. xx

  113. I have been told to log off, after I wish you a really cool New Year, from both of us.

    Might lurk a bit, but if she notices I am in deep trouble!

  114. Just a hit and run to wish everyone a happy new year and to hope that everything works out the way you would wish it to be and if that cannot happen, that it comes as close as you could reasonably expect.

    Be good if you can and if you cannot help being bad, be spectacularly, unrepentantly, stratospherically, mediaevally bad.

    Never settle for simply being a shitdribble.

  115. That was a beautiful post Leni, and I echo its sentiment entirely. This has been a shelter from the storm, a boxing ring, a comedy club and a debating society, and just about every other permutation in between for me.

    I am not quite drunk enough to start telling everyone here that I love you all just yet, but give it an hour or two... :o)

    Best wishes for a wonderful New Year to you, and to James, who I missed earlier, and Tim and Meerkajie and Small Girl too xxx

  116. aw, Leni...

    Happy festivities all!

    will be confusing celebrating new year twice later, to be in synch both with physical and virtual location.

    are we going to try to stay up to blow party blowers at Montana?

  117. Happy New Year to all those that are leaving. You have, indeed been fine friends, as Leni said.

    For those who stay, I'm going to have to bore you with music.

  118. Well i have to part ways with BB and Leni on this one, as you are one of the most abject collections of cads, bounders, hussies and vagabonds I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. Good bunch tho.

    I'll be around another hour or so i think, then heading out. Which means... it must be UT jukebox and whisky time, non? And a drink raised to Montana for keeping this place together another year.

    Ok, fire her up - what we listening to?

    One from Sheff or MsChin i think:


    (lazy type links are allowed, its NYE)

  119. Oh common, this makes you dance! Even if you don't want to.

  120. Damn, trust you to play something good, Jay!

  121. Happy New Year to all!
    Good shots Sheff

    Lazy linky of some interesting predictions, yours to discuss (when sober ;-) )


  122. right folks I'm off out (downstairs to be precise!!) already feel like i'm in a war zone...blimmin fireworks and guns shall be back laters to be with hound who is unpredictable with FWs but ok with guns......

    so keep dancin'

    all those off out or doin' whatever....have fun

    leni lovely post.......

  123. Jay! brilliant! only found that song earlier this year because it was on a TV ad (insurance, or something bizarre like that) and ended up searching on lyric strings... thank you - playing that once the 'mac have passed out...

  124. Hi UTs--Best wishes to all. Won't be about much today, festivities getting underway early. Pub for lunch, then a progressive party. ( These can be deadly, but a hoot.)

    Try this Habib

    Back in a bit.

  125. Ok, whisky fixed, this must be one of the most beautiful tunes ever made:


    Heard it for first time in Spanish festival, Gnarls Barkley doing cover of it - was sublime.

  126. Have a good one, Atomboy!

    And evening to IanG and Jay.

  127. Not a bad tune yourself, Pip! Keep em coming...

    How about


    we just sit here drinking, smoking and playing tunes, these lasses drew all over themselves and then kept this whole damn routine together, in time, and perfectly choreographed. Legends.

  128. Evenin, BB, Boudican and all. Get your tunes out for the lads eh?

  129. Too early to get any of my choonez out, Jay... although this might be suitable.

    Too early for a Chime?

  130. Orbital, glasto, 2004, i got a feeling i was there, BB, as it goes, though left half way through their set as spacked out on a vicious cocktail of dodgy hallucinogenics, had to flee back to the tents for safety.

  131. Heheheheh! Nice one, Jay.

    I haven't been to Glasto since before my lad was born.

  132. Ps - Paul meant to say earlier - thanks very mucho for that link. Bloody bastards! I agree with Leni - that this is where we need to concentrate - perhaps a meeting of minds sometime in the new year? Deano is doing advice too on this front so he might be interested.

    Just idling while the casserole is bubbling away - beef in beer with veg - very basic but very nice and all piled on a huge yorkshire pudding. Anyway once more - good will and lots of love and best wishes to all. (If am awake will pop in around midnight to say a proper happy new year).

  133. suspicious where those two ladies with the boxes got their ideas from...

  134. It was awful, BB, turned round, sea of about 40,000 people to wade through, really not what i needed in that state... Last time i went was either 04 or 05 i think, havent been for a while, the mudbaths put me off..


    saw these in spain couple of years ago, same festival, was an epic set, two lads climbed the tree in the middle of the dance tent and had to be rescued by wardens - cabling was caught in the tree and they were quite close to pulling down a whole lighting rig onto a densely packed crowd - would have ended in serious tears.

  135. BW - i did my work experience at GAK actually, my dad played in a band with one of their shop technicians so nepotism came to the rescue, sat around stringing and playing a load of custom built guitars ready for display, hard work i tell you...

    Let me know when your gig is and i;ll try and make it down.

  136. Right, real life must intrude, i'm off out, have a good new year all, its been a pleasure and will no doubt see you all back here in 2011

    I leave you with this


  137. and thank you for that brilliant 'stand by me' link, i am now a bit weepy and now working my way through the others they've put up!

  138. can't find the baba maal one i want, but ehis is beautiful...

  139. Happy New Year everybody. Am a bit homesick at the moment - first Hogmanay without the family, which for a Scot is a big deal, I can tell you. Anyway, got my mp3s & the interwebby thing to keep me company. Right now am listening to Erasure, Busted & Tony Christie - ah, well, it's Hogmanay! Think happy thoughts. For one night only, the Coalition doesn't exist. Any happy thoughts/music?

  140. as is this - hans zimmer must have sold something to someone, is all am saying...

  141. Happy Hogmanay, Xenium. Lang may yer lum reek! x

  142. Little known fact. I went to school with a girl whose dad was one of the session musicians who recorded the Coronation Street theme tune. As it was pre-Musician Union agreements on repeat fees for such things, they got £8 each for the session and nothing after. Must have seemed like a tidy sum at the time, not such a good deal now.

    And on semi-related note, he also told me that he used to play in big bands at society gigs. He reckons that when Elizabeth Taylor walked into a room, her eyes alone could stun every man (and a good few women) at a hundred paces.

  143. BB

    Thanks for that - & right back atcha. Purely random, wot I got on just now - this. Happy thoughts...

  144. Hi Eddie

    I can well believe that about Liz Taylor. Apparently her eyes were not blue but a rich, clear violet colour. Stunning woman in her heyday.

  145. When she walks in the room....

    Happy new year everyone, and thanks for all the fish.

  146. Just caught up with the music. You really are my kind of people :-)

  147. Believe it or not BB, he said as much. I might have mis-remembered exactly what he said, as for years I could have sworn he said her eyes were purple, in which case David Icke was right and we're all being led by aliens. Violet sounds much more elegant.

    There's a certain level of physical beauty, male and female, which is almost impossible to ignore. I recall being introduced to a woman who'd been Ireland's top model for a few years before moving into A Proper Job. I think for a full half hour I could only speak in half-sentences, punctuated by drool. She seemed worryingly used to it, was very sweet and kept the conversation ticking over.

    I've brushed past a few celebs in Ireland - Pierce Brosnan, Liam Neeson spring to mind - and yes, they are impossibly good-looking. But are they happy?

  148. Hey Thaum! xx

    WB Habib xx

    Eddie - a woman I know used to be a Vivienne Westwood model in the 80s. Now just a housewife and part time cranial sacral therapist, which is some new-agey thing or other, Anyhoo, it's rare she gets glammed up these days, but when she does she is absolutely amazingly beautiful. She just has one of those faces that is an amazing canvas for make-up.

  149. @thauma

    Until I followed your link, I was sure that it was going to be this...

  150. One of my favourite songs that, Peter, Happy New Year, sir

    The old songs are the best!

  151. Hahah, Habib! I think this may be even older...

  152. Happy New Year Phil, Spike, Dave and Gandolfo! xxx

  153. Yes, HNY to the True Europeans! We'll soon catch up.

  154. You too Phil! xx

    Just had a call from one of my French friends to remind me that you are already tomorrow! :o)

  155. Wanda Jackson on Jools Holland.

    Blimey she's getting on a bit - as are we all I s'pose.

  156. Here's a song for this limbo hour, and for the year to come.

  157. BB,
    Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale
    Her infinite variety: other women cloy
    The appetites they feed: but she makes hungry
    Where most she satisfies

  158. Yep, Elizabeth Taylor's eyes are officially a funny colour.

    Meanwhile, here's some early Tangerine Dream to see you into the New Year.

  159. Oh dear.

    Alison Moyet appears to have lost a lot of weight, and her voice with it.

    She never used to sound like a pub singer... :(

  160. Tangerine Dream! You have just taken me back to when I was 16, Eddie :o)

  161. More time passes, more time marked...


  162. And it certainly has been a hard day this year.

  163. Yeah, Peter, give mine a 3/10.

  164. Played the grooves out of Rubycon when I were a lad, BB. Kinda went 'meh' after Ricochet and the soundtrack stuff. But Phaedra and Rubycon were certainly the mutt's nuts and the canine's cobblers.

  165. Right, getting near the time. Attitude for the year ahead.

  166. Hah! The Prodge! Superb! :o)

    Well if you are going for the serious stuff, habib...

    Kiss me, I kiss you
    Kiss me, I kiss you
    I know about you
    I've been told about you
    Waiting where the air is thin
    Tiny holes...

  167. Happy New Year!

    I'm in Stretford, we don't do ostentatious, but the sky was full of fireworks and hundreds of those tee light candle balloons. Just amazing!