05 November 2011


ATILLA THE STOCKBROKER - 'I wrote this song in the Mother Shipton Inn, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, on the day Blair's government voted to support Bush's illegal war in Iraq. I was on tour in the North of England and had gone to Knaresborough because it is a very historic town, a famous English Civil War site and the birthplace of Guy Fawkes Sitting in that pub I noticed a plaque on the - very old - table next to my pint. 'This table belonged to Guy Fawkes' it said....'


I'm sitting at Guy Fawkes' table
The day Parliament voted for war
Though the mass of the people opposed it
And it flouts international law
I'm sitting at Guy Fawkes' table
While American thugs flaunt their power
Egged on by a sad little muppet
And his craven and cowardly shower.


Aneurin Bevan, your party is dead
And the time for a new one is nigh
Will the last person Left please turn out the lights?
New Labour, just f**k* off and die.

They won't be caught up in the carnage
They'll be pontificating right here
Their kids won't be Iraqi conscripts
Mowed down while they're shitting with fear
Saddam was the Yanks’ chosen ally
On a whim, they now say he must fall
So they’ll carpet bomb defenceless soldiers -
But that’s not ‘mass destruction’ at all....


I'm sitting at Guy Fawkes' table
As Bush and his muppet connive
And I'm filled with unspeakable anger
And I'm thinking of 1605
One message, Dishonourable Members
Who endorsed an illegal attack -
No, I don't want to bomb you like Guy did
But I'd love to send you to Iraq.


We need a new socialist party -
But not the Judean People's Front
Not another small sect, but a movement
With the power to change and confront
We need an electoral system
Which gives every voter a voice
'Cos we're fed up with voting for traitors
And we have the right to a choice!


I thought this fits the day, the current sabre rattling, and the cyrrent srare if the Labour party

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