21 December 2010


New post... Drink report to be filed shortly.


  1. BBC radio 4 interview:

    Julian Assange puts the responsibility for the serious sexual assaults he's accused of, on to two women in a tizzy.

    Two women in a tizzy?

    Wasn't that always the case, muddle headed women complaining about nothing.

  2. Drinks - quite a few showed up all considered, Sipech, Gigolo, Pen, Bru, ...flagreuse, Gegen, unexceptional, me, swift, kiz, i think that was it but could be wrong.

    Anyhow, didnt get a chance to speak to everyone really but spoke to Pen for a bit - nice bloke, Bru was very pleasant, unexceptional's a good bloke, no major drama really, decent bunch...

    And as for MF, the lazy lowdown dog... Where were you?

  3. That short account doesn't satisfy Jay, curiousity burning here - any photos?

  4. No photos sheff, not that i know of.

  5. Vince Cable, it seems, now thinks he is a North Korean dictator competing on Strictly Come Dancing with the nuclear trigger cunningly concealed in his dinner-jacket pocket.

    To what appears to be general laughter and the judges awarding him "nul points" [That is a joke from The Eurovision Song Contest - or maybe X-Factor - Ed] he is threatening to do a clumsy pirouette, fall over and bring down the entire government in his wake.


    So, that'll be the end of Cable's career and Cameron's arse-shaped face clenched into a red rage and determination to punish the poor for being shown up as a cunt yet again.

    Apparently, The Telegraph is going to run a mini-series on how politicians lie to each other and to us.

    Didn't WikiLeaks already do that?

  6. John Humphries has always been vastly over-rated--a blustering, pompous, bullying ingnoramus. But he outdid himself in that Assange interview..."how many women have you slept with?", this prurient irrelevance repeated many times.

    And how the fuck does 'consensual sex wherein the condom allegedy broke' become 'a serious sexual assault'? If the evidence were in the least bit compelling, the Swedish authorities would have brought charges by now. This whole thing stinks of a stitch-up.

  7. Jay

    Do not want to put a dampener on your festivities from yesterday evening and clearly this is nothing to do with you, but to repeatedly publicise this event on the most significant international internet site, with millions of visitors and countless millions of silently lurking observers and voyeurs and then attract only ten partygoers - notwithstanding the global snow event - seems to be a bit of a damp squib.

    Oh, sorry! I just looked at the guest list again.

    It was just the Dribblies, wasn't it?

    More than anyone could have expected, then. Actually, it looks like a full house.

    Was there an award ceremony, now that Natalie Hanman has clearly decided that The Ciffies are too fraught with embarrassment and corruption to run again?

  8. Mods

    I think the charge is actually that Julian Assange buggered Uncle Sam.

    The women are just stooges and proxies shoved forward while America, er, licks its wounds.

  9. I heard that Mods. More like an interrogation than an interview. I think Humphries defeated his own purpose. His tone was so hostile he was unable to draw Assange out which was presumably, the object of the exercise. Very poor.

    As to the 'evidence' which has been plastered, (accurately/inaccurately, who knows), all over the global media - am keeping an open mind.

  10. Montana

    I notice you say that the database will migrate to WordPress.

    I wouldn't necessarily bank on that being the case, either at all or without headaches or bits being lost.

    I may be completely wrong, of curse.

  11. It wasnt packed to the rafters, no, but waddya is a small section of CiF, snow travel chaos, was an entertaining evening but no big deal, no.

  12. As for Humphrys, he is a complete and utter idiot.

    Somehow, he has managed to con people into thinking that rudeness and empty shouting is incisive and penetrating investigation.

    When did we end up with "celebrity interviewers" whose only real function is to keep inflating their own reputations?

  13. Jay

    No need to excuse or justify, which I know was not your intention anyway.

    As I said, you basically had a complete set.

  14. OK. Better get on for a bit.

    I Winterval over yet?

  15. Some excellent posts by Monkeyfish on 'celebrating diversity' last night. How about an article on Untrusted too'?

  16. Glad you had a good time Jay. Brave souls all who ventured out in this freezing situation!

    I am loving 'St Vinces' meltdown. I really, really want Alexander to have one. I would love that complacent little fuck having to go back and work for a tourist board because he's been kicked out of politics. Fucking little Tory mouthpiece.

    I can't get over Cables stupidity - the utter incompetence of gossiping about your colleagues with constituents highlights what a doddery old fool he is.

    Of course it is all a nice distraction from the question of the bankers and their lovely bonuses - yet again!

    People keep speculating as to the Torygraphs reasoning - I think their reasoning is to keep total pressure and fear in our 'elected' representatives at the same time as keeping our attention on the bread and circuses and off the real shit going down.

    But despite that I have to say I am enjoying watching Cable squirm.

  17. Is this a forum for people on CiF to say what they really think without being censored by the work-experience kid, or just a place for taking the piss out of Bracken?

  18. Happy winter solstice, everyone!

    Benulek - yes. And welcome!

  19. "Drinks - quite a few showed up all considered, Sipech, Gigolo, Pen, Bru, ...flagreuse, Gegen, unexceptional, me, swift, kiz, i think that was it but could be wrong."

    So does unexceptional really look like that?

  20. He's a dapper lad, Benulek...

  21. Benulek - Hi, welcome to the UT. -You're right on both counts.

    That's me, packed and ready for the off. Safe journeys to all travellers and have a great hol everyone! See you in the new year, or maybe in a few hours if plans get snowed up.

  22. Good luck Sheff. Have a great time.

  23. And morning, Benulek. Good to see you here.

  24. Thanks for the welcome. Although I feel somewhat semi-trusted. Only been in premod once, and I think that was a mistake. I usually manage to sneak my stuff in below the radar. But I'll learn.

  25. Sheff

    Good luck, safe journey, have fun and see you when you get back...

    ...unless you can wangle it to stay there, in which case bags I first invite.

    I could be a water-bearer or sumfink...

  26. Jay

    The job got called off til the new year...wasn't even my decision...I'm sure I said so yesterday. You're not suggesting I was missed are you? Seems to me I've probably had a pop at at least half of them.

  27. morning all! welcome Benulek (and don't worry, I arrived here in a huff over a modding that was later rescinded, so am barely untrusted at all, if that's the yardstick...)

    Sheff - have a great time! and good luck. as you're heading away from snow, you'll be fine, am sure.

    have rescheduled Christmas for 15-22 January, flying Easyjet, as while they are annoying, they haven't actually managed to cancel a festive event. plus it's only €60, plus £17 for the train to London. so i still have some wiggle-room on the euromuppets refund.

  28. "Apparently, The Telegraph is going to run a mini-series on how politicians lie to each other and to us."

    Realistically, that's not going to fit into a mini-series, is it?

  29. Hmm. I just had a disturbing thought; the person who is meant to be cooking my Christmas dinner is due to fly back into Heathrow today. This could be a disaster in the making.

  30. Have a good'n Sheff.

    PeterJ - that sounds serious.

    And MF - your humility is admirable old boy, me and Swift were looking forward to hearing you rant in person but cant speak for the others...

  31. Bru must have been terribly, terribly disappointed.

  32. Realistically, that's not going to fit into a mini-series, is it?

    I think the plan is to let the politicians pretend to be editors and indulge in some do-it-yourself "redacting".

    Obviously, all it will take is a couple of Cable-style blabbermouths to blow that one out of the water.

    Funny the way they still cling to the idea that we innocently and credulously hold them in esteem and that they need to protect us from discovering that they are all creepy, mendacious shitbags.

    Shall we tell them not to bother any more?

  33. mendacious is a fabulous word, isn't it?

  34. Indeed, Meerkatjie. So is 'egregious'.

  35. Morning all.

    Sheff - you have probably left already, but have a fab holiday.

    Jay - sounds like a decent evening. Shame LaRit didn't make it.

    Welcome Benulek. Yes and yes. :o)

  36. "Funny the way they still cling to the idea that we innocently and credulously hold them in esteem and that they need to protect us from discovering that they are all creepy, mendacious shitbags."

    I think you can divide them into three camps: those who genuinely want to make a difference, those who crave power and those who crave power and popularity...with the rider that they all fancy a little bit of popular acclaim and must have a fairly high opinion of themselves to start with. However, after a while, the 'difference camp' consists of a couple of tired old one-man ridge tents and billy-cans while the other two are chock-full of 4x4s, two-story caravans with walk-in jacuzzis and inflatable butlers.

    In fact, as I'm writing this, I find I'm struggling to maintain my own argument as I can't actually think of anybody who's still sleeping under threadbare canvas... modern politics works against idealists...part of the whole MBA 'evolve or die' turn modern life has taken...the political class, all parties..in common with corporate philosophy everywhere... seems to want personally ambitious, driven clones...they have the advantage of being prepared to swallow any amount of shit, debase themselves fifteen ways before breakfast and remain steadfastly doctrinaire without regard to what the doctrine might be or however it might suddenly shift or U-turn.

    There's probably a shit-load to be said for constituency parties imposing their will, demanding autonomy and shooting the parachutists while their still aloft...surely as the world crumbles around us, the electorate can see that rigid party discipline is not a sign of strength...there's an old truism about needing one clear message and internal division rendering a party unelectable...but aren't people more PR savvy these days?

    I was always totally cool with the old broad-church Labour party...reflecting disparate views from across the left, in line with disparate views across the labour movement...now whether that situation has ceased to have any relevance since it can hardly claim to be the political arm of a non-existent labour movement..there must surely be an attractive side to a party which allows a degree of dissent.

    Modern political electoral strategy has absorbed and adopted the 'truths' of marketing and branding. I'm no expert on such things but is there not a move away from the orthodoxies of branding...I sorta thought branding had taken an eclectic, malleable turn...shouldn't this be working its way into the political sphere...or do we have to wait for the younger marketing/image-hip generation to start voting in numbers?

  37. Monkeyfish

    Second Martillo's post.Your posts yesterday on 'multiculturalism 'were very interesting.

    @Welcome Benulek

    @Am with you Princess re Cable.Re Alexander i'd like to see him forced to parade himself publicly with a sandwich board saying 'I am a twat'.

    @Atomboy.I've never rated John Humphreys.Methinks it's time to put him out to pasture or give him a slot on Jackanory(if it's still running)

  38. Benulek! Fuck me, nice to see one of the old gang...(you might remember me under my original CiF moniker [and real name] misharialadwani) Ah, bless my soul...those happy days of yore on the 'I'm Backing Boris' thread and 'Gogartygate'. Nice to see you here.

    I think Humphries defeated his own purpose

    That's the thing, Sheff...it's so fucking pointless. Paxman is the same. God knows, it's fun watching (or listening) to some slimeball politician squirm and dither, but you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

    People come in to Paxo or Humph already primed for it to be gladiatorial...their shields are up. We learn nothing.

    For an object lesson in how it should be done, read Gitta Sereny's interviews with Albert Speer.

    She's sweet as pie, feeding him endless rope, which Speer obligingly winds around his neck...out of his own mouth, he condemns himself. That's the way to do it.

  39. Mods:

    "People come in to Paxo or Humph already primed for it to be gladiatorial...their shields are up. We learn nothing."

    "For an object lesson in how it should be done, read Gitta Sereny's interviews with Albert Speer."

    "She's sweet as pie, feeding him endless rope, which Speer obligingly winds around his neck...out of his own mouth, he condemns himself. That's the way to do it."

    Yeah, took 14 years though. I think Humph has to work with shorter timescales

  40. Thanks, Jay, for putting a thread up. I'm afraid I did a very middle-aged thing last night. Fell asleep on the sofa and awoke in the middle of the night, just conscious enough to get myself to bed but not to remember to put up a thread.

  41. Fuck 'im, speedy...that prick would do it just as cack-handedly in a decade as he does in a minute. The man's ass. The best interviewers hardly say anything at all. It's more like they shepherd the interviewee this way and that while remaining unobtrusive.

    As a busy, you must know that the best interrogators are the ones who get the subject to just run his or her mouth. That's when you strike gold.

    There's really no excuse for Humphries...the guy's fucking useless.

  42. Hi Montana! Have you finished for the year now?

  43. Humph has had his golden moments as well though, Mods, but frankly he is past his sell-by date now. And I don't mean that in an ageist way, I just think that he tries too hard to be edgy and controversial now.

    But the whole of the Today programme is getting like that - even their sports guy, Gary whatever his name is, is cringe-makingly abrasive to people at times for no good reason. We don't need shock-jocks doing the morning news, we need more people like Ed Stourton, who was packed off to be replaced by Webb.

    Hey speedy - you working over Crimbo?

    Montana - it has happened to me too many times to mention. It's not a middle-aged thing, it's an over-tired thing. :o)

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  45. Just had a cup of coffee and a look at Sunday's Observer review down the cafe...big debate on "Is Frankie Boyle funny?"...he's OK...bit of a 'pound shop Sadowitz' but funny enough...what's to debate?

    Some smug liberal bastard...TV reviewer from Heat magazine, of all things...thinks Boyle's gratuitous and fails to engage the audience in a discussion on what are the acceptable limits of comedy..in other words fails to signal sufficiently transparently to the great unwashed that he's being ironic...apparently Ricky Gervais did this in his recent act with a rambling spiel around the origins and significance of the word 'mong'...he contrasts this with Boyle's 'unqualified' and non-contextualised use of the term 'spacker'

    ie. "OK..we're all educated liberals and we know what he means (we're the grown-ups)..but will the great lumpen-masses dig the irony?"...which to my mind makes him an elitist patronising prick, unfit to review the spin-cycle on his washing machine.

    The fuckin nerve of the guy...symptomatic of the whole liberal media pack.."think of the children" is replaced with "think very carefully what the proles' reaction might be"..."Not in front of horses"..."Would you let your wife or servants watch this?". Times move on, attitudes change, tastes and language evolve...but one thing stays the same...the patronising, paternalist arrogance of the liberal elite...still trying to lord it over the rest, writing the agenda, setting the limits and getting it wrong every fuckin time.

    If they trusted the instincts of the rest of us, perhaps we'd still be providing correctives, checks and balances to the political classes' hubris...instead, we've ceded political power to middle-class careerists worked by wire by corporate interests...and look where it got us.

    FWIW...I think Gervais is a creepy vindictive little git...I remember Jerry Sadowitz bitterly lamenting years ago that his best lines, most of his material and his entire shtick had been appropriated by Gervais wholesale who served it up sanitised and risk free for bourgeois magnolia numpties. We always get it wrong in this country over comedy.

    Best comics are Scots..Chic Murray, Sadowitz, Boyle, Connolly(once), Arnold Brown.
    (not strictly certain I'd class Izzard as a comedian..but he has his moments)

    Best comic actors..Roy Kinnear...league of his own...Frazer McKay, Peter Sellers, Ronnie Barker...rest made up the numbers.

    The guy who died from Father Ted was good too..but he's Irish.

    I thank you...you've been a great audience...I'm here all week..Springfield rocks!

  46. Hope nobody read the first one before I subtly amended it..or if they did, I hope they failed to spot the embarrassing gaffe

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Loved Sadowitz, can't stomach that fat, smug unfunny arsehole Gervais; I've had funnier bowel movements. Naturally, they love the podgy cunt in the US. He's not fit to lick Spike Milligan's decomposing balls.

    After Clegg, Gervais must be Britain's most punchable man, although Dennis McShane is coming up fast on the inside rail...

  49. Monkeyfish, you vain bastard, you won't catch me deleting my posts because I'd made an erroneous remark.

  50. "Britain's most punchable man"
    Eamonn Holmes.

  51. "Monkeyfish, you vain bastard, you won't catch me deleting my posts because I'd made an erroneous remark."

    ..so that's why they're all still here?

  52. "Britain's most punchable man"
    Noel Edmunds

  53. "..so that's why they're all still here?"
    Part of the giggle, monkeyfish. :-)

    Noel Edmunds trumps Eamonn Holmes, absolutely.

    We should balance things out - "Britain's most squash a grapefruit in the face of woman"
    Theresa May.

  54. @habib

    You? Make erroneous remarks? We'd have noticed.


    Work postponed means no Brighton?

    * * *

    Re Humphries, in Assange's place, I'd have told him I'd discuss my sex life on the radio if he would. Who goes first?

  55. Neither of them are half as punchable as Gyles Brandreth.

  56. Martillo

    Just caught your post on waddaya..you serious or just trying to make Bitey's head explode

    Change of mind..

    "Britain's most punchable man"

    Nick Clegg in the back of the head while he's kissing Jacqui Smith

  57. Spike

    No..I'm still there Thursday if things go to plan..got a venue in mind if I make it?

  58. Sorry, monkeyfish, I refer to your post, one earlier, I don't mean to insinuate you would turn up with a knuckle duster to a booze up.

    If we ever meet up in Ilkeston, you might care to...

  59. Just got round to reading Pol's census-by-sewage piece. Is she taking the piss? The basic premise is fair enough - censuses undercount - but then that's hardly news. Nice of her to give my home town Slough a name-check. The sewage through-put in Slough rises every time the rozzers kick down a door and someone tries to flush the gear down the toilet.

    But seriously. Has she lost the fucking plot?

  60. No venue in mind. I'm not an expert on Brighton pubs. Want me to ask someone in the know or do you have somewhere?

  61. Ricky Gervais is a repugnant little toad so full of his own sense of stardom I am surprised his little toady head doesn't spontaneously combust.

    Not to mention that someone I know and really detest counts Ricky Gervais among his "best mates". Birds of a feather and all that.

    Franky Boyle is funny as f00k. It makes me laugh when I can remember the likes of Bernard Manning and Jim Davidson that people think Boyle is offensive...

  62. @MF

    Anyway, if you want to mail me at icantbelieveitsnotspikeparis@gmail.com we can perhaps exchange mobile numbers.

  63. "Just caught your post on waddaya..you serious or just trying to make Bitey's head explode"

    Does it have to be one or the other, monkeyfish?

  64. That Frankie Boyle/Jordan joke that set off the current round of knicker-twisting in case you hadn't seen it.

  65. Habib

    I agree with you re Noel Edmunds but IMO Esther Rantzen tops Theresa May for the female equivalent.

  66. Hello All

    MountEverest has article up about gvt. corruption and their failure to investigate thefates of the 'disappeared' in Nepal.

    Not much we can either say or do except post in support of his plea.

    Who - in power terms - is so free from corruption that they can lead the fight for justice - in Nepal, anywhere in the world or here ?

  67. Would someone mind going over waddya and beckoning unexceptional over here -

    If possible, if he could email the wildhack his email address for her to send on to me - he should know what its about.


    That is Montanas public UT address isnt it? If not someone let me know and i'll delete.

  68. evening all.

    am so glad i'm not the only person who just doesn't think ricky gervais is funny. [sigh of relief]

    eurostar have processed my refund already. imagine they have had to hire extra staff to do all the bank transfers...no sign of the lost tenner from the other train journey, but there you go.

  69. Paul,
    "Esther Rantzen tops Theresa May"
    except Rantzen was given a firm fuck off and May the power to do what she likes with protesters.

  70. Right, have just listened to the clandestine Cable recording at last.

    When he said he had the capability of bringing the coalition down, I'm guessing he didn't mean to do it quite like this!

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. Hmm ... or maybe he did ... maybe he sussed the whole thing out and decided he just couldn't be part of the Coalition of the Twats any more....

    Unlikely. But a girl can dream.

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. peh. very interesting debate about Cote D'Ivoire has all of 16 posts...am thinking of instituting a rule - if something's been up for more than three hours and has less than 20 posts listed, make the effort to read it and thus see what I am missing. avoid anything with 400+ posts like the plague...

  75. Hmm Vincey boy...

    Seems to me the BBC are all 'happy clappy' whilst at the same time shooting themselves in the foot at the moment.

    The one person who they need in a position to defend a 'News Mogul' conglomerate gaining more power, is being hung, drawn and quartered on News 24.

    All done under the auspice of 'Free speech in journalism'. Once the whistleblower who originally gave the information to the Torygraph realised that they were not going to publish all of Vince boys revelations, he hot footed it over to the BBC, and by jove they've gone to town on Vincey - baying for blood !

    'Can't see how he can remain in his position within the government'.

    Should be out of a job by the time cinderella needs to leave the ball...

  76. Vince won't be resigning from the cabinet. !

    According to smug Nick from the Beeb.

  77. "smug Nick" - Clegg, or a BBC reporter?

  78. Ah well - Vincey's power rush obviously pushed too much testosterone to his gonads when talking to two ladies 'Not from his constituency'

    On the back of his smug 'Fuck the students' Bill, he's now lost the chance to do something good in stopping Murdoch in his tracks..

    That's now gone to another Tory, who will crawl to Murdochs door over broken glass to give him the majority he wants...

    Stupid Twat !! Can he do anything right ?

  79. Thaum - Nick Robinson from the Beeb (so called political reporter)

  80. flicking through the local rag (this month - commemorative poster of the late Georges 'you looking at me?' Freche), for the first time i see the names of the 10 FN reps in the regional assembly.

    four of whom have very un-French names.

    now, we saw the griffin bleating on about his mad sikh buddy, etc etc - it makes them look good. less 'racist', if you have a couple of 'the others' kicking around.

    what i'm wondering is - if a straight-up-and-down white person with a 'local' (in this case, french) name wants to be a candidate, but someone with a more 'exotic' name, or darker skin-tone, is chosen, does this mean that organisations like th eBNP and FN are actually carrying out a policy of positive discrimination?

    because that would be funny...

  81. Tascia

    Nick Robinson-the man who is seemingly incapable of being impartial in his reporting.Tory Tosser!

  82. LSP queue currently half a mile long.

    rumour has it that eurostar are considering opening a customer care point in the british library...

  83. More of the upcoming Thoughts For The Day, direct from Hanman just before I threw her out last night for her drunken vomiting on my collection of Chicago crack house artefacts. She managed to slur out the proposed Guardian Environment TFTDs plus a few others before her ass hit the snow.

    Fran Arsmstrong's Thought For The Day: Aw, c'mon. Exploding kids. Now that's funny.

    George Monbiot's Thought For The Day: Why, Lucita, you didn't need to fly to Peru for your daughter's wedding, but I really did need to fly to Canada to be on a radio show.

    Matt Seaton's Thought For The Day: Kia Abdullah, eh? I so would. (Shit, here comes the wife. Quick, look busy).

    Josh Garman's Thought For The Day: As I was saying to the 14th Marquis of Northumberland as we were tied to the wheel of an Airbus, this anti-aviation movement really does have broad-based support.

    Billy Bragg's Thought For The Day: Ah screw it. Someone else get angry this time.

    Julie Bindel's Thought For The Day: Snoop Dogg, eh? I so would. (Shit, here comes the wife. Quick, look busy).

    Jonathon Porritt's Thought For The Day: Why I apologize to no man for travelling the world in my efforts to oh bugger must dash that's my boarding call.

    P-Brax's Thought For The Day: I am Bracken. Hear me bore.

  84. Evening all.

    Survived the Christmas dinner but it was touch and go. One driver very late, didn't have his mobile on. I made a navigating error so we had a tour of Welywn Garden City.

    Got to the pub,all going well and it started to snow. SNOW! That can't be right! There was some due but not until tonight, I have been studying the charts half the night.

    Anyway it was very light but we did not hang around for cofee. Chivvied everyone back in the vans and pelted off towards civilisation.

    Got everyone home safe but then I had to move a bunch of hampers the local paper has given us for older people. They arrived just as I was having a panic attack about the late bus this morning.

    Wish I could relax but I have just seen the news about train services to Edinburgh. Severe disruption and I have a plane in Edinburgh to catch tomorrow.

    I think I might be doing a Phillipa...

  85. tascia
    "Stupid Twat !! Can he do anything right ? "

    Oh I don't know, he can fuck his job up royally and look about as unwelcome as a tart at a wedding while he's doing it.

    But I'm supporting anything that fucks their game frankly - even if it is craven, celebrity obsesssed, anti-analysis BBC News organisation...

  86. spence -
    I think I might be doing a Phillipa...
    you've opened a bottle of red and are curently eating pringles?

    nice one.

    seriously (really) - good luck with it - north of watford does appear to be dealing slightly better with things...

    eddie - heheheheheehe.

  87. Philippa, actually the problem seems to be Peterborough or thereabouts.

    I will be opening a bottle of red shortly.

  88. Bitterweed -

    The Beeb have really been pissing me off recently, with their callous interviewing techniques, and their leaning towards the 'Tory line' over their reporting.

    I do wonder if they are having to 'play the game' to stop Cameron breaking them into pieces.

    But a Media world controlled by Murdoch !! Fucking hell - all we'd hear, read, see, will be from a far right perspective ! If the beeb were to be broken down, then Murdoch would be stood on the sidelines rubbing his grubby little mits.

    I may have to pay the license fee, but i'll be damned if I will give that tosser Murdoch a minimum of £25 a month.

    'Private Eye' would be the only rag worth reading.. Hmm it is now!.

  89. well done spence, but don't forget the pringles. makes all the difference.

  90. Enjoyed those, Eddie...

    Where is the Brackenator lately? Sometimes i honestly just dont think he loves me anymore... Hasnt come over to visit me once since incarceration, not even a card. And JimPress is probably eyeing up that pillion as we speak, slut that he is.

  91. "do wonder if they are having to 'play the game' to stop Cameron breaking them into pieces."

    Goes without saying - has been more than apparent for quite a long time now, they seem terrified, and probably rightly so.

  92. Damn. Almost wish I had a telly so I could watch the news.

  93. Jay, I believe Bru has first dibbs on the coveted position aboard Petey's mighty steed. His last post mentioned something about 'riding her sideways'. Although that could just be a reference to how his chopper handles in the snow.

    Fnaar fnaar.

  94. I see that Jeremy Cunt has been appointed to take Vince's place in making the decision about BSkyB.


  95. "I see that Jeremy Cunt has been appointed to take Vince's place in making the decision about BSkyB."

    Clarkson's in goverment?..fuck me..what next?...Jonathon Ross in charge of the FA?

  96. Dear god, what is wrong with me these days? I'm a pacifist, but I have a burning desire to pummel some people into the ground.

    (Just listened to Victoria Coren talking about her teenage diaries.)

  97. This comment has been removed by the author.

  98. Spike

    emailed you the number...pretty much in the same boat as you re. venue...there's a few I like but I can never remeber their names (or where they are) Think Peter J was saying he'd turn up so he can pick if he likes or Jay if he's coming. I should be Ok for anywhere central Brightonish from 6-30 or so

  99. RapidEddie

    His last post mentioned something about 'riding her sideways'.

    Bet that made her moist with anticipation!

  100. habib - heard the trailer for that and immediately dived for the mouse to change the channel.

    i take it it was every bit as horrendous as i feared?

  101. Philibee, I really really really really don't like Janet Street Porter, but reading about her teenage years was interesting.

    Victoria... fucking hell! Not just boring, but conceited and smug.

  102. Yeah can do 23rd i think, MF, not a heavy one tho with xmas eve boozing the next day...

    Hunt being the BSkyB decision is pretty much a done deal I'd say, Hunt is a total shit and has been one of Murdoch's most servile little arse lickers for years. Julian Glover has piped up about it i see.

  103. Philippa, Pringles are the work of the coalition.

    My chances of making Stornoway have gone up a bit. I was talking to my sister and I thought it might be worth seeing if I could jump over the top of the Peterborough problem. To my astonshmazement there was a ticket on EasyJet to Emburgh from Luton for not much more than £50.00 So I grabbed it.

    Will mean getting up at a ridiculous time in order to spend the day in Edinburgh airport. But once I claim the train ticket back not very expensive.

    I am really amazed as the East Coast website makes it sound frantic. I suppose the horror of EasyJet has now reached such a pitch that even people desperate to get home for Christmas would rather spend three days in a snow drift near Peterborough.

  104. Habib

    Yeah i've read a bit about JSP's youth.Apparently she hated her mother and was glad when she died.A few years ago she did a stint at the Edinburgh festival where i think she did a monologue or something which dealt with that.

  105. Somewhere near station? Depends on people's plans really, are people travelling down or does location not matter so much?

  106. There's 2 to the right of the station as you come out, or if you goen down through the tunnel there's that other one, or could go to Mash Tun or something, down towards pavilion.

  107. 'Cable is one of those men best respected at a distance', says Rubber Lips Glover, one of those men best loathed at a distance,because he's positively homicide-inducing close-up.

    'Cameron and George Osborne – who don't go wobbly at moments like this – will put the survival of the coalition first', drools Jules, whose flabby, pasty knees go weak and whose mouth does the Dyson®-pucker at the thought of Osbore's off-shore wallpaper fortune.

    'Tough it out, or cut the cable: either option is terrible for Nick Clegg, his party and the government of which they are proudly and rightly a part.' Why is the Grauniad publishing PR handouts from this Tory flak-cum-toady (and inept punster)?

    Can anyone think of a single good reason to read the Grauniad (aside, obviously, from the entertaining spectacle of MamboKingInEastGrinstead abasing himself to people who despise him)?

  108. So ... lemme see if I have this straight.

    The Torygraph decided to do a little sting operation on Vince. They got some juicy quotes, but neglected to publish the bits that would damage Vince's attack on Murdoch's bid for BSkyB, to which they are also opposed.

    A whistleblower then went to the BBC, who have even more to lose if Murdoch gets his evil way, and who ran with the story.

    Vince deposed from decision, and a green-light muppetcunt substituted.

    Vince does not resign from cabinet as government are desperate to keep him there whilst tut-tutting vigourously.

  109. According to Jeremy Cunt, British TV's the envy of the world thanks solely to Mr Murdoch.

    Setting aside the fact that that's wrong on about eleventy-billion levels, how can anybody really think that such a sycophantic fuck-muppet's the right person for the job?

    Oh, hang on a minute, I get it now.....

  110. Oh Vince, don't you know that if you take the devil's money, you have to dance to his tune?

  111. @Jay, MF, Spike

    Near the station I'd recommend the Lord Nelson on Trafalgar Street, or the Battle of Trafalgar on Guilford Road (are you sensing a theme here?). The Nelson's got a proper public bar, the Trafalgar tends to get full. But they're good pubs.

    Nearer the centre of town, the Basketmaker's Arms is great, but really gets full.

  112. Song from the Thatcher years that seems apt again.

  113. Habib

    Oh Vince, don't you know that if you take the devil's money, you have to dance to his tune?

    Are you saying Vince is a friend of the devil?

  114. Thauma, I knew you'd go all country one day. :-)

  115. Habib, it's an ex-boyfriend's fault. Your post immediately reminded me of it.

    Going to bed, and will try to wash it from my mind with Jane Austen. (Just started re-reading Emma based on some chatter on Cif.)


  116. Yey Paul!

    Jolene v Emmaline

    Jolene would kick her arse any day!

  117. Thaum - spot on - you got it in one !

    Mod - spot on - especially MIE's inept attempts !!

    Habib - spot on

    Notice a theme goin on here

  118. Habib

    Don't believe all this BS from Thauma about not liking country music.Also when she says she has to go to bed early she's telling porkies.For i know for a fact that she's actually doing THIS

  119. PeterJ

    You pick..I'm easy either way from 6-30 onwards

    I'll be the big miserable looking bastard moaning about the lack of ferrets and claiming you can't can't a decent pint of northern Stella or a packet of tripe scratchings.

    "Can anyone think of a single good reason to read the Grauniad (aside, obviously, from the entertaining spectacle of MamboKingInEastGrinstead abasing himself to people who despise him)?"

    I find it genuinely funny these days...used to get angry, then I went through a kinda sardonic smirking/gallows humour stage..now I just laugh at them..let's face it they're taking the piss out of us...I just laugh at their conceit in thinking they've got anyone fooled with their fuckin half-arsed pretence at giving a fuck.

    Mind you..you're right, it's the 'fellow travellers' who inspire the most ridicule. The ones who think if they hang around long enough and bow and scrape they'll be let in to join the party.

  120. ...and in Britain's Most Punchable Stakes, a back-runner has moved up to contend with the leaders:

    ...it's not like you guys really know what you are on about is it? Duh. And I have to put up with confirmation bias. It was nice to meet you guys, of course, but don't over interpret...its (mostly) blah. I kinda like people, as I say, I study them so it was nice to be 'in the field' snigger.

    ...excuse me...did you just say 'duh'?...followed by a snigger? That's what I thought...here, cop some of this (KAPOW)...

    Richard Thompson - Don't Tempt Me

  121. All the best Spencer if your still awake. I have ust arrived home in SY this past hour. It's quite calm and mild although the snow is quite deep.

  122. There is still the question as to why the Torygraph didn't want to publish that. Instead they maybe 'managed' to throw the hot potato over the fence to the beeb to see if they would carry it ?

    Which one has the most to loose ?

    Posed the cynic...

    Paul - Thaum has the pins to pull that orf - but the rhythm ? Oh I'm in for it !!!!

  123. "I kinda like people, as I say, I study them so it was nice to be 'in the field' snigger."

    "...scuse me love...anyone sitting here?...nah..look I'm not trying to come onto you or anything..just doin' a bit of research"

    shit..why did I never think of it

  124. Well this looks like a right mothers meeting to me....

    Its a tiny place, so doesnt really make much difference to anyone i wouldnt think.

    MF, whats it to be?

  125. "MF, whats it to be?"

    ..erm..I'll have a Creme de Menthe and Babycham thanks

    OK...I'll go Lord Nelson...only cos i think I've been in there before

  126. Shit, i cant even think where that one is. What St is that?

  127. Just had a look at the Lord Nelson's website..

    For fuck's sake don't get on the:

    Christmas Ale 8.2% - £
    Christmas Ale is a strong "Barley Wine" brewed to a strength similar to the beers produced by the Tuder brewers in the time of Queen Elizabeth 1. This dark, heavily hopped Seasonal Brew is an ideal accompaniment to the festive season. A Merry Christmas to all.

  128. @Jay

    It's on Trafalgar Street - go down through the tunnel under the station and it's on the right-hand side

  129. Shit - I am wishing I could just have a try of that one !

  130. Ah yeah, rings a bell, pokey little dive with an upstairs and a weird bar layout?

  131. There's no upstairs... Quite small, public bar on the left, saloon on the right - not that weird. You young people today...

  132. Is it the one literally 50 yards from station, or the one nearer the bottom of the road?

  133. Sure it had an upstairs...

  134. Long time since I was boozing in London (fuckit, been dry 15 years and living in Ireland for as long). Used to frequent the Soho pubs as a late 80s sucker-of-Satan's cock ad agency person.

    I remember the Spice of Life, Nellie Deans, Crown & Two Chairmen, Dog & Duck, Pillars of Hercules and have forgotten all the rest. There wasn't a toilet cubicle in the square mile that I hadn't either vomited or passed out in.

    I went back about 10 years ago and it was a relative ghost town. Most of the agencies had moved out to where rents were reasonable. Normal people had reclaimed it and no fat blokes in red braces having 3 hour lunches were to be seen. We used to see advertising as a rather fun game, full of tossers who were seeing how much they could get away with. Now it's just full of tossers who are full of themselves. And they take themselves very, very seriously, the cunts.

  135. @Jay

    There's a bigger place with an upstairs called the Prince Albert on Trafalgar Street; you walk past it to get to the Nelson further down on the same side.


    I worked in Soho for many years, so most of those names plus vomiting and passing out are scarily familiar. Our regular locals were the Crown and Two and the Dog and Duck, with union strike meetings in the Blue Posts and Fullers-based lunchtimes in the Ship. With some migrations over to the Black Horse and Carpenter's Arms in Rathbone Place, or a couple of places up Newman Street.

  136. OK..can't one of you stop dithering and make a decision..we can always move on

    I used to drink in Soho in the late 80s..working on a site just off St Martins lane..Orion House

    Polar Bear, Porcupine, Brewmaster, Coach and Horses..only places who'd let you in in work boots...oh..and the Chandos and Lemon Tree once we'd got barred out of the others...then the Nell Gwynne nearer Covent Garden...haven't been back in 15 years either

  137. I thought we'd decided?

  138. Very jealous, but it's nice to hear the same conversation from years ago. "Where next?"

  139. Its MF, Habib, like an old woman selecting just the right tone for the blue rinse... Me and Peter aren't fussed...

  140. Maybe you guys should phone a friend!

  141. My favourite Soho drinking dens, back in the days when pubs shut in the afternoon and chucked you out at 11 (you could always spot tourists: they were the ones standing outside a pub at 3 in the afternoon, peering disconsolately through the windows and rattling the door), were the illicit Maltese dives (usually basements). In a word--seedy. Right up my street.

    Mind you, I always liked the Hand and Racquet on Orange St.(just behind the National Gallery): nice and quite-ish and sans hordes of posturing, shrieking poseurs, admen and similar cunts.

    Well, you got no credit and I got no cash
    Now that bonus they give us was nothing but trash
    You been laid off at Goodyear, I been laid off at Hughes
    It looks like a bad year, there just ain't no use

    'Cause it's Christmas in Southgate, you been a true friend
    I ain't never been much of a churchgoing man
    But I'd even give up drinkin' whiskey and gin
    If Jesus and Santa Claus ever get back down to Southgate again

    Well, the telephone rang and it jumped off the wall
    Says, We're sorry, Buddy, but we can't place your call
    'Cause Jesus don't answer, Santa ain't got back yet
    What's a poor old Red Cat got a right to expect?
    So I called up my banker to ask for a loan
    Said, It's Christmas Eve, Buddy, there ain't no one home
    Then I called up my preacher and he said, We're through
    What the heck is a poor old Red Cat gonna do?

    Now I'd work any job just to clear a day's pay
    Except for being President of the old USA
    Now that's dirty work, Lefty, no future, it's true
    I'd rather drink up my last nickel with you

    Well it's Christmas in Southgate, you been a true friend
    I ain't never been much of a churchgoin' man
    But I'd even give up drinkin' whiskey and gin
    If Jesus and Santa Claus ever come back down to Southgate again

    Ry Cooder - Christmas In Southgate

  142. "Maybe you guys should phone a friend!"

    Where'd you think MFs been the last 20 minutes?

  143. It's agreed; Lord Nelson, 6:30, public bar. I may, or may not, have been Christmas present shopping. I will have a copy of Iain Banks' Surface Detail on the table, as I will be reading it.

  144. K i'll bring a Graun, look out for a short bloke squinting at you - never bother with my glasses...

  145. K i'll bring a Graun, look out for a short bloke squinting at you - never bother with my glasses...

    Couldn't that be misinterpreted in Brighton?

  146. "Its MF, Habib, like an old woman selecting just the right tone for the blue rinse... Me and Peter aren't fussed..."

    I'd fuckin decided..it was you two that were moaning about too many E numbers in the scampi fries or whatever today's little gripe was..I shall be there with a copy of Pancho Villa's autobiography (pop-up version) placed strategically about my person.

  147. You lot are fucking Diamonds

    I wish I could make it !

  148. "Couldn't that be misinterpreted in Brighton?"

    Hopefully, might get Bracken out at least...

  149. Sorted then. I'm off to bed.

  150. Diamond geezers, Tascia, I reckon it will be a damn good piss up. Here's to their health.

  151. What did you do on the sites MF? Before 8 months in art college and a so-so career in advertising opened up in front of me, I spent 3 or 4 years working as a screeder's labourer. It was mostly West London and west of London - Slough, Windsor, Ascot, Maidenhead etc - where we worked. Screeding was not particularly skilled (especially the way the guys I worked with did it), but it paid really, really well on piece work. Working on the mixer however got me £40 a day.

    I remember the first Asian building contractors in Slough, Southall etc springing up. There was the apocryphal story of the Indian plasterers/plumbers etc with the slogan on their van - usually credited to the first local Asian company someone could think of - "you've tried thet cowboys, now try the Indians". Of course, it wasn't true. But it should have been.

  152. Seconded Habib -

    I need a cheap brandy from Spain.... Torres 10

    I'll raise a glass to that ...

    Now all we need is some choons.. BW get ur arse otta bed !!!

  153. Have a good time guys.Wish i could join you.Sounds like it will be a laugh.Here's a track from Thin Lizzy to send you on your way.

  154. :-)
    Hey Paul, we brothers, ain't we?

  155. Well - you two must be psychic !

    How the fook !!!

    Here's (I think) a better one from Thin Lizzy:

    Whiskey In The Jar

  156. Pancho Villa's autobiography (pop-up version)? I've got that...it's terrific. You open it up and Pancho Villa sneers at you, says 'Bodges? We don' need no stinkin' bodges', robs you at gunpoint and rides off on a horse. God knows how they do it--clockwork, I expect.

    I liked Surface Detail but not as much as I liked the first few (I think Consider Phlebas is my favourite).

  157. Habib

    That is spooky man.Same track at exactly the same time.Tho' when you and me meet up t'ings will be even more Wicky Wacky

  158. Feck

    I am going to be in some bleedin wine bar in Chancery Lane while you lot are all having a proper drink in a proper pub.


  159. Mods -

    It's just like 'Robin Hood'


  160. it's just like 'Robin Hood'...but with salsa piquante

    MolochInEstonia on Rubber Lips Glover's Cable thread: "Exactly, Julian."

    Every time I think that servile, cringing, little toe-rag has finally reached the barrel's sub-sub-sub basement ("Great piece, Bidisha!"), he manages to plumb new depths.

    The Allman Brothers Band - Trouble No More

  161. If you guy's goin to the pub happen to see these two... That'll be a privilege !!

    Ian Siegal & Ben Prestage - Bishop's Stortford UK 24/11/10

  162. Well, what a surprize; the "wadya" gang can't even throw a good piss up! Bloody lightweights. At least on the UT we post some photos for the gallery!
    Have a good one tomorrow night in Brighton guys.
    Errm... that's my pathetic contribution to tonight's debate, I'll attempt to do better tomorrow.

    Still feeling a bit weird having been away from home for over a month; I got up this morning and tried to leave the bedroom through the wardrobe door!

  163. MRYW

    Enjoyed that Allman Brothers track.Nice one!

  164. Chekhov

    that way lies Narnia - or worse.
    the latter end of this thread has quite cheered me. The world is , it seems, full of funny men.

  165. Hello Leni: you forgot to mention funny women!

  166. OK, Lord Nelson, 6.30 pm, Thursday.

    Just watched Imaginary Man, Ray Davies bio. Fucking beautiful. I seem to have been dragged through my entire life backwards.

    Thanks for everything, Ray.

    This, for instance.

  167. chekhov

    I have always known women are funny - in a clever, humorous way.

  168. Fookin hell Spike - you still with us.. Where are u on ur journey ?

  169. @tascia

    Had quite a quiet drive to Dieppe yesterday afternoon mainly listening to Radio 4's Electric Ink. Boat to Blighty tomorrow afternoon. No snow on French motorways!

    Mind you, if you want disasters...

    I've had part of my garden turned into a parking space since the house next door has changed hands and instead of a 94-year-old woman, it now belongs to a couple who park two cars up at the end of the drive, so I have to get mine out of the way.

    Last night, I parked on my brand-new parking space. This evening, I went to go shopping and finally had to call the assistance to send me a tow tuck to haul my front wheels out of the former end of my lawn.

    Still, good think I didn't wait until tomorrow afternoon or I'd have missed my ferry.

  170. Just heard this track from AMERICA. Nice and chilled for late nite listening!

  171. "you've tried thet cowboys, now try the Indians"
    Definitely should have been true!

    I wondered how long this would remain un-modded,was up about three hours --

    Kaengkrachan 21 December 2010 6:39PM

    "Beneath the vapid, sixth-form-Tory exterior Julian Glover likes to display to the world there's always been a less impressive, rather vain man struggling to get out"

    Incidentally Martyn did write something sensible at 8.11PM and I got through pre-mod to agree with him.

    ""If the Ed Miliband team were on the ball they could promise, right now, to include provisions for strict media ownership rules in their next general election manifesto. E.g. no one may own more that 20% of the market segment for news media in the UK, no one may own more than 20% of all media in the UK. That sort of thing.""

    Half of that thread should be modded if there were any consistency .

  172. Leni ironic get over yourself !!

    Here's a track for you:

    Love's In Need Of Love Today

  173. And another cool late nite track from Will Downing

  174. Hi tascia


    I gave up on the Julian Thingy thread - i would like to think a lot more people woiuld declare war on Murdoch.

  175. @Leni; you would love my sisters!

  176. Spike - at least you got out. Snow only meant to be falling over Wales and the Midlands this evening/morning, so you should be OK !!

    Dave - Agree, although didn't scroll down past MIE's garbage, and the RW trolls.

    20% would be a good leveller.

  177. Another late-night Will, for all those gazing nostalgically at the mistletoe.

    Will Powers

  178. Dave

    Incidentally Martyn did write something sensible at 8.11PM and I got through pre-mod to agree with him.

    This late night blogging malarkey can play tricks with your mind Dave.:-)

  179. Before I retire, a quick review of Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the sketch with Wonder Woman giving hand relief to Superman with a finger up his arse, and then the one with the Cookie Monster coming copiously over a black woman's face (her being black wasn't actually gratuitous, it was the culmination of a whole inappropriate take on Sesame Street).

    Entertainment for all the family, I thought.

  180. Chekhov - In all due respect - I don't think from what you've said on here about your sis that Leni would'nt end up havin a right old 'political debate' with em.

    Something that should not to be talked about over dinner !!

    Unless u come to my place !!

    Wake u all up with this one:

    James Brown - I Feel Good

  181. Tascia

    This track from The Godfather of Soul is allegedly a favourite with Bidisha and Bindel.

  182. Paul-This late night blogging malarkey can play tricks with your mind Dave.:-)

    Hehe, it's the first time for many decades I've had an all-day hangover too! Some lurgie menaced so I had a grog down the pub and many more firewaters back home. Killed the bug tho.

    Amartya Sen at the end of the G Business podcast on the nowadays neglected idea of "justice" in economics, compared to Marx, Adam Smith and JSMill.